The Best Live Betting Sites in India 2020

Live betting lets you take advantage of the odds as they change during a game. In this extensive guide, we tell you everything you need to know about live betting and recommend the top sportsbooks for you to join.

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Best Sports Betting Sites in India December 2020

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What is Live Betting?

Gone are the days when you could only place a bet online before a sports fixture started. Now, live betting lets you place bets at any time during a match.

As the action unfolds, the odds will change as one side gets the better of the other. For example, in an English Premier League football match, Wolves might be narrow favourites to win at home against Everton before kick-off. But if Everton score the opening goal early in the second half, you might now fancy placing a bet on them holding onto the lead and winning the match.

Take cricket as another example. In a Test match between India and Australia, you might previously have simply backed India to win before the first ball was bowled. With live betting, you can make any number of bets during the action to cover what’s happening on the pitch.

Also known as in-play or in-running betting, live betting adds a whole new dimension to sports betting. Not only does it give you more opportunities to make winning bets, but it also makes watching sport on television or in person even more exciting.

Best of all, there’s no need to read up on the statistics and form before making a bet – you can follow your instincts as the action unfolds.

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

The key benefit of live betting is that it allows you to take advantage of what’s happening during a game. Most bettors have experienced a situation where they have backed a team to win a football match, only to see them go behind to two early goals – the bet is all but lost straight away.

With in-play markets, you can at least place bets throughout the game to try and make up for your loss. Often, you can turn your early bad luck into a winning situation.

With live betting, you are placing a bet with all the knowledge you need. Rather than speculating on a result, you see it play out before your eyes. Perhaps you spot something the bookies have missed and can take advantage?

For example, in a football match, you might notice a booked player is unwisely going in for some heavy tackles. You may think there is a real possibility he will be sent off, so bet in-play that there will be a red card.

The only disadvantage of live betting is that the odds will change very fast. In sports like football, that can mean every time a team has an attack or a corner. You must keep on top of the changes and be ready to place your bet quickly before the odds swing against you.

What’s the Best Live Betting Site?

We recommend several top live betting sites for 2020 in this guide. But if we were to pick out one that performs better than all others, we would say Bet365.

Here at Asiabet, our expert team has been in the sports betting industry for years, and they know an excellent bookie when they see one.

Bet365 ticks all the boxes when it comes to live betting. Most sports on the site have live betting available, and the number of markets on any given game is more extensive than most other bookmakers.

Football and cricket are always popular live betting sports, but you will often find in-play opportunities in tennis, golf, rugby, horse racing, basketball, American Football and hockey.

Best of all, Bet365 has highly competitive odds, so you can be confident that your bets will make a fair return.

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Type of Live Bets

Live betting makes watching and placing wagers on sports exciting. It presents a wide range of markets and there are a lot of different live bet types.

There are the more traditional bets you can make in-play, such as backing the result or the score. For example, you might bet on Real Madrid to beat Lyon in a Champions League football match, even if Lyon have taken a shock lead.

Or you can forecast the final score while the game is playing out. If Milan against Manchester City is a dull game with neither team creating chances, then betting on a 0-0 final score after 60 minutes might be a good bet.

But you can also choose from many prop (or proposition) bets, which focus on one particular player or event happening. For example, you can bet on who the next goalscorer will be, or whether there will be a penalty or a red card.

Parlays or accumulators are also popular in live betting. This is where you combine two events into one bet, for example whilst betting on the IPL. You might back Virat Kohli to score 50 and RCB to win the match.

The best sites for live online betting, like the ones we recommend in this guide, make it easy to find and bet on in-play markets as any live event is usually displayed on the homepage.

How to Place a Live Bet

Once you have signed up to your preferred betting site and funded your account, you can easily find live betting markets.

Usually, the bookie will list current live sports on the homepage and highlight those where live or in-play betting is available.

Open up a fixture you are interested in. Perhaps it’s one you are watching on TV or streaming live. You might be in the stadium yourself and looking to place a bet on your mobile.

When you open the fixture, you will find lots of markets and odds. Notice how the odds change rapidly. Often the markets will say ‘Suspended’, which usually happens during significant moments in a match like when one team scores in football, there is a wicket in cricket, or a player wins a set in tennis.

