The Best Cricket Betting Sites In India for 2020

Do you want to bet on cricket and don’t know where to start? Asiabet is your answer. Our sports experts have reviewed online cricket betting sites to come up with a list of the best sites available in Indian Rupees. And that’s not all we offer. Read our guide to help you:

Best Sports Betting Sites in India July 2020
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How We Select The Best Cricket Betting Sites In Indian Rupees

To identify the top bookies, the Asiabet team thoroughly inspects each section of the bookie. Have a look at our checklist:

Trustworthy: To see if it’s a reliable betting site, we check its license. All the bookies on our list are properly licensed by the biggest regional gambling authorities.

Secure: The top sports betting sites in India are also protected by industry-leading SSL/TLS technology. This ensures safe transactions and keeps your private data safe from prying eyes.

Bonus and Promotion availability: From welcome offers to free bets, the best betting sites for India have an awesome list of bonuses and promotions.

Odds and Betting selection: Our top tips have an extensive collection of cricket matches to bet on, and feature the best live cricket betting odds on the market.

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Cricket Betting Markets Explained

There are many forms of cricket betting, with each market offering a unique way to wager. The simplest of these, of course, is betting on which team will win an individual match. Just choose the side you believe will claim victory, and if you are correct, your bet is a winner.

But that’s only the start of what you can do with online cricket betting. There are several popular betting markets for you to choose from, including:


These bets allow you to predict what team you believe will win an entire competition, such as the IPL or the Cricket World Cup. Many bookies also offer odds on which teams will make the final or whether a team will finish in the top three positions at the end of a league.

Totals Betting

Many cricket betting sites offer totals betting on the number of runs a team will score, how well a batsman will perform, or how many wickets will be taken by a bowler.


Bookies often provide a number of special bets on various aspects of major cricket matches. You may be able to bet on which team will score more runs in their first 15 overs, how the first wicket will be taken, or even which side will win the coin toss.

In Play Betting

Even after a match has started, you can still get in on the action with in play betting. You can still predict who will win the match, with shifting odds based on the score and situation. You can also bet on how many runs will be scored in an upcoming over, or even the result of the very next ball.


With accumulators, you can string together several wagers into one larger bet, multiplying your potential winnings exponentially. For instance, you might play a four leg accumulator on the Cricket World Cup with the following odds:

1. South Africa to beat England (7/4)

2. New Zealand to beat Sri Lanka (2/5)

3. West Indies to beat Pakistan (6/5)

4. Afghanistan to beat Australia (4/1)

In order to win the accumulator, all four results must go your way. But if they do, the rewards are much larger than normal: a 10 unit bet on the above three matches would pay out over 400 units in winnings.

Bet On The Top Indian Cricket Events

Online cricket betting is extremely popular in India and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cricket and India have a long history, with the sport elevated to the status of religion by many. But which event should you be betting on? Here are our top picks.

Tamil Nadu Premier League

Formed by the TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association), the Tamil Nadu PL is a Twenty20 cricket league in Tamil Nadu, India. It was launched in 2016 and features 8 teams playing in a round-robin and playoffs format.

The current champions are the Chepauk Super Gillies who won the final last season against the Dindigul Dragons. You can bet on all the exciting matches in this league by visiting our list of top cricket betting sites.

Ranji Trophy

A first-class cricket championship launched in 1934, the Ranji Trophy is played among 37 from all Indian states. Although not nearly as popular as the IPL, the Ranji Trophy still offers plenty of thrills and has a large base of fans.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is hands-down the most popular cricket league in India, and possibly even the world. A brand value worth $6.3 billion, the IPL is watched and adored all over the world. It is usually played around March or April and May and features 8 great teams fighting for the title.

All sites on Asiabet’s list of top IPL cricket betting sites offer extensive betting on the Indian Premier League. Apart from outright favourites, you can also bet on other individual markets as well as handicaps. The good thing about betting on the IPL is that it’s so popular that it will offer some of the best cricket betting odds on the market.

Test matches

Still considered the most prestigious form of the sport, these five-day international matches are the most demanding in all of cricket. Only the top cricketing nations take part in Test matches, with many of the sport’s most intense rivalries taking place in this format.

Perhaps no Test series is more renowned than The Ashes, the traditional series between England and Australia which has been played 70 times since 1883.


One Day International matches are a shorter alternative to Test matches that were introduced in the 1970s. ODIs are normally played with each side facing 50 overs, providing faster action and quicker results, while also allowing more nations to field competitive cricket teams.

Cricket World Cup

The most popular international competition in the sport, the Cricket World Cup attracts massive attention from bettors and fans worldwide. The original World Cup is played in a 50-over ODI format; however, the newer T20 World Cup and the Women’s Cricket World Cup also attract significant betting online.

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England to win Test series 2-0
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How Can I Gamble in IPL?

1) Sign Up At Our Top Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees

First, register at one of our top IPL betting sites. Just click on Sign Up (or Register) and follow the process from there. You will generally need to verify your account via email.

2) Claim A Welcome Bonus

Once you’ve logged in, check the promo section to see if there are any welcome offers to be claimed. Unless it’s a no deposit offer, you’ll need to make a deposit before you can claim an offer. Either way, these bonuses will help you get more value for the money you deposit.

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3) Select The Right Betting Option

The next step is to select your betting option. If you’ve never bet on cricket or the IPL before, you may have many questions. Can I bet on players? Can I predict the champion? What about betting on handicaps? Don’t worry – our page will guide you through all the options and show you how to find the top value IPL bets.

