MMA Betting in India 2020

If you want to learn about UFC betting, check out our ultimate MMA betting guide right here. Our industry pros know everything about where to bet, which bets offer the best value and a whole heap of MMA betting tips and strategies. Now, we’ll share it with you for free!

Our expert guide will:

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Types of MMA bets

MMA betting is fairly similar to placing boxing bets. If you have a good idea of how a match will pan out, you can get quite specific with your bets. And the more precise your bet, the more money you stand to make.

Here are some of the best MMA bets you can make:

How Do You Bet on MMA Fights?

If you’re new to MMA betting, don’t worry – it’s really simple. Follow our guide below to get started today:

How Do Betting Odds Work in MMA?

MMA betting odds are the same as any other sports, which means you may already be familiar with how they work. If you’re not, it won’t take you long to pick it up – many odds types are pretty similar.

Our experts have put together some examples to show you exactly how UFC betting odds work.

Example 1

Bet: Tyron Woodley to beat Leon Edwards

Odds: 2.30

Stake: 10 units

Payout: 23 units

Example 2

Bet: Francis Ngannou vs. Jair Rozenstruik to go the distance

Odds: 3.10

Stake: 25 units

Payout: 77.5 units

Example 3

Bet: Alistair Overeem vs. Walt Harris under 2.5

Odds: 6.65

Stake: 5 units

Payout: 33.25 units

Important MMA Betting Tips

Before you place your money on a UFC fight, check out our MMA betting tips. It’s based on years of expert advice and will give you the best chance of creating a winning strategy.

Here are three MMA betting tips to help you win:

Know Your Fighter

Some of the best UFC gamblers in the world are able to create a mental mind-map of fighters, ranking them automatically. So, as soon as a headline event is announced, they know who features higher up on their ‘rankings’ and can immediately guess who’ll win.

To get to this level, you’ll need to watch a fighter’s previous bouts and take in-depth notes. Look for things like cardio, leg kick ability, and how strong their chins are.

Choose Your Bets

Another top tip from our MMA betting experts is to make sure you don’t bet just for the sake of it. Patience should pay off if you stick to only betting on the fighters and events where you have an insight.

If you find yourself betting on random Bellator fights when you’re a ONE fan, it’s time to hold off.

Join Multiple Betting Sites

UFC offers vary greatly from one website to another. If you sign up at more than one online sportsbook, you can compare odds between the two on each fight. Not only that, but you’ll be able to claim two welcome bonuses – which means double the fun!

Ongoing bonuses are another reason you’ll want to hedge your bets and join a few different online sportsbooks. Although, with that being said, you’ll likely find one site which works best for you and will become your ‘main’ betting site. Make sure it’s one with consistently great odds, and solid features.

Now that you’re equipped with some top MMA betting tips, sign up to a top online sportsbook below and put your UFC betting strategy to use!

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The Biggest MMA Companies

Once you’re past the beginner’s stage of UFC betting and are really looking to spread out your MMA wagers, you’ll want to check out some of the biggest MMA competitions – not just the main one.

Here, our experts run you through the top three MMA companies:

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Far and away the most popular and widely-watched type of MMA is the UFC. It was created back in 1993 and has held over 500 events since. In recent years the UFC has moved into the mainstream, thanks in part to some solid marketing strategies from UFC President Dana White.

For example, the UFC has recruited athletes from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with some consistency. From Ken Shamrock to Brock Lesnar, this has given an outlet for the UFC to increase its mainstream appeal and convert WWE fans to UFC fans. Plus, it’s a lot safer to bet on UFC than WWE!

Major personalities like Conor McGregor have also elevated UFC to new heights, grabbing international headlines both in and out of the iconic Octagon.

Bellator MMA

If you want to try some MMA betting away from UFC, Bellator will certainly pop up as an option before long. It came along a little later than the UFC – being created in 2000 – but has developed a strong following and is now available in more than 60 countries.

Staying on trend, Bellator has a strong offering in both male and female divisions. Their roster of world champions is often undefeated, with names like Ryan Brader, Cris Cyborg and Douglas Lima frequently headlining events.

Multiple live events are held each month, and the MMA outfit often tours outside of the U.S. The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Italy are among the international destinations for Bellator.

ONE Championship

ONE championship – often referred to simply as ‘ONE’ – is the highest ranked sports media company in Asia, with an estimated 563 million fans within the continent.

If you’re looking for MMA betting online, ONE makes a great choice – especially as you’ll regularly have the chance to watch live events. You’ll find events in countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Japan and so on.

Many of our MMA experts at Asiabet chose ONE as their favourite combat sport, and it’s definitely worth checking out for some new MMA fights.

How We Choose Top UFC Betting Sites

Our experts know all there is to know about UFC betting, based on years of experience. Dating back to the first few events with the warrior David Lee ‘Tank’ Abbott, our industry pros have been watching and betting on UFC since it began.

But our experts aren’t just MMA fans – they also know their sportsbooks. That’s why we’re able to spot the best online betting sites.

Here’s a bit more about how we find the best MMA betting sites:

Secure and Trustworthy Site

The most important thing is choosing a sports betting site which is safe and legitimate. The online bookmakers reviewed at Asiabet have undergone a thorough background check. This includes a review of the company’s history, player feedback, and making sure they have a valid gambling licence.

Local Currencies

Using Indian Rupee is a must. Not only is it convenient, but you’ll save money on unnecessary conversion fees.

Lots of Markets and Big Odds

Our experts aren’t satisfied with limited UFC betting. We look for online betting sites which have varied markets, not just the basics. And we also hunt down the most competitive odds for you.

Promotions and Bonuses

When you sign up to an online betting site, you’ll often be gifted with a big welcome bonus. This is one feature we look for, but we also prioritise sites which reward loyal players with regular bonuses.

Live and Mobile

MMA betting on your smartphone is easy, and a great way to enjoy in-play bets while you watch the latest UFC event. If a sportsbook offers both services, it’ll be pushed up our rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

In UFC betting, the over/under market usually means betting on whether a fight will last more or less than 2.5 rounds.

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. The most well-known MMA competition is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It’s easy to bet on UFC fights online. Sign up to an online sportsbook to get started. You can find a step-by-step guide here in our MMA betting guide.

Online MMA betting is available at many of the best sports betting sites in Asia, all of which have been reviewed here at Asiabet.

You can easily bet on UFC and other MMA events at online bookmakers in Asia.

Follow our MMA betting tips and only use the best MMA betting sites of 2020 for the greatest chance at winning money.

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