How to Bet on Sports Online in Malaysia


If you’re betting on sports online, you need to be sure that the sites you use are safe and secure. Every month at Asia Bet, we help thousands of Malaysian users find trusted sports betting sites.

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Our team of experts will show you how to set up a betting account and how to deposit funds securely. We’ll also give you a guide to sports betting strategies and help you win money on your favourite sports.

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Asian Bookies for Malaysia

There are two types of foreign bookies that are ideal. Of these, Asian bookies that are licensed in the Philippines, where gambling is fully legal, are the easiest to use. They specialize in football (soccer) but have odds on basketball, tennis and other sports too. These websites operate in multiple languages including English and Chinese, and support multiple currencies including USD, EUR, and of course Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). It is even possible to deposit to Asian bookies using local bank transfer.

Both Dafabet and Bodog88 have multiple Malaysian bank accounts for accepting deposits. You simply join one of their websites and make a deposit by making a bank transfer. You can then use the money you deposited for making bets. For example, let’s say you deposit RM400, and then bet RM100 on Liverpool to win a football match. When making this bet your account balance becomes RM300. If Liverpool wins your RM100 stake is added back to your account, and the winnings from that wager are added too.

Malaysian Odds Format

Asian bookies support multiple odds formats. The format that experienced bettors living here are familiar with is called Malaysian odds, or Malay odds. On the betting menu at Dafabet this is listed as MY in the drop down box. In this format, odds can be expressed as either a positive or negative number. Here I explain how these work.

  • Negative Malay Odds – When the odds are a negative number you are getting paid more than even money. In other words, you are dealing with an underdog less than 50% likely to win. The odds shown are how much needs you need to bet to win 1 rupiah. For example odds of -0.751 means that you need to bet RM0.751 rupiah to win RM1.
  • Positive Malay Odds – When the odds are a positive figure you are dealing with a favorite that is more than 50% likely to win. The odds represent how much 1 rupiah staked will pay in winnings. For example odds of 0.913 mean that you are risking RM1 to win RM0.913,

European Bookmakers for Malaysia

European bookmakers are not as easy to deposit with as Asian bookies. To use these you will need to an e-wallet. is one of the best e-wallets to use. To get started you simply open an account at their website and set your account currency as USD. You then need to either wire them money in USD (sometimes difficult to do) or search the net for an exchange company or provider that can help you get your account funded.

While logged into your NETELLER account, you can also apply for a free NET+ debit card. This has a credit card symbol on it and comes with a pin number. You can spend your NETELLER balance anywhere credit cards are accepted (online or offline) and can also take the money out at an ATM. Even though you might be spending in rupiah and will be taking out rupiah at the ATM, this is no problem; NETELLER does the conversion automatically for you.

The best part about NETELLER is that it works just like an online bank account with the added bonus of being gambling friendly. Close to 100% of European betting sites accept NETELLER deposits and also allow you to cash out this way too. This makes it super easy to use many different gambling sites, and to move money back and forth between them. Of course the main benefit of this is that you only move money between your bank and Neteller. Because of this, Malaysian banks have no idea that the money is being used for gambling purposes, hence giving you 110% privacy and security with every single bet you make online. Setting it up may take some time, but in my opinion this is the best way to bet online safely from Malaysia.

The reasons to use European betting sites over Asian bookies are many. Using multiple betting sites you can look at the odds offered by each, and bet with whichever one has the best odds, or best promotion, on that game. For example, DafaBet often does special promos for big games such as the Manchester derby between United and City. In these promos they usually give a free $50 bet if you make a $50 bet. These types of promos offer great value to the punter hence why it’s important to keep an eye on your email to see what specials are currently available.

Furthermore, is the world’s largest betting site. They are based in the United Kingdom (UK) and actually support MYR currency. If you find NETELLER too difficult, note that they also accept another online payment system called EntroPay. This is a payment method I cover in my article about playing poker in Malaysia.

One of my favourite things about DafaBet is that anyone with money in their account can watch high quality live stream of sports matches right from their website. Some of the sports they offer live coverage of are NBA basketball, soccer from around the globe, snooker, tennis and much much more. Pretty much every sport is available to watch on their website. What’s more they even have in-play betting on all these games. While Asian bookies are great for football, they do not have as many betting options for other sports, hence why I personally like to use a mix of Asian and Euro sites.

If you’re betting on football such as our domestic Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup or FA Cup, Asian or European bookmakers are both fine. The same is true for major football such as the Euros, World Cup, UEFA Champions League, EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

However, if you want to bet the Westports Malaysia Dragons from ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) online you’ll find more betting options at DafaBet than at Asian bookies. When it comes to Malaysian badminton, volleyball, or say even cricket from other countries, for these sports Comeon! and DafaBet are great sites. If you bet American sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL on average ChineseBookie has the best odds.

If you have a NETELLER account you can use pretty much all the sports betting websites that we’ve listed throughout Almost every bookie, poker site and online casino in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean gladly services Malaysian customers. The only thing you really need to know from here is that many do not support Malay odds format for sports betting. The odds format they use is called decimal odds or European odds. The odds simple show how much will be returned for each unit staked. For example: 1.91 is risk bet 1 to get back 1.91, of which 1 was your stake and 0.91 was profit. Other than that it’s all down to yourself and how astute you are at picking winners.