Online Sports Betting in China – Your Top Guide for 2019

Finding safe and secure sportsbooks to sign up with has never been easier in China. Here at AsiaBet, we’ve put in the time and research to find the most exceptional online betting sites available to you. Thanks to our shortlist, you can now instantly sign up with an exceptional Chinese online betting site with all the sports and bonuses you love.

Like thousands of players in China, you can use AsiaBet to find your next sportsbook. Our online betting sites are 100% safe for Chinese players, and feature greater odds, markets and features to enhance your overall experience.

Jump right to our top list or keep reading to get the best information about sports betting from China in 2019. Here’s what we’ll tell you:

Best Sports Betting Sites in China
98% Up To 1,088 CNY
100% Up To 1,000 CNY
100% Up To 888 CNY
100% Up To 888 CNY
30% Up To 88 CNY

How We Find the Best Bookmakers for Chinese Players

We get it – you need to know exactly why we have the best Chinese sportsbooks.  We have a strict process when it comes to reviewing Chinese sportsbooks and casinos and compiling our top list, and it’s a process that’s always ongoing. We’re continually reviewing the latest sites and revisiting the ones we’ve analysed previously to make sure that our ratings and recommendations are up-to-date.

Here are just a few of the most important criteria we’re looking for when we review every sportsbook in China:

1. Reputation and safety

Security and safety matter more than anything else when betting online in China. We test every website to make sure they’re meeting security standards. Things we look out for include:

2. Deposit options

Online payment methods are of utmost importance when online betting in China. We make sure that the payment methods are easy and straightforward for you. Whether you’re a fan of using e-wallets, such as Alipay, or prefer to use payment bank cards like UnionPay, there’s always an option available for you at our highest-rated sites. All the China bookmakers in our list have:

3. Sports betting markets

Having a wide choice of sports markets is incredibly important, as well. Sure, we all love betting on football and basketball, but what about other sports? And what about betting on major international leagues, or even domestic matches in any country in the world? Our recommended China sportsbetting sites will give all that, and lots more. Here’s what you can expect:

You can bet on almost every major professional sport around the world with our highest-rated China betting sites.

4. Best Odds

Getting the best value odds at our top-rated China bookmakers means that you’ll make more money from your winning bets. We check to see which sportsbooks in China offer the best odds on a range of sports.

You can rely on us to find the very best China betting sites for you. Here’s the checklist we use to evaluate the odds at any Chinese sportsbooks.

Place Bets on The Most Popular Sports in China

By signing up to an online sportsbook in China, you’ll gain immediate access to live sports markets and odds from all around the world. China betting sites have great deals for those looking to bet on basketball and football, as well as every other major professional sport.

Whether it’s a local competition happening in China, or an event set to take place in Asia, the United States of America or Europe, you can place wagers and win money.


Like everyone else in China, you probably love Basketball. If you’re looking to place bets on basketball, you’re going to love our highest-rated China bookies. These bookmakers have odds for all Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) games, as well as other basketball leagues in Asia, especially the FIBA Asia Cup. If you’re a fan of the National Basketball Association (NBA), you can start betting on the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and more with these sites.


Football is another incredibly popular sport for betting purposes. The Chinese Super League (CSL) draws plenty of attention throughout Asia and you can place bets on the outcome of these games. Likewise, our trusted Chinese betting sites all host odds for the English Premier League (EPL), and other reputable leagues and competitions. The World Cup is an obvious choice if you want to bet on our beloved national team.


Everyone is crazy about Esports in China, and it’s only been a few years. The number of gamers in China outnumbers the entire population of the United States of America. Not only is that number going to grow over the coming months and years, but it’s going to include a much larger group of professional esports gamers. This rise in popularity has led to the development of many brilliant esports betting markets and features for bettors in China. At our recommended sites in China, esports betting is offered too. Our sites release odds for Overwatch, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Starcraft II, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and other new and exciting esports games. If you’re ready to enjoy online betting in China, then esports could be a great option for you.

You’re just minutes away from betting on football, basketball, esports and other popular sports with one of our trusted and secure China betting sites.

For more great advice and betting guides, visit our beginner’s guide to sports betting and our pro tips section.

How to Start Betting at Our Recommended Chinese Sportsbooks

Ready to place your next bet at one of our highest-rated betting sites in China? You don’t need to wait much longer – signing up and getting started is really easy and only takes a few minutes.

And if you want to make the process even easier and even quicker, then all you have to do is follow our five-step guide below.  This is the same process you’ll use for any betting bookies in China that you may want to join in the future – we just recommend sticking to our top bookmakers as we’ve found them to be the safest options for Chinese bettors.

1. Choose your preferred site

Our recommended China bookmakers are all amazing, but you should still figure out which one you’ll enjoy betting at the most. Load up the sites in our list and browse through them a bit. It doesn’t take a long time to figure out which ones feels the best to you, and which one caters to your needs. Maybe you’re looking for a site that has very specific betting margins or bonus offers. Rest assured that you’ll find the bookmaker of your dreams in our list.

2. Follow the registration info

Once you’ve found your perfect match from our highest-rated betting sites in China, you can begin the sign-up process. Fill out the required information, such as name, email and password, and you can be up and running immediately.

Naturally, you should always make sure that a website is safe before entering these kinds of details. By sticking to our recommended bookmakers, you have our personal guarantee that your details will be 100% secure. The best bookmakers in China use state-of-the-art encryption technology and respect their members, and our top sites are no exception.

