Fantasy Cricket Tips 2020

Welcome to our expert guide to fantasy cricket. Our team will share all of their fantasy cricket tips so you can win your league. In this guide we cover everything from the basics of understanding how the game , to the moves you can make to come out on top.

Keep reading below to find all of the fantasy cricket tips you need to succeed.

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What is Fantasy Cricket?

In fantasy cricket you select a team of 11 players who collect points for your fantasy team based on their real-world performances. You can compete in fantasy cricket leagues against your friends or thousands of strangers online.

Fantasy cricket games are offered for entire season for leagues like the IPL, or on single T20, ODI or Test matches. Every league has slightly different rules, but you will almost always be asked to pick 11 players with a split between batters and bowlers. You’ll have a limited budget, with star players costing more to add to your team.

The players you select will collect points based on their performance. They’ll do this by scoring runs, taking wickets, making catches or otherwise playing well. At the end of the match, your points are totalled and compared to your opponents. If you have one of the highest scores in your league or tournament, you may win prizes, including cash.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket

It’s easy to get started with fantasy cricket. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to joining your first contest.

The Best Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

It’s important to develop a sound strategy before you play online fantasy cricket. While there are lots of ways to build a team, there are a few fantasy cricket tips that most successful players use regularly.

Our team have put together a collection of the most important pro fantasy cricket tips and tricks you can use to win your next league.

Apps for Fantasy Cricket

There are a number of great mobile apps and websites that offer fantasy cricket today. Here’s a look at some of the most popular games available today.


Dream11 is a major fantasy sports betting site in India. It offers fantasy cricket as well as other fantasy games based on football, basketball, and baseball and other sports.

The Dream11 fantasy cricket game uses a standard playing mix when building your squad. You must choose 3-6 bowlers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders, and 1-4 wicket keepers from a budget of 100 credits, with most players costing between 8 and 10 credits each. You can take up to seven players on one side into your team, and must choose a captain and vice-captain.

Dream11 offers both free and paid cash contests, as well as special contests for beginners. You can also create your own private leagues where you compete only against your friends. There’s also a Dream11 app that allows you to play fantasy cricket from your mobile.


HalaPlay is one of the oldest and most trusted fantasy sports sites in India, and offers games for both cricket and football. Like Dream11, it offers a mix of free and paid games, and allows you to make private leagues if you don’t want to play against strangers.

While the scoring system is similar to the one in Dream11, HalaPlay puts more emphasis on economy rates for bowlers and strike rates for batters in ODI play. Meanwhile, in Test matches, players earn points almost exclusively based on runs scored or wickets taken.


MyTeam11 is another of the large fantasy cricket sites in India, and also offers contests for football and kabaddi. One major advantage is MyTeam11’s slick interface, which is easy to navigate on both its app and website.

The MyTeam11 cricket games offer maximum flexibility. You only need to choose a minimum of two batters or bowlers to make a legal team. This makes it perfect if you want the freedom to create any side you like, even if it wouldn’t look realistic on the pitch.

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Can You Play Fantasy Cricket to Earn Real Cash?

Many of the top fantasy cricket betting sites offer daily fantasy cricket games where you can win real cash prizes. Whether you want to risk just a few rupees or play for higher stakes, there are contests for you to join.

Playing real money games comes with both pros and cons. One obvious benefit is the possibility to win real money. Highly successful players can make profits by playing fantasy cricket games, and the biggest contests often have prizes of 1 Lakh or more. Having money on the line can also add excitement to watching a cricket match.

Of course, playing for real money means you could also lose money if the match doesn’t go your way. That can take a lot of the fun out of being a cricket fan. If you’re more interested in the strategic side of fantasy cricket or you just want to play with your friends, then free games might be a better option.

The best fantasy cricket tip we can give you is to play within your means. Don’t play for money if you can’t afford it and never chase your losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy cricket games are played by choosing a team of 11 players who are participating in an upcoming match. Your team earns points based on how your chosen players perform on the pitch. Earn more points than your opponents, and you win your contest.

IPL Fantasy League is the official fantasy cricket game of the Indian Premier League, and lasts throughout the entire competition. Before the IPL season begins, you must pick a team while staying within a budget of 100 credits. This league lasts for the entire IPL season, and includes additional rules, like the requirement that you include at least one uncapped Indian player and no more than four overseas players in your team.

Dream11 works like most other fantasy cricket betting sites. You must pick a squad of players from an upcoming match. You must choose a mix of batsmen and bowlers while staying under a salary of 100 credits. Dream11 offers real money games, in which you can win cash prizes if your team does well enough in a given contest.

Yes different sites offer various promotions including free bets. This is especially common for new players. For example, when you join a new site, you might be able to enter a real money competition for free.

To get started, you’ll need to join a fantasy cricket site. From there, choose a match you are interested in, and pick a team of players from the two sides competing. Once you’ve submitted your team, sit back and watch as your players collect points based on their performance.

To win at fantasy cricket, your team must score more points than the teams you are competing against. Points are collected by batsmen scoring runs and bowlers taking wickets, among other events. Winning players research every detail of upcoming matches before choosing their players to form winning squads.

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