Online Sports Betting in Vietnam

Welcome to your guide to the top betting sites in Vietnam. Our team has decades of experience in the gambling industry, and we’ve drawn on that expertise to create our list of recommended betting sites for Vietnamese players.

Our guide to sports betting in Vietnam will give you everything you need to get started, including:

  • A list of the top betting websites for Vietnamese players
  • Details on how to bet on sports in Vietnam
  • Advice on picking the best sports betting site for you

Best Sports Betting Sites January 2021

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How We Select the Best Online Betting Sites in Vietnam

In order to pick out the best Vietnamese betting sites online, we consider a variety of areas, and require bookmakers to show excellence in all of them to earn our seal of approval. Here’s a closer look at a few of the key factors our experts consider when picking the top betting sites in Vietnam.

Trustworthy Service

Before even considering anything else, we ensure that every site we put on our top list is safe and trusted. The best Vietnamese betting sites online are well regulated and have a track record of fair service and prompt payouts for players. By sticking to our list, you’ll never have to worry about playing at rogue sites or being scammed.

A Variety of Betting Markets

If you find a bookie in Vietnam and you can’t bet on the sports you love, then you won’t have a good time playing at their site. Our recommended betting websites for Vietnamese players feature sports from around the world, from the biggest competitions like the FIFA World Cup to local football during V.League season. These sites also include in-play betting and unique markets so that you can make any type of bet you like.

The Best Odds in Vietnam

If you want the best chance to win when you bet on sports, you’ll need to seek out the best odds possible. Our top sites feature tight lines that give you a fair shot at coming out ahead in the long run.

Live and In-Play Betting

Have you ever wanted to place a bet, only to find out the game or match has already started? Our list of the top betting sites in Vietnam features bookmakers that offer live and in-play betting, meaning you can always get in on the action with the latest odds no matter what the score is.

Mobile Betting

Just because you’re not at your computer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to start wagering. Our recommended sites offer mobile betting, meaning that you can place your bets in a matter of seconds from your phone or tablet anytime you like.

Of course, one of the #1 questions betting enthusiasts will ask is, ‘Which sports can I bet on?’ And with many betting sites for Vietnamese players being massive, world-renowned brands, the answer is ‘More than you can handle!’ Read on to find out more.

Different Types of Sports to Bet on at Vietnam Bookmakers

As we mentioned earlier, the top betting sites in Vietnam don’t just focus on a few sports. Instead, you can bet on any sort of competition you can imagine from around the world.


Obviously, you can bet on football leagues around the world, from the English Premier League and La Liga to Vietnam’s own V.League. Major international competitions like the World Cup and the AFC Asian Cup are also available for wagering.

Horseracing and Greyhound Racing

If you enjoy a day at the races, you can find odds from tracks worldwide as well. That includes horse racing from the United States and beyond, as well as greyhound racing from tracks in Asia and elsewhere. Betting websites for Vietnamese players give you the chance to enjoy fixed odds betting on these races, so you’ll always know what your payout will be when you place a bet.

Cricket, Rugby, Baseball and More!

You can bet on just about any sport in the world at a top bookie for Vietnam – from basketball to rugby, baseball to cricket, and beyond. Many Vietnam bookmakers also offer odds on top esports competitions, and some offer special wagers on entertainment and political markets as well.

That’s only the beginning when it comes to online sports betting in Vietnam. Learn all about how the best Vietnam betting sites allow you to switch between different odds formats in the next section.

1X2 Betting vs Asian Handicap Betting

At most betting websites for Vietnamese players, you’ll find two different ways to bet on football: 1X2 betting and Asian handicap betting. Depending on which of our recommended sites you play at, you may see one or both of these options available. Here’s a quick rundown of how each of these wagering systems work.

1X2 Betting

The simplest way to bet on football is 1X2 betting. In this option, there are three bets you can make: that the home team will win (1), that the away team will win (2), or that the match will end in a draw (X). Typically, these bets are settled after 90 minutes (plus stoppage time). That means in tournaments that use extra time or penalties to break ties, 1X2 bets will settle as a draw if the game is even at the end of regulation.

As an example, here are hypothetical 1X2 betting odds for a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid:

Barcelona: 2.10

Draw: 3.60

Real Madrid: 3.40

To win at 1X2 betting, you need to match the final result exactly. If you bet on the home or away team to win, your bet will not push in the case of a draw, as in some sports.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is similar to the spread betting that is seen in many American sports, such as basketball. In this system, the weaker team is given a handicap – often of 0.5 or 1.5 goals – in order to avoid draws and make the odds closer on each side.

For instance, let’s say you want to bet on a match between Manchester United and Liverpool. You may see Asian handicap odds that look like this:

Manchester United +1.5 (1.80)

Liverpool -1.5 (2.10)

In that case, Liverpool is the favourite, and bets on the team will only win if they win by at least two goals. Meanwhile, a bet on Manchester United will win if they win, draw, or loss by just one goal.

Sometimes, Asian handicaps can include more complex “quarter-goal” handicaps. In this case, a bet will be split between two different handicaps, such as 0.5 goals and 1 goal. In that example, if the favourite won by exactly one goal, half the bet – the amount bet with a one-goal handicap – would push, while the other half (bet with only a 0.5 goal handicap) would win.

Still not sure whether an online bookie is the way to go? Rest assured that our expert team has done all the research to bring you the most secure and reliable betting websites for Vietnamese players. Next up, we cover the issues related to legal online sports betting in Vietnam.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Vietnam

Operating an online sports betting site in Vietnam is prohibited by law, which is why all of our top betting websites for Vietnamese players are actually based outside the country. It’s safe and legal for you to play on these foreign sites, which are regulated in their own jurisdictions to ensure they provide fair and trustworthy service.

The status of gambling in Vietnam has changed dramatically in the past few years. For most of the modern history of the country, the only legal form of gambling in country was the state-run lottery, and the government was constantly working to crack down on illegal betting operations.

Today, Vietnam is host to numerous casinos. Almost all of these are only open to foreign visitors. However, the Corona Casino on Phu Quoc Island which opened in 2019 does allow some Vietnamese patrons to play, provided that they meet minimum income requirements and are willing to pay for 24-hour passes to enter. In 2018, the National Assembly also passed a bill which legalized in-person sports betting under strict government oversight.

Of course, those brick-and-mortar sports betting options can’t compare with the convenience and range of markets offered at the top Vietnam betting sites. You can start placing your bets right now by signing up with one of our top betting sites in Vietnam today!

If you still haven’t found the information you’re looking for, here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about online sports betting in Vietnam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some of our recommended betting websites for Vietnamese players allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using Vietnamese dong. At other sites, your funds will be automatically converted into another currency when you move money in or out of your account. E-wallets are a great option for those who wish to play in their currency of choice while avoiding conversion fees.

No one site has the best odds for every sport, competition, or match. That’s why we recommend signing up at two or more of our top betting sites in Vietnam, so that you can shop around and compare the odds at multiple bookies each time you want to make a wager.

Mobile sports betting is now the most popular way to bet with Vietnam bookmakers. Vietnamese betting sites online allow you to place bets on your mobile device, allowing you to get in on the action at a moment’s notice anytime you like.

Yes! Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Vietnam. Each of our Vietnam betting sites offers betting on a variety of football competitions, from the World Cup and Champions League to domestic leagues around the world, including everything from the major European leagues to the Vietnamese V.League.

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