How to Use Malay Odds – Sports Betting in Malaysia

If you want to increase your understanding of Malay odds, you’re in the right place. Whilst Malay odds are fairly easy to understand, we’re here to help you out. Our expert guide will show you how to use Malaysia odds, how to convert Malay odds into other odds types, how to calculate your potential profit and lots more.

With our support, and our examples of Malay odds for different sports, you’ll soon be ready to use Asian betting sites with Malay odds.

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How Do Malaysian Odds Work?

If you want to know how to use Malay odds, we have good news – they’re really easy to understand. If you can use Indonesian odds or American odds, you won’t struggle at all.

Malay odds use 0 as the base, representing even odds. Any positive numbers are favourites, and negative numbers are underdogs. Our experts think this is a simple, slick system which is easy to pick up.

Want to master your betting odds? Here, we’ll show you exactly how to use Malay odds:

Positive Malay Odds

Positive Malay odds mean that, for every one unit you wager, you’ll earn less than one unit in profit.

You can spot positive Malay odds by either a ‘+’ symbol or no symbol at all. The smaller the number, the less you’ll win. For example, if the odds of a team winning are only +0.1, that means you’ll win 0.1 of a unit for every one unit wagered.

Negative Malay Odds

Negative Malay odds are the opposite to positive Malay odds in that you’re usually betting on an underdog or unlikely outcome, resulting in bigger profit margins.

A ‘-‘ symbol precedes negative Malaysian odds. An example would be a team at odds of -0.5 in Malay odds. A bet of one unit would return two units, plus your stake back.

Malay Odds Conversion

Malaysian odds conversion to decimal odds is really easy, especially for positive odds. You don’t need to be a maths expert – all you need to do is follow our simple guide below to convert Malay odds to decimal odds.

Convert from Malay odds to decimal odds

If you need to make a quick conversion, just check out the guide below:

Positive Malay odds to decimal odds 

  • Remove the first ‘0’
  • Replace it with a ‘1’

Example: Barcelona have Malay odds of 0.75 to beat Manchester United in the Champions League. We remove the 0 and replace it with a 1 to get 1.75.

Negative Malay odds to decimal odds 

  • Remove the negative symbol from the odds
  • Divide 1 by the Malay odds
  • Add 1 to the total

Example: Manchester United have Malay odds of -0.35 to beat Barcelona in the Champions League. First, we change -0.35 to 0.35. Next, we divide 1 by the odds to give us 2.85. Next, we add 1 to get 3.85.

Calculating Profit with Malaysian Odds

Now that you understand how to use Malay betting odds the next step is to work out how much profit you’ll make. The formula is a little different for positive and negative odds, but difficult for neither.

Positive Malay odds profit

  • Multiply the odds by your stake

Example: Real Madrid have Malay odds of +0.6 to beat Atletico Madrid in La Liga and we bet 10 units. 10 x 0.6 makes 6, which means we’ll win 6 units profit (plus our stake back)

Negative Malay odds profit

  • Remove the negative symbol from the odds
  • Divide 1 by the odds
  • Multiply this figure by your stake

Example: Atletico Madrid have Malay odds of -0.75 to beat Real Madrid in La Liga and we bet 10 units. We divide 1 by 0.75 to get 1.33. Next, we multiply this by our stake to get 13.33. So, we’ll win 13.33 units of profit plus our stake back.

Sports Betting in Malaysia

There are plenty of sports you can bet on in Malaysia using Malay odds. Here, we’ll talk you through some of the most popular sports to bet on in Malaysia – and maybe we’ll treat you to a few betting tips, too.


Lots of people love football, but Malaysia is particularly football-crazy. Malaysian football betting can be spotted at pretty much all top sports betting sites in Asia, covering every league from the English Premier League (EPL) and Serie A to the Malaysia Premier League. Malaysia’s influence can even be found in the world’s top leagues, with Malaysia-focused sponsors on the shirts of elite clubs.

If you fancy some soccer betting in Malaysia with your knowledge of how to use Malay odds, why not research the team in-depth before you bet? You can find information on injuries, teams who keep playing the same squad and may be tired, and much more to help your football sports bets.


Badminton is huge in Malaysia and it’s easy for you to place real money wagers on the sport using Malay odds. Bet on tournaments like the Malaysia Open and stay on top of the latest news to give yourself as much information as possible.


In some countries bowling is little more than a hobby, but in Malaysia it’s a seriously competitive sport. Malaysia is no stranger to gold medals in the Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships (ATBC) which places Malaysian players in a great position for betting. There is much more passion for the sport in Malaysia which means more information is available. This can give you the edge when betting on bowling.


The Malaysia men’s national field hockey team is just one of the squads you can back if you want to bet on hockey at a top online bookmakers in Asia. You’ll also find markets on the most competitive competitions around the globe.

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How to Use Malaysian Betting Odds: Examples

So, you think you have the hang of how to use Malay betting odds, but you’re still not 100% confident? No problem! Here are a few examples to cement your new knowledge of how to use Malaysian betting odds:

Malaysian football (soccer) betting

We know you love betting on football using Malay odds, so it seems the best place to start. Check out the example below to see how Malay odds work in a classic football bet:

Stake: 25 units
Odds: +0.4
Bet: Manchester City to beat Liverpool in the English Premier League
Calculation: 25 x (1 + 0.4)
Outcome: 35 units

Malaysian open golf betting

Golf bets in Malaysia are an opportunity to make money from watching the world’s best players enjoy 9 or 18 holes in the most exciting tournaments. Here’s an example of golf betting using Malaysian odds:

Stake: 8 units
Odds: -0.25
Bet: Tiger Woods to win the Ryder Cup
Calculation: 8 x (1 + (1/0.25))
Outcome: 40 units

Malaysian horse race betting

Horse race betting odds in Malaysia are an exciting way to interact with the many famous races, both in Asia and around the world. Here’s an example of a horse racing bet using Malay odds:

Stake: 10 units
Odds: +0.75
Bet: Arrogate to win the Kentucky Derby
Calculation: 10 x (1 + 0.75)
Outcome: 17.5 units

Ready to Place a Bet in Malaysian Odds?

There’s nothing left to learn – you now know how to use Malay betting odds, you’re clued up on Malay odds conversion, and you’re ready to put it into action!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you convert decimal Malay odds?

You can convert Malay odds to decimal odds – or fractional odds – in a few fast sums. See the ‘Malay Odds Conversion’ section of our guide for step-by-step information.