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Casino and Sportsbook Reviews

At Asiabet, it’s our job to find the best casino or sports betting site for your needs. That’s why we complete detailed reviews of a wide range of different gambling sites that accept players from India and across Asia.

We learn what a site has to offer, what it’s good at and what it’s lacking in. We then use this information to recommend the best sites to you based on your needs.

Check out our in-depth reviews of casinos and sportsbooks below to see how we rate both the big names and newcomers in the world of online gambling.

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Online Casino Reviews

Online casinos are growing in popularity every day. That’s why we make it our priority to review as many as possible. If you look at the list of reviews we have completed above, you’ll see some of the biggest names in the industry. You’ll probably also see a number of casinos you’ve never heard of.

We cover everything each casino has to offer and give our balanced, unbiased opinions so you can decide which site is best for you.

We think it’s important to provide you with as much information and choice as possible. This is because there are lots of different factors to consider when it comes to online casinos. You might want to find an online casino with a specific feature, so we try and dig as deep as possible. Factors we cover in our reviews include:

Banking Methods, Fees and Times

Ask any online gambler and they’ll tell you the key thing at any casino is deposits and withdrawals. You need to be able to make them quickly, efficiently and as conveniently as possible.

That’s why we take a look at all the banking options in detail within our casino reviews. We’ll let you know exactly what methods are available, for example, Skrill, Neteller or cryptocurrencies. We’ll also include how long each method takes to be processed and if there are any fees attached.

This is the sort of thing that can be difficult to find in the terms and conditions of a casino site, so we’ve put it all together in one easy to find place.

Existing Customer Opinions and Ratings

When you’re looking to buy a new product or use a new service, other people’s opinions can be really helpful. If several friends and family members are telling you something is great for them, the chances are it will probably be good for you too.

That’s why we ask our thousands of happy users to contribute their opinions and ratings on our casino reviews. This way, you get the insight from a person just like you, based in your country, who has already used the site. So, don’t just take our word for it, see what other people are saying too.

Expert Sportsbook Analysis

Sports betting is a way to enhance the excitement and interest in your favourite sports. Many Indians love to make wagers on the beloved Indian cricket team or at horse racing tracks throughout the country.

When using online sports betting sites, it can be a bit confusing to know where to start. Every site claims to be the best but what makes an online sportsbook good? Our team looks at a range of factors while we’re completing reviews, including:

Average Odds

In order to give our rating on a sports betting site, one of the key factors we consider are the odds. That doesn’t just mean for one event or even sport. We look at the bigger picture.

We record all the odds the site offers on major sports across a month. We then take the average to see what their odds are like across the board. This is important because it’s way more convenient to just stick to one or two sites. If you know your favourite site has consistently good odds, you don’t have to worry about looking elsewhere.

Range of Sports and Events

Choice is really important for sports bettors as well as casino players. You might have one or two favourite sports that you always bet on, but every now and then it’s nice to try something new.

That’s why within our sportsbook reviews, we look at the range of sports that are available. Of course, most sites have odds on the major sports and leagues, but we also check if they have smaller, more niche ones too.

We also inspect the type of events and leagues that are covered. We want you to know exactly what this betting site will offer odds on. Is it just major events like the world cup, Olympics and IPL, or do they also offer odds on smaller competitions like the Indian Super League or PSL?

Number of Markets

Online sports betting has created a new world for both the punters and bookies. The number of markets available now is huge compared to traditional betting at a racetrack or bookmakers. That’s why we take a close look at exactly what each sports betting site has to offer in terms of markets.

They might have a large number of sports available, but only one or two markets per sport. We do this research to help you quickly see which online sports betting site is best for you.

Find the Best Table and Card Games

One of the areas we focus on with our casino reviews is card and table games. We know these types of games are the main reason many gamblers choose to play. They’re exciting, fun and take a certain level of skill to win. Within our reviews we take a look at the following:

Software Providers

If you are a big fan of a software provider, you want to know if the casino you are going to join has games by them or not. That’s why we list all the software providers that each casino uses within our reviews.

Slots Selection

Online slot games are loved by millions of people across the world. For this reason, we know it’s important to give slots lovers as much information about what is available for them before they join a site. We tell you how many different slots are available and if there are any big names that you might enjoy. You’ll know exactly what to expect if you read our reviews.

Live Dealer

If you’ve never played at an online casino with a live dealer before, you’re missing out. You get all the perks of playing in real life but none of the problems that come with going to a casino. If you make a mistake, don’t understand the rules or just want to play in your pyjamas, you can.

No matter if you want to play roulette, blackjack, baccarat or sic bo, you can find out which games each casino offers with our reviews.

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Discover Casino and Sportsbook Bonuses

If you’ve spent any time looking at online gambling sites you’ll know that nearly every one offers some sort of bonus. These bonuses can be free bets, free spins or bet credits based on how much you deposit.

So, every online casino and sportsbook gives bonuses, but the amounts offered, and the terms and conditions vary a lot. That’s why our review process includes a detailed look at the bonuses that each site has to offer. Here are the factors we consider in our reviews:

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are used by casinos and sportsbooks to minimise their risk when they offer bonuses. They mean that you have to gamble the amount you were given a specific amount of times before you can withdraw. They can make or break an online betting bonus. Some sites offer ridiculous requirements, up to 40 or 50x your bonus.

That’s why we look closely at the wagering requirements that gambling sites set and we only recommend bonuses to you that have fair and achievable conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Before accepting any online bonus, it’s important to understand what the terms and conditions are. This is easier said than done though, especially if you are new to a site.

We take extra care to check that the terms and conditions for a bonus are good before we include them in our reviews. You don’t want to enter a site expecting to be able to claim a healthy bonus, only to realise you’re not eligible.

This way, you get to see how good the offer actually is. We take a look at the details for you and let you know the score. Then you can pick the site with the bonus that suits you.

Find the Best Casino and Sportsbooks for You

We review online gambling sites because we know how difficult it can be to find what you’re looking for. As gamblers ourselves, we know that you can waste countless hours comparing different sites on a range of different factors.

We’ve done the hard work for you so you can easily compare what sites have to offer or get a detailed look at a site before you join. We know that different features of sites are important for different people, that’s why we cover everything including customer support, bonuses, banking options and more.

We use our experience and expertise to review online gambling sites but ultimately the decision is up to you. Each person will have their own favourite site and if you haven’t found yours yet, read our reviews to get an insight, then sign up to a few different options to try them out.