Our list of recommended IPL cricket betting sites only features bookies with a long list of markets. Here’s only a fraction of those you can bet on:

Live Betting

Live betting allows you to bet on IPL matches while they’re in play. You can see all the action as it unfolds and check live cricket scores that should help you make better predictions.

Match Winner

The is the most popular IPL cricket betting market. Placing a bet in this market means predicting the winner of one of IPL’s 60 matches.

Winner Of Coin Toss

A unique market (also known as toss prediction), betting on coin toss means predicting the outcome of the pre-match coin toss. This coin toss determines the captain who decides if his team bats or fields.

Player Of The Match

Predict the best player in an IPL match.

Top Batsman

Bet on the batsman that scores the most runs.

Top Bowler

This means predicting the bowler with the most wickets.

Player Performance

Betting on a player’s performance is essentially betting over or under for a specific player’s all-round performance in an IPL match.

Total Wickets

Predict the number of total wickets in an IPL game.

Total Fours

This type of bet allows you to predict the number of fours in a match.

Total Runs

Betting on the number of runs in an IPL match.

Total Ducks

This means you’re betting on how many ducks will be scored in total.

Total Wides

Betting on the number of wides in an IPL match.

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Cricket Betting Odds

As any cricket fan knows, not all teams are created equal. Cricket betting odds are designed to reflect this. Bookmakers set their odds on the likely outcome of matches, with public opinion also playing a role. In short, a stronger team that attracts more betting will be favoured over a weaker, less attractive side, and you will win less money should you bet on the favourite.

There are several different formats that you might see cricket odds displayed in, though two are particularly common.

Fractional Odds display potential payouts as a fraction. For instance, fractional odds of 3/1 mean that you will win 3 for every 1 that you wager if your bet is successful. When betting on a favourite, you may see odds like 2/5, meaning you would have to bet 5 for the chance to win 2. Remember that you will also get your initial stake back should you win.

Decimal Odds are similar, but show you how much you would collect – including your initial stake – should your bet pay out. For example, that 3/1 bet above would be expressed as 4.00 in decimal odds, as you would win 3 plus get your 1 back. Decimal odds make it easy to understand exactly how much you will win: that 2/5 bet above would be listed at 1.40 in this format.

Finding the best cricket betting odds possible is important if you want to be successful. While small differences in odds may not seem like a big deal, getting higher payouts will make you much more profitable in the long run.

For example, here’s how much you can win on a 100 unit bet at three different odds that may seem similar at first glance:

6/5: 120 units

7/5: 140 units

6/4: 150 units

Which is The Best App for IPL Betting?

Our team looked at our top online cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees that have IPL betting apps. Let’s have a look at what the top cricket betting apps have to offer.

Dafabet Mobile App

One of the most popular bookies across Asia, Dafabet offers a variety of sports and markets to bet on. The Asian bookie has also developed a mobile app called Dafabet Connect with push notifications. It’s a one-click-install app that brings you safely to Asia’s finest sports including cricket.

This cricket betting app is available for Android and is easy to install. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the bookie’s website. Dafabet’s IPL betting app looks great and offers plenty of features and bonuses. There’s one downside to it – the mobile cashier is not available via the mobile app, so you can’t make deposits or withdrawals.

22Bet Mobile App

22Bet is one of the most popular bookies in India, and having a stellar mobile app plays a big role in that. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and gives you nearly all the options you have on the desktop website. This includes placing bets, and watching your favourite matches.

Unlike the Dafabet app, you can withdraw money with 22Bet’s mobile app. Thanks to the live streams and enhanced live statistics for live matches, 22Bet’s mobile app is perfect for fans of live betting.

10CRIC Mobile App

10CRIC India has one of the best best cricket betting apps on the market. Unfortunately, it’s only available to Android users. Don’t worry iOS fans – you can still use the mobile website on your iPhone to place bets on all the exciting action in the IPL.

10CRIC’s mobile app offers a multi-lingual platform, live betting, and an extensive statistics centre. You can also bet on kabbadi, another sport that is wildly popular in India. To install the app, you’ll first need to visit the mobile website and click on the Android version. From there, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app and start betting on the IPL today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To win at cricket betting, you should first do extensive research on the IPL and the matches you’re betting on. Once you’re ready, you should make sure to manage your bankroll properly or you’ll burn through it faster than you can think of. Having multiple accounts at several bookies is a good way of finding the top cricket odds. Bookies are highly competitive on price nowadays, so check the odds before you place your bets. The final step is to make an INR deposit at your bookie of choice, place the bet (or bets) and wait for the outcome. If you’ve done your research, you should be able to win. Don’t stick to one market only – exploring all options at your disposal can help you find great odds and deals.

Apart from horse racing and lotteries, gambling in India is heavily restricted. With that being said, the laws on online betting in the country are pretty vague and unclear. This allows off-shore operators to offer their services including cricket betting to Indian players. You can bet freely in Indian Rupees at the top online cricket betting sites without fearing legal repercussions.

Yes, live betting on the IPL is available and highly recommended. If you bet regularly but have never placed a live bet, you must try it. Live betting is a unique experience and far more thrilling than betting on pre-match odds.

The IPL is one of the most lucrative leagues in India. A 2015 ESPN survey showed that the average IPL salary is $4.33 million per year, the second-highest among sports leagues in the world. The brand value of the IPL was $6.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to rise higher in the upcoming years.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has never won the IPL. They came close on 3 occasions, losing the final in 2009, 2011, and 2016.

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) were banned from the IPL in 2015 following allegations of their involvement in the 2013 IPL betting case scandal. The Super Kings returned to the IPL in 2018 and managed to win the league the same year.

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