Online Blackjack in China

Want to play online blackjack in China? Look no further – we’re going to give you all the information you need.

This includes basics such as rules and how to play, through to the different types of blackjack, which casinos have the best offers, and how to use winning blackjack strategies.

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How to Play Blackjack Online

The vast majority of online casinos offer online blackjack, which makes it easy to get started. Here’s how to play online blackjack in China:

Blackjack Rules

In a nutshell, the aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer by making your hand add up to 21 without going over. Simple, right?

But there’s a bit more to it than that. If you’re the only player at the table, the dealer will deal three cards – three face up, and one face down. Both of your cards will be dealt face up, which means you don’t have to practice your poker face. Instead, everybody can see exactly what you have. The dealer has one card face up and one card face down – so you have a hint about the strength of their hand, but you won’t get the full picture until later on.

The Aim of the Game

As mentioned, the aim of the game is to make 21. If you make 22 or above, you’ll go ‘bust’ and lose the hand instantly – regardless of what the dealer is holding. So, you have to be careful to avoid going bust at all costs.

Hand Values in Blackjack

Most of the card values are self-explanatory: 2 is worth 2, 3 is worth 3, 4 is worth 4 and so on up to 10. All face cards – so jacks, queens, and kings – are also worth 10. The only tricky one is the ace. This can be worth either 1 or 11, depending on what works best for you. There’s no need to declare whether you want it to be worth 1 or 11 – you can simply play the hand and, at the end of it, the most beneficial value will be attributed to it.

Hitting ‘Blackjack’

‘Blackjack’ is the title of the game and also the name of a hand which instantly makes 21. In order to make 21 right off the bat you’ll need an ace. Without an ace, the biggest combination you can hope for is 20. For example, a jack (10) and a king (10) would make 20. But a jack (10) and an ace (1 or 11) would make 21, or ‘blackjack’.

If you hit blackjack, you’ll usually be paid out at 3:2 rather than the usual odds of evens. Note that it is only called ‘blackjack’ when 21 is achieved in precisely two cards. If you require three or more cards to make 21, it is not defined as blackjack.

Hit and Stand

Assuming you don’t make blackjack, you’ll have the option to stand or hit. If you stand, you pass control to the next player (or, in our example, the dealer). The dealer plays by set rules: they will continue to hit until their hand totals 16 or above, then they’ll stand. So, even if the dealer can see you have a total of 18, they’ll be forced to stand on 16 and allow you to win the hand.

Surrender or Split

Some casinos will give you the option to ‘surrender’. This means you lose your hand before playing it but receive half of your bet back. Another option you may have is ‘split’. It will become available if you’re dealt a pair. For example, if you are dealt two aces, you can choose to split them into two separate hands. You’ll then play both – giving you two chances to hit blackjack.

Different Blackjack Games

Classic blackjack is to blackjack what Texas Hold’em is to poker: it’s by far the most popular, common, and easy-to-play version of the game. When you visit all of the top sites to play online blackjack, you’ll find classic blackjack is always an option.

But there is also a wide array of variants which offer some interesting nuances and the chance to place side bets.

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to classic blackjack:

Blackjack Strategy

If you tend to play online slot games and are new to blackjack, follow these simple rules for a strategy which is easy to remember:

This forms the basis of what’s known as ‘basic strategy’. Once you’re comfortable with basic strategy, you can begin to incorporate more complex strategy into your game.

Our experts recommend the following strategies when you’re ready to take your blackjack game to the next level:

Count Cards

It might sound like cheating, but card counting is technically legal. Still, that won’t stop casinos kicking you out if they notice you’re doing it and winning big!

Using your memory, mentally mark any 2-6 as ‘-1’, 7-9 as neutral, and 10 or ace as ‘+1’. This system allows you to better predict your odds of hitting the card you need. Bear in mind multiple decks are in use at once.

Avoid Insurance

You’ll be offered insurance when the dealer peels off an ace, which protects you if they hit blackjack. But don’t let the fear win – insurance offers negative value. It pays even odds, but the dealer will only hit blackjack 44% of the time.

Beware Side Bets

Side bets like Perfect Pairs are tempting due to the potential for a big win in a single hand but can reduce your overall return to player (RTP).

Before you try these techniques out at a casino, why not get a feel for them with live blackjack online?

Live Blackjack Online

If you can’t decide between online blackjack and playing in real life, live dealer online blackjack could be perfect for you. It provides the real-life experience from the comfort of your home.

A live camera feed shows you all the action in real time – so you can be 100% sure everything is happening in a fair and honest manner. You can even interact with the human dealer, which adds an element of socialising to the game. You may be familiar with this system if you ever play roulette at an online casino.

All of our top recommended blackjack casinos include a live dealer blackjack option, giving you the best option for live blackjack at any hour of the day or night.

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How We Rate the Best Online Blackjack Casinos

How do you know which casino offers the best live dealer blackjack in China? Read on to find out.

Our experts have a tried and tested method to objectively rank each online blackjack casino they review. This has resulted in one of the most comprehensive lists available, giving you the top Chinese online blackjack casinos on a platter!

Here’s how we review each online blackjack casino:

Now that you can see the objective process our experts follow, you can sign up knowing you’re in safe hands. Join one of our top online blackjack casinos for Chinese players and grab yourself a mega bonus today!

Still a little unsure about something? Don’t worry – just take a look at our FAQ section below to help fill in the blanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Online blackjack is extremely similar to regular blackjack that you’d play in a casino, except you can play it from your computer or smartphone.

Blackjack is widely regarded as a game for shrewd casino players because it has a slim house edge, and this is equally true for online blackjack. If you play correctly, you may well have an opportunity to walk away with a profit.

In addition to regular online blackjack, you can also try live dealer blackjack from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. This gives you the live experience without the need to visit a casino.

Asiabet has a comprehensive list of the top blackjack online casinos in Asia, including welcome bonuses for new players. Join any of our recommended casinos to enjoy online blackjack in Asia at a site which is 100% safe.

Whether you should hit depends on your strategy and the dealer’s card. In general, you should rarely (if ever) hit on 17 or above. If you have 12-16 you should base your choice on the dealer’s card. Anything less and you should usually hit. See our ‘Blackjack Strategy’ section for more.

As long as you play at a reputable site, online blackjack is just as fair as playing in a real-life casino. Make sure you choose from our top sites for online blackjack to guarantee it’s legitimate and safe.

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