Football Betting India 2021

Before you start online football betting in India, take a look at our expert guide. You’ll learn all about where to find the best odds, which sites we recommend, how to find value in football betting markets, and much more. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to place a bet on a football match
  • Where you should go to find the best odds and promotions
  • Which betting odds system works for you

If you’re ready to place your first bet, check out our top football betting sites for India in 2021 below.

Best Sports Betting Sites in India January 2021

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How Do You Bet on Football Online?

Online football betting is available at loads of sites, and it’s really easy to get started. Just follow these simple steps:

Football Betting Odds

Because there are so many football betting sites, there are also a huge variety of odds. Odds change constantly, so it’s important to choose your bookmaker carefully in order to secure the best odds on a football match or outcome.

For example, in the 2015/16 season, Leicester City FC shocked the world by winning the English Premier League. As rank outsiders at the start of the season, UK bookmaker William Hill were offering odds of 5,000/1 for Leicester to win the competition. But other bookies had odds as low as 1,000/1.

Leicester went on to win the league, which means a 100 unit bet at 5,000/1 would have returned 500,000 units plus your stake back.

Betting 100 units at 1,000/1 would have returned 100,000 units plus your stake back.

This emphasises the importance of shopping around at football betting site to find the best odds.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how football betting odds work:


When you bet using fractional odds, you’ll win the first figure when you wager the second figure. For example, if you bet 100 units at 8/1 you’ll win 800 units plus your stake back.


Your return will be the stake multiplied by the decimal odd provided. For example, if the odds are 4.00 and you bet 100 units, you’ll win 300 units and also have your 100-unit stake returned.


With Indonesian-style odds, an even money bet would be quoted as 1.00. If you take a bet at odds of 3.00 a 100-unit stake would return 300 including your original stake.

Negative odds are expressed by using a – symbol. This would indicate this outcome is more likely to happen, so the payout would be lower. For example, a 100-unit bet at -1.15 would return 215 units including your original stake.


Malaysian odds are expressed in decimals, for example, a +0.5 bet of 100 units would win 150 units including the original wager. Even money is expressed as 0.

Football Betting Markets Explained

There can be hundreds of different betting markets for a single football match, depending on its popularity. But the good news is that most of these markets are easy to understand.

Here are some of the most common football betting markets explained:

Outright Winner

Outright winner markets are a straightforward and popular choice when you bet on football in India. Bet on the winner of match, league or cup competition.

First Goal Scorer

If you have an inkling as to who will net the first goal, you can place a first goal scorer bet. Forwards have the shortest odds but, if you back a defender to score first and they manage it, you’ll be in the money. Variants include the last goal scorer and anytime goal scorer.


Scorecast bets require you to accurately predict both the first goal scorer and the final result. If you only get one right but not the other, you’ll win nothing. It’s a tricky one to nail but, like accumulators, scorecast offers the chance to win big returns from a small wager.


Place bets on multiple outcomes and – as the name suggests – the odds accumulate with each correct result. You’ll need to get every result right to win. For example, if you do a nine-fold accumulator and get eight results correct and one wrong, you’ll win nothing.

However, some of the top football betting sites will offer a bonus or money back special if you narrowly miss out.

Here’s an example of a football accumulator where the player has bet on five correct outcomes:

A bet of 10 units would return 771.25 profit, plus your stake back. By adding in a couple of less likely events to some which you might consider easy wins, you can earn a big payday with a relatively small wager – provided everything goes your way.

Asian handicap

Asian handicap football betting is when either a goal or half goal is awarded to a team before the match starts as a ‘handicap’. Bookmakers then offer you odds based on that handicap and how it will affect the final score.

For example, Real Madrid v Barcelona – Madrid to win -1 goal in Asian Handicap. If you accepted this bet and Madrid won the match 2-1, you would not win your bet as the handicap effectively reduces Madrid’s goals to 1 and so the match would be a draw.

However, if you took the same bet and the result was 3-1 to Madrid, you would be a winner. This would boost your odds, but it is riskier.

Popular Competitions to Bet On

Even for football betting in India, a large proportion of the wagers are placed on European competitions. These often feature the most widely-followed teams, competing for the biggest prizes.

The English Premier League (EPL) is the most-watched worldwide, with an audience of up to 4.7 billion people. Spain’s La Liga, featuring Real Madrid and Barcelona, also attracts plenty of betting action. And so does the UEFA Champions League.

Closer to home, you’ll find hundreds of markets covering the Chinese Super League (CSL). It’s a very popular league, with the attendance in 2018 averaging over 24,000 people per game.

Our Favourite Football Betting Site

Ready to give it a go? The first step is to sign up to a betting site. Below you’ll see our experts’ top pick from all online football betting sites in India.

Top Indian Sports Betting Site
93 User Ratings

₹2,500 Welcome Bonus

How We Choose Top Football Betting Sites

Each of the football betting sites we recommend goes through a rigorous review by our team of industry experts. Our experts are not just reviewers – they’re fans themselves. We have specialists for individual football leagues, which means we’re able to hunt down the best odds and biggest choice of markets.

We believe it’s important to be objective when analysing online football betting sites, which is why our experts follow a set of guidelines for each site.

Here’s how we review each football betting site:

Safety Secured

Great odds and special offers are exciting, but they mean nothing if the site is unsafe. When you want to place a football bet, it can be difficult to tell which sites are legitimate and which aren’t just by looking at them. That’s where we come in.

Our experts look into the history of the company to make sure they haven’t changed names or misrepresented themselves. We’ll check that they have an active gambling license and test the site by making real money deposits and withdrawals. By the time we recommend a site to you, it has been cleared as 100% safe and trustworthy.

Local Currencies

In addition to looking forfootball betting sites that offer quick and easy transactions, we also give extra marks to those which allow you to use Indian Rupee.

Top Odds & Markets

Odds and markets are two key factors for football betting. Different sites have different odds for the same event. Sites that consistently offer bigger odds – as opposed to the odd one-off promo – score better in our reviews.

When it comes to markets, we prefer sports betting sites that make a lot of options available to players across a wide variety of international leagues and cup competitions.

Big Bonuses

Whether you’re a new player or a loyal customer of many years, we’ll scour each football betting site for the best promotions. Free bets, cashback, accumulator insurance – whatever it is, we’ll trawl through the terms and conditions and decide how much value it adds. Sites that frequently deliver value-boosting special offers move up our ranking system.

Live and Mobile

In-play betting is hugely popular in online football betting, which is why we make real money wagers via mobile and in-app where possible. If a site doesn’t offer in-play betting, or if it’s difficult to place a bet on your smartphone, it’s downgraded.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different ways to bet on football which can all be profitable. For example, accumulators offer big returns for a small wager. But some players prefer to place larger sums on what they consider to be less risky.

If you bet on an outcome in a football match you’ll win the bet the moment it happens. You may even be able to access your funds earlier, either through promos which pay out in advance of the result, or by cashing out (where available).

A handicap is an imaginary goal – or half goal – given to a team for the purpose of a bet. If a team has a -2 handicap they’ll need to win by three goals in order to be declared the winner in the bet. They begin the match at 0-2 down, so winning 3-0 would provide the final (imaginary) result of 3-2.

Betting on the money line is simple – you just choose the team you think will win. The number given is how much profit you’ll make from a 100 unit bet. So, if it’s +220, you’ll receive 220 units for every 100 units wagered, plus your stake back. If it was -220 you’d need to wager 220 units to receive 100 units in profit, plus your stake back.

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