You cannot place a bet when the market is suspended until new odds are presented, reflecting whatever has just happened in the game. Just like a normal bet, click on the bet you want to make and it will appear in your bet slip.

After that, put the stake in you want to bet and check the potential returns. If you are happy, click confirm.

Once you have placed your bet, you can sit back and wait for the game to finish, or place more bets if you wish.

How to Read Live Odds

Understanding what odds mean can be daunting at first, but they are simple to learn. There are two main ways you might see the odds presented: fractional or decimal, and you can always change to your preference on the options page of most major sports betting sites.

In fractional odds, you win the number on the left if you bet the number on the right. For example, if the odds were 3/1, you bet 1, you will win 3, plus your initial bet back if your bet is successful. You can see that the higher the fraction, the bigger the return.

Decimal odds are easy, in that you have a figure with two decimal places. For example, 2.25. In this instance, for every 1 you bet, you get a total of 2.25 back. Again, the higher the number, the bigger the potential return.

In play odds will fluctuate often, but you will soon be comfortable reading them and taking up profitable live betting opportunities.

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Live Betting Tips

There is no magic formula for winning money with live betting. If there were, we’d all follow it and the bookies would soon go bust. But you can certainly increase your chances of making a profit by sticking to the live betting tips we’ve outlined below:

Be Knowledgeable About the Sport

If you love sport, this tip is easy enough to follow. Watch games and read everything you can so that you are up to date with everything that’s going on. Successful live sports betting strategy is much like traditional betting, in that the more you understand the chances of something happening, the better your decisions will be.

As an example, if you know nothing about volleyball, you probably shouldn’t find an in-play volleyball match between two sides you have never heard of, and place multiple live bets. Stick to sports you know best.

Watch the Game

Betting in-play is fun when you are watching the game live. But it’s also important because you get to see visual clues about how the momentum of a match is swinging or may be about to change.

For example, if one side’s star striker, who always scores, seems injured, you might adjust your next goalscorer live betting strategy to focus on another striker. Do this before the player limps off and is substituted, and you will get better odds.

Look for The Favourite

A solid live betting strategy is to back the favourite, even if they go behind in a match. For example, in tennis, Novak Djokovic would be a clear favourite to beat Fabio Fognini, and the odds would be short. However, in live betting, Djokovic might lose the first set. Now, even though it’s likely he will still come back to win, his live odds will lengthen, and you can place a profitable bet.

Don’t Chase Losses, Be Sensible

Finally, don’t get carried away with live betting. With so many markets in play, and the excitement of the match unfolding, it’s easy to start placing too many bets. Stick to what you are comfortable with, taking more time to spot profitable opportunities.

Like all forms of gambling, don’t chase your losses. Stick with your strategy and within your spending limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online bookmakers offer live betting markets so that punters can make bets during a match. In-play odds constantly shift as a game unfolds, giving you the chance to spot an opportunity and place a bet during the game. Using one of the recommended live betting sites in this guide, you can bet on traditional outcomes, prop bets and multiples.

No. It takes a lot of effort for bookies to offer live betting markets. They need the manpower and software to manage a sports fixture as it unfolds. Sports betting sites offer in-play betting on sports that more punters will bet on. So, the bigger the sport, the more likely it is you will find live betting opportunities.

The major sports usually have in-play markets. Top football matches, cricket, tennis, golf and horse racing often have live betting opportunities. Some bookies offer live betting odds on other sports, too. Take a look at some of the sites our experts recommend in this live betting guide.

With bookies offering odds on so many live betting markets at one time, there is always the chance that a human or software mistake is made. For example, India might be posted as 12.1 to beat Bangladesh in a one-day cricket match when the price should have been 1.21. The mistake – or incorrect line – is usually spotted quickly and a site’s terms and conditions will dictate what happens next (like returning the bet or settling at the correct price).

Sadly, you can’t always win, but you can increase your chances of winning by studying the sport, watching the game you’re betting on, and picking the right moment to make a live bet. Don’t randomly bet in the hope of getting lucky.

If you follow a solid strategy, there is every chance you can make money with live betting. By watching the game and sensing the momentum shifting as the clock ticks by, you can seize some profitable betting opportunities.

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