Sports Betting Online from Asia

Asia is the world’s largest and most populated continent. Likewise, “sports betting online from Asia” is a massive and often confusing topic. One example is betting odds formats. Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong each have their own unique odds formats. Also, from country to country, we use different currencies and in most cases, speak different languages. This is before we even start to talk about the different laws in each country, as well as the fact that we all follow different leagues and sports.

In this article I’ll touch on some of the differences between countries, and conclude with general information about how Asians bet sports online.

Asian Bookies

When most gambling writers refer to Asian bookies they are NOT referring to simply any online betting site that services Asia. This unique term generally refers to online bookies that mostly service China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea. Notice there is a large number of Asian countries absent from this list. Players from the omitted countries often do not play at Asian bookies but rather European bookmakers or in some cases at US facing betting sites. If you live in one of the six countries mentioned then you probably bet at Asian bookies such as Dafabet or Bodog88.

The reason we’ve gone out of our way to create guides for each country and region is because betting online can differ massively from place to place. For example, most Asian bookies do not accept player from the Philippines for regulatory reasons. Players located here can use either PAGCOR licensed websites or can use US sportsbooks. Many US bookmakers offer betting odds on Philippine sports such as PBA basketball and some even accept deposits in peso. Similar is true in Hong Kong, where it is difficult to find online gambling sites that accept local players.

There are some countries where it might be wise to use both Asian bookies and bookmakers from the west. One such example is Japan. Most European online bookmakers offer betting accounts in Japanese Yen. While the Asian sites have plenty of J-League coverage most do not offer betting on NBP baseball nor are there many (if any) markets for local basketball and volleyball. Residents of Japan only interested in football will do fine at betting sites popular in say China and Thailand, but when it comes to other sports using sites like DafaBet is almost certainly a must. You’ll find the same advice given to Japanese residents is similar to the advice we give about Singapore Betting Sites.

At the risk of overkill with examples, I’ll give one more. When it comes to betting in Indian Rupees, you’ll find both Asian and foreign betting sites are on our list. However, understand Asian bookies are nowhere near ideal for betting on cricket. The markets and in-play betting on cricket are much better at European facing sites, with top of the pile. You’ll also find the best cricket odds both prematch and in-play available at DafaBet.

From here, even if we did get into discussing Asian Bookies there are also differences between countries. Again, these are sites are used mostly by residents of China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea. Take here for example They are ranked number one as a Vietnamese bookie but are not ranked well as an Indonesian bookie. This is because for Vietnam they support the language and currency and also support the local e-wallet Baokim for easy deposits. For Indonesia they only support the currency, not the language, and they don’t have many Indonesian deposit options. Indonesians are far better off using 12Bet or M88 which both support the language and take easy online banking transfers from Indonesian bank accounts.

Gambling Sites Blocked in Asia

China was one of the first countries to censor the internet. They’ve been censoring it for over a dozen years by means of DNS redirection and DNS hi-jacking. It should come as no surprise gambling websites are sometimes blocked here. In Korea gambling sites often redirect to Vietnam blocks many websites as well. In Thailand internet censorship is a considerable factor but only a limited number of gambling sites are blocked. Malaysia and Indonesia are both proponents of internet freedom but do block some criminal and political websites.

The best way to get around ISP blocks is to order a Singapore VPN. It is important to note: do not make the mistake of ordering a United States VPN. Quite a few VPNs found online that do not specify location use US servers. This can be a costly mistake as the US is one the world’s least friendly online gambling nations and likewise most honest bookies will not take bets from American players. If you access their website with a US IP address there could be problems should they mistake you as being an American. Singapore is good choice because their history of censoring the net is mostly related only to porn and political issues. Their country is very gambling friendly and even offers their own state run betting site called Singapore Pools.

Understand in most countries there is nothing at all illegal about using a VPN. However our article on Vietnamese gambling laws covers one of the exceptions. We at do not claim to be legal experts. We provide the information about how to bet online and it is up to our visitors to do their own research about what laws do or do not apply to them.

Using Online Betting Websites

No matter where you live in the world, the gambling sites we recommend on our website all operate on a post-up basis (post-up simply means to deposit money into an account). This means you start by choosing a betting site and opening an account online for free. You’re then required to deposit (post-up) prior to betting.

