Gambling in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those Southeast Asian countries that feature a number of casinos, and mostly are located in special tourism zones. According to recent statistics, there is a growing number of casinos that are being constructed in the country, an indication of a positive attitude towards gambling. Cambodia has seen a number of casino constructions in the late 1990s, aimed at building resort towns for tourism purposes. These resort complexes are aimed at attracting foreigners to play table games and a number of instant win games like low limit video poker games. Poker tables and the most popular slot machines are also offered in these casinos, allowing everyone to enjoy a piece of casino action without leaving the country. Today, the casino industry in Cambodia is growing, with an increasing interest in online gambling. Cambodia now is being groomed and marketed as a gaming destination for foreigners and even locals looking to enjoy casino games. For locals, it’s only a matter of knowing where to go to enjoy these games.

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Sportsbetting in Cambodia

Many forms of gaming in Cambodia are starting to gain wide acceptance. In the last few years, the government has approved the construction of a number of casinos in special tourism zones which suggest that different casino games are now welcome. Aside from the opportunities to explore casino games in these special tourism zones, Cambodians and expatriates can also enjoy online gambling. Cambodia still allows gambling for foreigners, provided these are enjoyed in resort gambling complexes in the country. The same is true with sports betting, and there are sports betting shops too in these special tourism zones. In 2002, the government made an exemption when a local company was given a license to operate a sports betting facility for 9 years. And since this was the only company that offers a sports betting facility, this has become popular among sports fans and bettors. In 2009, the license to operate was stopped by the government after numerous complaints from different sectors. All shops of the local sportsbook were closed.

For many locals who want to enjoy sports betting, the are known to enjoy the thriving underground sports betting activities. For example, cockfighting is popular in this country, and many Cambodians spent hours watching and betting on outcomes. The attention and passion can be also be felt in Khmer Kickboxing, and during Cambodian festivals, many individuals bet on the outcomes of the Dragon Boat Racing. Sepak Takraw is also popular in this country, and it maintains a team that it also sends to the Southeast Asian Games, a regional sporting event that is held every two years. But when it comes to the most popular sports that attract that most attention and bets, then that’s football. And if one wants to enjoy this, then the best option to do it is to explore the offerings of online sports books operated by foreign companies and based overseas.

Another option to enjoy fruit machine and sports betting is to visit Poipet near the Thailand border for gambling. Cambodia hosts a number of hotels for foreigners and expatriates, and locals who want to enjoy the same games with some liberty. Poipet is an important location for many players and guests since this booming town is home to some of the most popular casinos, and regulations and the implementation of laws is a bit loose. Although the locals are not allowed to play sports betting or even casino games in the country, the application of laws in Poipet is not that strict, allowing many locals to enjoy low limit video poker games and of course, sports betting. Most of the facilities are focused on casino entertainment, but there are football and sports betting shops as well, and some are located inside casinos. These physical shops also double as watching areas, allowing the bettors and enthusiasts to watch the sporting games, and bet on their outcomes. Although they attend to walk-in applicants, these bookies here also accept bets through phone and their websites.

Online Gambling in Cambodia

Gambling in physical locations like casinos are loosely checked in Cambodia, which means that locals can enjoy some games, provided they know where to go. Physical casinos are limited, so the next best thing for the local who want to enjoy the games is to check out online gambling. Cambodia as a booming casino industry and online gambling is part of the unprecedented growth. As of 2014, the global market for online gambling is worth $35 billion, and Cambodia is willing to join the trend. The result is a government approval that allows physical casinos based in the country to offer online platforms, provided that casino operators pay the government with a fee worth $10,000 yearly. With this go signal from the Cambodian government, certain players and enthusiasts can now play best live table games online and enjoy the welcome offer.

As of 2016, there are 65 casinos operating in the country, and 31 of these are known to offer an online casino platform. These casinos that offer online gambling often cater to the needs of foreign players, particularly from China where casino entertainment is regulated. Online gambling for locals are not promoted, but since many Cambodians love to play and get entertained, some have tapped into creative ways just to enjoy casino entertainment. There are some creative entrepreneurs in the country that offer online gaming through agents that operate internet cafes. This arrangement is unique, but locals get to play in these, and it is an open secret. According to some reports, a player who wants to enjoy the services of online gambling like to indulge online table games need to deposit at least $10, and will have to submit a phone number. In some internet shops, individuals will find a box with paper slips on the counter, and it contains passwords and log-ins which can be used to enjoy online casino entertainment. By using these log-ins and passwords, players and locals get a chance to explore sports betting and even enjoy the most popular casino games including slot machines. Some shops even allow players to bet on digital cockfighting, allowing customers to bet on the outcomes of virtual matches.

Poker in Cambodia

Poker games are categorized together with casino games like slots. The laws and rules that govern poker are the same rules that cover casinos, and these are explained in the country’s ‘Law on the Suppression of Gambling’. Locals may find it difficult to easily find poker rooms in towns, but these are available in major cities. Today, the most popular poker games that are played in the country are Caribbean Stud, Omaha and Texas Hold’em.

Poker games may be monitored on paper, but Cambodians have learned how to play the rules and enjoy the games. Residents and foreign enthusiasts who want to enjoy poker in the country no longer need to visit the flashy casinos that are authorized by the government. What they can do instead is to check out some of the older hotels in the cities, and explore the underground poker scene. The laws are in place, but the regulations and the implementation of the law is relaxed, and it’s specially loose when it comes to poker. The current set-up in Cambodia when it comes to poker is to simply look for a backing, and one can enjoy the poker scene.

With a more relaxed environment, the poker scene in the country is starting to grow. Aside from the thriving underground poker rooms that are available to those who are well connected, there are established casinos too that deliver live poker games. An interesting sign that suggests that poker is here to stay in Cambodia is the hosting of the Asian Poker Tour, and this tour has been hosted in the country since 2012. The World Poker Tour has entered the scene as well, making the industry extra exciting for both the locals and foreign poker players. The entry of these poker tournaments and more relaxed rules are not the only ones that help boost the growth of poker. Poker in Cambodia is growing strong in the last few years thanks to lower rakes and the absence of tax limitations. And even if the internet and Wi-Fi connection in the country is slow and there are money transfer issues, poker is still popular as ever, and will remain a favorite among players.

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Is Gambling Legal in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a growing destination for players who want to explore casino games in physical casinos, especially in specially-designed areas. In these special economic zones, casino players can actively participate in the casino games. Also, players can count on different forms of gambling. Cambodia also offers the best opportunities for casino players, and through the years, the government has been more accepting of casino entertainment. Today, there are 60 casino facilities in the country, and some of these are located in resort towns like Poipet. In this resort town, sports betting and casino games are offered, and foreign players and enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy legal games. These casinos are also given the opportunity and the license to operate web-based casino platforms so their customers can enjoy casino games. Casino operators who applied for a license to operate web-based platforms are mandated to pay $10,000 per year.

Currently, the Cambodian government is attempting to revamp its laws that will cover both online and offline gambling. While the new laws are still being planned, foreigners and Cambodians can still enjoy the casino games freely, especially the games that are offered online and offline. For foreigners, the most obvious option is to check out the casino games that are offered in special economic zones. And for the locals, they can always go online, where a number of foreign-owned and online casinos are available.

Why Cambodians Should Play Online?

Online gambling is now huge in Cambodia, with locals given different options on where to play the games. Special casino zones are available, but the best option for many is to go online, and explore online casinos for fruit machine or slots. It is possible to explore the best online casino games, provided that you know where to go. Locals have become more creative in offering online entertainment, and these are coursed through internet shops. Of course, players should be aware of the restrictions and the terms and conditions of the casinos. But the great thing about playing online is massive opportunities and comfort in gambling. Cambodia may have existing laws, but there are opportunities to play online too.