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188Bet is a company based in Isle of Man, which is a British Crown Dependency – meaning they are essentially a UK based company. They have been heavily involved in advertising in the UK; they were the official shirt sponsors of the Premier League’s Wigan Athletic from 2009-2011, are the current betting sponsors of Liverpool FC and also sponsor Bolton Wanderers F.C. who are in the Championship. While they do not support Indonesian language, they do offer IDR currency and take deposits from six Indonesian banks. It may also be possible to deposit here using credit or debit card through EntroPay.

Dafabet is a company based in the Philippines where gambling is legal. They are the official betting partner of Everton of the English Premiership and offer betting in many languages and currencies. The languages available include both English and Bahasa Indonesia. What’s more, they also allow users to keep their betting accounts in Indonesian rupiah (IDR). To deposit to their website in IDR, you will need a bank account with Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Mandiri or BCA Bank (Bank Central Asia) – but note that it is possible they have added additional banks since the time this article was written.

It is a good idea to open accounts at both Dafabet and 188Bet in order to compare odds. If choosing only one, make it They have the most promotions and bonus offers in IDR currency. In the rest of this article I will explain more about how online betting works including depositing, betting odds, and football markets.

Online Betting Explained

The first thing to understand is that online bookies operate on what is known as a “post-up basis”. This means a deposit is required and that you can only bet how much is in your account balance. To explain: let’s say you deposit Rp 1.000.000 and then bet Rp 300.000 on Liverpool to win a match. When you make this bet your account balance becomes Rp 700.000. If the bet wins, the Rp 300.000 stake is added back to your balance and so are the winnings from that bet. At any time you want to cash out your balance, you can go the cashier and request a withdrawal. The bookie will then take the money out of your account and send it to your bank account, usually within 48 hours.

Indonesian Odds Explained

When using Asian Bookies such as Dafabet you are able to select which odds format you want to use. The most popular here is of course Indonesian odds format which is labeled ‘Indo’ in the settings menu. In this format odds can be expressed as a positive or a negative number. This is explained below.

  • Positive Indonesian Odds – When the odds are quoted as positive this is how much you will win for each 1 rupiah staked. For example odds +1.454 is risk Rp1 to win Rp1.454 profit. To know your payout for any stake, multiply the amount staked times the odds. This will show you how much “profit” you will receive if the bet wins. You also get back the stake too.
  • Negative Indonesian Odds – When the odds are quoted as negative this is how much you need to stake to win 1 rupiah. For example -1.345 is risk Rp 1.345 to win Rp 1. To calculate the profit on any stake use formula: stake/odds=profit. This mean Rp500.000 at odds -1.345 is 500000/1.345=371747. That’s a profit of Rp371.747 and you get back your Rp500.000 stake too.

Understand that every wager, no matter what the terms, has corresponding odds associated with it. I will explain this is the next section on football betting.

Football Betting Options

indonesian premier leagueAs mentioned, Asian bookies such as Dafabet focus heavily on football. Here you can find betting on our top domestic league Liga Super Indonesia (Super League), top European leagues including the EPL, La Liga, the German Bundesliga, Serie A and many more.

You can also bet on all major club and international cups and tournaments such as the World Cup, Champions League, European Championships, Europa Cup and the African Cup of nations. This is only a small sample of what Asian bookies cover. They offer odds on pretty much every football league worldwide.

For this, there are many betting options, the most popular of which are explained below.

  • 1X2 Betting – is a regulation time only wager on home, draw or away. Each option has its own odds such as Barcelona -3.45 Draw +4.12 AC Milan +9.05.
  • Asian Handicap – is a wager where a handicap is used. When dealing with a whole or half number handicap you add or subtract the handicap from the final score. For example if betting -0.5, -1, +0.5 or +1 then add if positive or deduct if negative the handicap from the team you bets final score to see if you are a winner for betting purposes. One thing to be aware of is a difference when quarter and three-quarter handicaps are used. If betting -0.25 or +0.25 this means half your stake is bet on -0 / +0 and the other half is bet on +0.5 or -0.5. If betting -0.75 or +0.75 this means half the stake is on -0.5 or +0.5 and other half is on -1 or +1.
  • Over Under is listed in Indonesian as Atas Bawah. This is a wager on whether the total goals in a match (both team’s scores combined) will be over (atas) or under (bawah) the posted total. To explain: Dafabet had the odds in a Liga Prima Indonesia match between Persibo Bojonegoro and Perseman Manokwari as over 2.75 goals +1.25 / under 2.75 goals -1.67. You can see this used an Asian handicap. When betting either half the stake was on over or under 2.5 goals and the other half was on over or under 3.0 goals.

Note that all three options above are also available for first half (Babak Peretama) betting too. Also understand this is far from a complete list of wagering options. There are other bets such as correct score and odds or even (ganjil genap). These are also multi-way markets on total goals with options of 0-1, 2-3, 4-6 and 7+ which here is called jumlah gol. Double chance (peluang ganda) is a wager where you get two options from 1X2 together (for example: Home+Draw, Away+Draw, or Home+Away). There are many other options too such as half time/full time, total corners, penalty props and proposition on whether a specific player will score a goal.

As for betting options on other sports most are easy to understand. If ever confused how a football, basketball or wager on any other sport works you can ask support. is a great site for this. Most of their wagering options are defined, but they also have live chat right on their website which you can contact to ask questions and get answers in a matter of minutes.