Say for example you’re in China. The most common method for post-up here is Chinese debit card deposits. This is usually listed under another name such as Asiapay365. Let’s say you use this method and deposit 500 元. This is now the amount you’re allowed to bet. If you place a wager at even money odds for 100 元 this is deducted from your balance leaving you 400 元. If your bet loses, no other adjustment is made. If the wager wins you get back the 100 元 staked and the winnings are also added to your account balance. Again, no matter where you live, you need to deposit first in order to bet online, as bookies do not give a line of credit to their customers.

Betting Odds Formats

For reason betting developed independently around the world long before the internet existed there are several different odds formats used around the world. At online bookies you can choose from a variety of formats. The common ones are American Odds, Decimal Odds and Fractional Odds. The ones exclusive to Asian bookies are Hong Kong Odds, Malaysia Odds and Indonesian odds. What is important to note is no matter which odds format you choose the actual odds are the same. If you stake ฿1000 or 1000 of any other currency on a 2/1 underdog you’ll be paid 2000 profit on a win. However in the various odds formats a 2/1 underdog is listed as:

Decimal Odds: 3.00
Fraction Odds: 2/1
American Odds: +200
Hong Kong Odds: 2.00
Indonesian Odds: 2.00
Malay Odds -0.50

Again 1000 of any currency staked pays 2000 profit when the above odds are used. Another example is a 1/2 underdog. If you stake 1000 of any currency on a 1/2 underdog and win you’re paid 500 profit. However the odds will be displayed as:

Decimal Odds: 1.50
Fraction Odds: 1/2
American Odds: -200
Hong Kong Odds: 0.50
Indonesian Odds: -2.00
Malay Odds 0.50

Unless you’re already used to one of the other odds formats, there is limited to no reason to bother to learn any odds format other than decimal odds. All online betting sites I know of support decimal odds format, also known as European odds. In the account settings you can change to this format which is generally listed as Decimal, European, EUR or DEC.

Decimal odds are simple to use. Their formula is: stake*odds= payout. For example if you stake 100 on odds 1.75 and win you get back 175 (100*1.75=175). Of this 100 was your stake and 75 is the profit. If you stake 50 on odds 4.00 the math is 50*4.00=200. Here 50 was your stake and 150 is your profit. The links I shared at the beginning of this section explain other odds formats. Again remember all betting sites offer decimal odds format.

Online Betting Features

There are several features that set online bookmakers apart from one another. As already covered, countries serviced, languages offered, currencies supported, and banking options are all factors. However once the sites ideal for a market are identified there are four factors that set them apart from each other.

  1. Mobile Betting – Between only China, India and Indonesia more than 2.3 billion mobile phones will be used this week. That’s ten times the amount of mobile phones used in the United States. It should come as no surprise Asian bookies are specialists in mobile betting. Depending however which device you are using one site might rank better than another. Refer to our page on mobile betting sites for full recommendations.
  2. Live Betting – Live betting is the ability to bet sports while in play. All Asian bookies have great in-play platforms for both football betting and tennis betting. When looking to bet other sports live, such a cricket, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton and the rest which is based in the UK is recommended.
  3. Betting Markets – How many markets a betting site offers is a major factor. While sites such as Pinnacle Sports and SBO are well known for both 1X2 and Asian handicap betting, these sites lack some of the markets found elsewhere. Examples include first goal scorer, over under on yellow cards and hundreds of additional props. While they don’t service all Asian countries for the ones they do is a master of betting markets.
  4. Bookmaker Margins – The final area of concern is bookmaker margins. For example on most games that are an even match the decimal odds at Asian bookies are often 1.95. This is much better than European bookies who generally offer 1.90 or 1.91 for the same. This is the reason that bettors from the UK and other parts of Europe often wager with Asian bookies when allowed. One good example is which is an Asian bookie very popular in the United Kingdom and European Union.

As you can see from all the information covered in this article sports betting is a vast topic. Again it will be most helpful to navigate our content by scrolling up to the top of this page and selecting the country you live in. employs bettors from all areas including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia to name only a few of the countries we specialize in. No matter what info you are looking for about online betting in Asia, chances are you can find it covered on one of our pages.