3. Deposit funds

Once you’ve created your account, you can deposit money to begin betting online. The best Chinese betting sites will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using your payment methods of choice. Whether you’re a fan of using e-wallets, such as Alipay, or prefer to use payment bank cards like UnionPay, there’s always an option available for you at our highest-rated sites.

The use of e-wallets is highly recommended when betting online in China. Payments made with reputable e-wallets are fast and secure. You can transfer funds your chosen betting account to get started in only a few minutes. E-wallets also make withdrawals easy and convenient.

At our top sports bookies, you’ll also be able to make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers, and in some cases cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

4. Claim a welcome bonus (optional)

At our recommended bookmakers, you can claim a welcome bonus so you can place a few extra bets at no risk. These are some of the most generous bonuses that we’ve ever come across when researching welcome bonuses at Chinese sportsbooks. Plus, the wagering requirements are fair meaning you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings quickly.

The welcome bonus is just offer that our sportsbooks offer, but many of our top sites have a range of other promotions that you’ll be able to claim as you keep playing, including tailor-made bonuses on specific sporting events.

5. Start betting

Once you’ve signed up and have some money in your account, you can start betting on your favourite sports. Whether you want to place some money on a basketball game, wager on football, or even enjoy horse betting in China, you can now join in on all the fun.

Now that you’ve got our simple guide, join your favourite site below to start betting online in just a few minutes.

Number 1 Sports Betting Sites

98% Up To 1,088 CNY

Why Betting on Sports Online from China is Safe

Gambling online in China has never been safer, and that’s the truth.

Technically, the only legal sports betting in China takes the form of locally regulated lotteries. The China National Sports Lottery is perhaps the most famous example. However, people who know better know that this lottery doesn’t offer players the same options and value that they can get online. That’s why many Chinese gamblers are active at sports bookies in China.

Online sportsbooks have better markets and throw in lots of features to improve the experience, like bonus offers, banking options and even proper customer support. Plus, because they’re licensed by official gambling bodies, our recommended sportsbooks are truly as safe as they get.

Unfortunately, people tell us every day, “I want to gamble online, but I’m scared of getting caught.” We’ve been in this business for years, and we can guarantee that is never going to happen.

Here’s why: Chinese laws only target the betting sites themselves, and people who use online gambling as a full-time source of income. Online sports betting as a hobby, though not exactly legal in China, has never come under fire by the government. Participating in local illegal gambling rings is much riskier.

For this reason, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to online sports betting from China.

Of course, the overall level of safety and security when betting online all depends on the reputation of the Chinese betting site, but that’s why we always recommend playing at our top sites, that constantly prove they are the safest bookmakers in China.

We’ve done the hard work for you already and uncovered the best options so you can start gambling online in China right away.

Blacklisted Chinese Sportsbooks

Not every betting site is friendly towards Chinese players, of course. There are lots of shady bookmakers that only exist to scam players. These sites engage in deceitful behaviour such as not paying out winnings, having non-existent customer support, exposing your personal details to third parties, and so on. The worst part is that once you get bitten by a scam site, there’s not much you can do about it.

The blacklisted sites below are some of the worst offenders, but there are plenty of others creeping about, which is why we suggest you stick to our recommended betting sites.

Here are three sites that you should to avoid when betting in China.

Blacklisted Sports Sites

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One Site for Sports and Casino Gambling in China

If you love sportsbetting but also want to play casino games, then you’re in luck. Many of our top-rated Chinese sports betting bookies also host an online casino.

It’s never been easier to gamble on all your favourite casino games, from colourful and exciting slots to classic table games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Another popular choice for Chinese online gamblers is poker. This card game has risen to new heights in the last decade, with huge prize pools up for grabs in competitions.

And if you want to feel like you are playing at a ‘real’ brick-and-mortar casino, then you should give live table games a try. Live dealers give you the best casino experience, with a live stream video of a real dealer working the table while you make your choices and communicate with them via the internet.

A brilliant betting site will be able to offer state-of-the-art casino games without compromising its sportsbetting side. Our top sites excel at all the gaming platforms they offer, and you can sign up you’ll have a great time no matter what you want to play.

Enjoy Online Betting in China Today at Our Top Sportsbooks

Now that you’ve reached the end of our guide for sports betting in China, you are ready to start betting on your favourite sports at top China bookmakers. You know that China gambling is totally safe and that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You know how to sign up with a site and make your first deposit.

There’s only one thing left to do: join a top Chinese sportsbook from our list and start betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s incredibly easy, safe and secure to gamble online in China. The China National Sports Lottery is amongst the biggest of entirely legal lotteries. However, most gamblers in China are currently wagering at online sports bookies.

We’ve tested and analysed more than 100 of the available China betting sites and spent countless hours at every one. It’s only through this long research process that we can be so confident about what makes an online gambling site better than the rest. We rank all the sites for their safety and security, reputation, markets and odds, prizes and promotions, available payment methods and much more.

Absolutely. Internationally renowned sports bookie sites that are available to Chinese players today offer a much more comprehensive online gambling experience. At these safe and secure websites, you’ll find better promotions and higher value, helping you to make more from your gambling online.

Gambling is incredibly popular in China and elsewhere in Asia because the culture is promoted from a young age from friends and family. Add to this that the Chinese are drawn to concepts such as chance, fate and lucky numbers, and you’ll soon find that the Chinese are drawn to gambling because they’re chasing good fortune.