The Best Free Bets in India 2021

Finding valuable free bets in 2021 can be difficult. Nearly every sports betting site offers them, yet they aren’t all equal. To ensure you only claim the best of the best, our experts created this page. Here, you can find a list of the top sites with free bets in India, as chosen by our experts.

Simply select a site below to pick up a great free bet today. If you’re confused about which free bet offer is right for you, you can also read on to learn more about how free bets work and how to use them.

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What Are Free Bets?

Free bet offers allow you to place a bet for free where you can win real money. Zero risks, all the reward. Of course, there are terms and conditions you will have to meet though.

We will go into more detail about the terms of free bets below but with most betting offers, you need to meet wagering requirements. Also, at most sites, you have to make a real money deposit or first bet in order to earn the free bet.

Once you’ve met the criteria, free bets are exactly as advertised. They give you the opportunity to make a bet on your favourite sport for free.

Sites that offer free bets present a real opportunity for you to top up your account while taking no risks. It’s no surprise that it’s a really popular type of promotion among all sports betting players.

Free bets are often called lots of different names. One site will call it a bonus, another a promotion. Although the specific details of free bet offers will vary from site to site, they all roughly do the same thing. You earn the free bet or bonus by depositing or making a bet (usually), the sportsbook then rewards you by giving the free bet in return.

What is a Risk-Free Bet?

Risk-free bets are another name for free bet offers. It gives you the chance to place a real money wager with no risk attached. For instance, you could receive a ₹1000 free bet and place it on India to win the Cricket World Cup.

Risk-free bets usually come with wagering requirements. For example, if a free bet has 5x wagering requirements, that means you’ll have to gamble the amount five times before you can cash out. This is usually a little bit of insurance on the site’s side, to stop players abusing the bonus.

When you place a free bet, you won’t receive your stake back. This might seem obvious but, if you’re used to placing regular bets, you might forget to factor this in. It’s especially important to remember this when you’re backing a favourite using a free bet.

For example, let’s say you’ve read our cricket tips article ahead of India (1.30) v Bangladesh (6.00) in the Cricket World Cup. Now, let’s see how a ₹1000 free bet might work:

Example 1: You place a ₹1000 free bet on Bangladesh to win at 6.00 and they win. You receive ₹5000 profit and no stake. For a normal ₹1000 bet, you’d have received ₹6000 back including stake.

Example 2: You place a ₹1000 free bet on India to win at 1.30 and they win. You receive ₹333 profit and no stake. For a normal ₹1000 bet, you’d have received ₹1333 back including stake.

As you can see, using a free bet on a red-hot favourite can produce quite a small return. Therefore, many players choose to look for longer odds when they have a free bet in the bank.

One of the benefits of getting a risk-free bet or any type of bonus is that it gives you a free shot at trying out a new betting site. That is often why free bet offers are given to new players. It allows you to get used to how the site works and to see if you enjoy it, without having the normal risk attached to your bet.

So, free bets have 2 major benefits. Of course, there is a chance that you can win with your free bet and cash out some real money. However, there is also the added benefit of effectively trialling a site before you decide if you want to stick around.

We recommend that you take advantage of free bets at new sites if you’re looking to see what the site is like. If you don’t like it, you can look somewhere else and at least you will have enjoyed a risk-free bet.

What Are Wagering Requirements in Free Bets?

Pretty much all free bet offers you find online will come with wagering requirements. This means you’ll have to gamble the free bet a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings. Another name for wagering requirements is a rollover.

They are not a fix or form of cheating. In fact, they’re the opposite – the main purpose of wagering requirements is to stop players abusing bonuses. Imagine a free bet which you could withdraw with zero wagering requirements, then picture how many players would cash out before placing a bet. This would not be sustainable for bookmakers and free bets wouldn’t exist.

Here are some examples of how wagering requirements work:

Example 1: You receive a free ₹1000 bet with 1x wagering requirements. You’ll need to gamble ₹1000 in total before you can withdraw your winnings.

Example 2: You receive a free ₹1000 bet with 5x wagering requirements. You’ll need to gamble ₹5000 in total before you can withdraw your winnings.

Example 3: You receive a free ₹1000 bet with 10x wagering requirements. You’ll need to gamble ₹10000 in total before you can withdraw your winnings.

It is possible to find bets for free with no wagering requirements, but they’re pretty rare – and usually reserved for VIP customers.

In general, free bet bonuses for sports have fairly reasonable wagering requirements like the examples we listed. However, if you’re interested in claiming casino bonuses as well, beware that these are often much higher.

What Are Minimum Odds in Free Bets?

Another important thing to consider when using free bets is minimum odds. Min odds are included as a condition by betting sites to protect themselves against bettors taking advantage of free bets, just like wagering requirements. When you look at the terms and conditions of free bet offers, minimum odds will often be listed.

For example, if you are offered a ₹5000 free bet, the conditions could read 3x wagering requirements and 2.00 min odds. This prevents very low odds bets from being put on and people easily being able to withdraw their free bet without any risk.

If you were looking at in-play betting in an India vs West Indies test match, and India were 1.10 to win, you would not be eligible to use a bet on this if there were minimum odds.

Just like wagering requirements, minimum odds are not there to catch you out or prevent you from winning. They are there to stop people abusing bonuses and so ultimately they are necessary. If bookmakers didn’t protect themselves by using minimum odds, they would probably stop offering free bets altogether.

How to Claim Free Bets in India

You’re probably wondering how to actually claim free bets online. We have good news – it’s really easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you can claim one of the best free bets in India today:

That’s all there is to it. If you’re unsure, check back in with this guide or use the customer support at your betting site. If you’re ready to get started and claim an excellent free bet, sign up at the site below today.

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Do All Indian Betting Sites Offer Free Bets?

Not all Indian betting sites offer free bets – but most do. It’s extremely common for online betting sites to offer free bets. If you’re considering joining a site that doesn’t have any offers available, that could be an alarm bell. All legitimate sites have free bets or offers of some kind, if the site you’re looking at doesn’t, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.

The real skill is sorting through them to find out which ones are worth your time. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check out our list of recommended sites at Asiabet. It’s a quick and easy way to find Indian betting sites which are fully licenced and offer free bets.

If you end up checking a new offer out, make sure you read the ‘Tips to Use Free Bets Profitably’ section on this page to get maximum value.

Can You Cash Out Free Bets?

Cashing out free bet offers is a complex issue, but you can be nearly 100% sure that you can’t cash it outright from the off. If you could, thousands of customers could withdraw free money and the site would be in trouble.

That’s why wagering requirements exist. This helps ensure that players do have to gamble a little before they can withdraw any winnings. Wagering requirements vary massively, so always check them out before you make a bet.

Some players also ask us if it’s possible to use the cash out feature after their free bets have been credited. Many of the best betting sites in India now offer a cash out option, which allows you to withdraw partial winnings before the conclusion of an event. You’ll win a smaller amount, but you’ll lock up the profit with less risk.

So, can you cash out a free bet? This depends on the specific website and the wagering requirements. In general, it’s safest to assume that you cannot use the cash out feature on free bets. However, there are some exceptions to the rule so be sure to double-check.

Types of Free Bets

Lots of different terms are used to describe roughly the same thing when it comes to free bets.  In general, you have to give something to the betting site (sign up, deposit or bet) in order to receive a bonus or free bet in return.

Below are some of the different terms and what they mean:

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are general terms for any type of free bet or bonus you receive as part of joining a new site. They are usually only available with your first bet or deposit and expire if you don’t claim them.

Sign Up Offers

Sign up offers are another blanket term used for any type of free bet or promotion. