Sports Betting in Vietnam

Gambling has been a huge part of Vietnamese culture for a long time and betting on sports is no different, although it still remains something of a grey area within our borders. Due to its overwhelming popularity, it is anticipated that lawmakers will make sports betting in Vietnam legal soon – at least when it comes to football (bóng đá).

Right now, it’s still very easy for people from Vietnam to bet on sports. In fact, thousands of Vietnamese punters do so every day. If you want to bet online in Vietnam, it is possible to use online bookies that are legal and licensed in foreign countries. Some of these even offer betting accounts in đồng, support our language (tiếng Việt) so you can bet in Vietnamese, and accept local bank transfer. The most honest websites meeting this description are listed below.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Vietnam
100% Up To 4,800,000 VND
100% Up To 3,000,000 VND
100% Up To 2,000,000 VND
100% Up To 1,500,000 VND
100% Up To €100

If you’re in Vietnam, betting on these sites will only be possible if you first make a deposit. All three sites accept direct bank transfer from Sacombank (Sài Gòn Thương), DongA Bank (Đông Á), Vietcom Bank (Ngoại thương) and ACB Bank (Á Châu). If your local bank is not on that list, then you will want to They offer local bank transfer to and from every bank in Vietnam.

I will quickly explain how the depositing process works when you bet in Vietnamese currency. If you start by transferring 2,000,000₫, your starting account balance is of course 2,000,000₫. If you then bet 500,000₫ on Manchester United to win a match against Liverpool, your account balance becomes 1,500,000₫. If Manchester United wins the 500,000₫ is added back to your account and so are the winnings from that bet.

If you are lucky with your betting choices, your account balance will grow due to winning. When it does you, can request a withdrawal for any amount up to 100% of the balance. The bookie will then take the money out of your account and send it to your local bank. This takes a couple of days to process.

What Sports Betting in Vietnam is Available?

The websites covered on this page are all Asian bookmakers that offer Vietnam betting. They are given this name because they offer Asian handicap betting, support Asian odds formats, languages and currencies. In Asia no doubt football (bóng đá) is the most popular sport so this is their primary focus. Before I discuss football, I will explain how the odds work.

European Decimal Odds

At Asian bookies there are several different odds formats. The easiest to use are called European Decimal Odds. You will find an option at each bookie to change odds format – this one here is labeled EUR, Euro, Dec or Decimal. In this format, the odds reflect how many times the amount staked will return (that is of course if it wins). So, if you stake 650,000₫ at odds 1.90 a winning bet returns 650,000₫*1.90=1,235,000₫. Of that 650,000₫ was your stake and 585,000₫ is the profit. So now we understand how to calculate the returns from a wager, I will cover the various football betting options.

Football Betting Options

For the most part, all football matches from every league worldwide can be bet online in Vietnam at our top sportsbooks. For each there are multiple betting options. The most popular options are 1X2 and Asian handicap bets.

1X2 is a market where you bet home team, draw, or away team. Each will have different odds. For an example from a Copa del Rey match – the odds were Barcelona 1.65 Draw 4.25 Real Madrid 2.75. This betting option is for regulation time only. When you place this kind of bet, the odds are for the result after 90 minutes plus stoppage time only. Any result that happens in extra time or a penalty shootout does not count.

However, our bookies that offer Vietnam betting do offer a “to qualify” betting market where you can bet on who you think will win a match over two legs. For example, in the Champions League, after the 1st leg of a 2-legged match has been played, you can bet on a team to make it through to the next round. If you make this type of wager, then extra time and penalty shootouts are both included.

Asian Handicap, or Kèo Châu Á as it is called in Vietnamese, adds a handicap (point-spread) to the odds. This can get a little confusing because there are multiple types of Asian handicaps.

1X2 and Asian handicap are only two of the many ways to bet football online. You can also bet over under on the number of goals scored in a match. You can bet prop markets such as if a specific player will score, total corners, total cards, first team to score, will both teams score, and much more. Odds are offered on all the top European leagues such as EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga. Of course you can find all others too and Vietnam’s V.League (Giải bóng đá Vô địch Quốc gia) is offered at 188bet sportsbook.

Vietnam Betting Options for Other Sports

188Bet who I just mentioned, also offers betting on ASEAN basketball league (ABL). This means that on this site, players from Vietnam can bet on the professional basketball team the Saigon Heat. You can of course also find odds on other sports such as badminton, tennis, Australian rules, cricket, ruby, baseball, Formula 1 and much more.

Watching Sports Online

1XBet is one of the world’s largest online betting site. While they do not offer đồng (VND) betting accounts and don’t give you the option to bet in Vietnamese– if you’re interested in watching sports online in English this is an awesome website to use. To do so you’ll need to open a skrill account to make deposits.

Skrill is an e-wallet that functions just like an online bank account. Open an account for free on their website and immediately start the address verification process. They will mail a letter to your home with a code on it that needs to be entered online once received. From here you can fund your Skrill account with wire transfer or in some cases credit or debit card. One card I know 100% for sure that it works (because I use it) is Rêv Visa Internet Card. I have read on forums that Visa Prepaid from ACB Bank, Visa / Mastercard Credit & Debit Sacombank might work too.

Number 1 Sports Betting Sites

100% Up To 4,800,000 VND

Once you load money on to Skrill you can visit the 1XBet cashier and deposit using your Skrill balance. When you win you can cash the money back to Skrill. This money can then be stored for future use, deposited to another gambling site, or transferred to your Vietnamese bank account.

On most sports betting sites, with a funded account you will have access to high quality live sports streams. You can even bet these sports with live in-play betting while watching them online. It is great for watching sports from Vietnam to bet on the ASEAN basketball league as well as major football and cricket tournaments.

Be careful of Illegal Betting Sites

Quite often Vietnamese news agencies report the arrests of agents that work for online bookies. Companies that have been busted here include Cambodia’s Crown casino, Indonesian owned M88, and SBOBet. Understand while these are all legitimate companies it is the fact they employ agents here that gets them in trouble with Vietnamese law. The websites I suggested on this page have no presence in Vietnam and have no agents here to bust.

188Bet is licensed in the Isle of Man which is a British Crown dependency. This is an approved gambling jurisdiction by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. Dafabet and Bodog are licensed in the Philippines where gambling is legal too. These websites operate legally under the laws of their jurisdiction and international law.

Small stakes sports betting in Vietnam is only considered to be a petty crime. However, if caught gambling while on non-custodial reform (or for high stakes) it becomes a very serious crime in a hurry. This is why it is best to stick to companies that are legal and licensed in foreign countries. Our police are not very concerned what people do from the privacy of their own homes. This is even truer when none of the gambling involves our country.

Occasionally the government blocks access to gambling websites, making it harder to enjoy sports betting in Vietnam. Still, there’s a workaround – using VPNs. There are many good, free VPNs to use.

Reading from Vietnam? Bet Today at Our Top Sites

We hope that our guide has helped you understand more about how to bet in Vietnamese at safe and trustworthy online bookies. Our own recommendation, though, it to stick to using the gambling sites suggested here at Asiabet.  They’re safe and will always be available to you – so relax, have fun, and hope for a lucky run when you next bet online in Vietnam.