Cricket World Cup Winners [Info-graphic]

Info-graphic displaying the Cricket World Cups from 1975 to 2017

Cricket World Cup Winners : An info-graphic by the team at

2015 only means one thing – the ICC Cricket World Cup. Held every four years, the One Day International (ODI) tournament is a cultural melting pot, with fans travelling from all over the globe to see their heroes in action. This year’s tournament is being hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, with the former filling the spot as bookmakers’ pre-tournament favourites. No doubt all cricket fans are dusting off their sports betting accounts and looking to make a quick profit this year! For some insight to this, look at our Cricket betting guide.

The tournament has changed in structure over the years, but now follows a round robin format, with the teams split into two groups consisting of 7 teams. The top four teams from each group progress to the quarter finals, the semi-finals then after the final, the winner is crowned.

The info-graphic above shows how the tournament has unfolded in recent years. In 2011, India were drawn in Group B. They qualified and went on to beat Australia in the quarter finals, Pakistan in the semi-finals, and lifted the trophy after defeating Sri Lanka in the finals. This was the first year that two groups of 7 had been used.

Although the format has changed over the year, the info-graphics make it easy to understand how the tournament has unfolded. The first round is always the largest circle around the outside, with the most teams. As the tournament progresses, each stage is indicated by the smaller circle with less teams, until the winner is found in the centre.

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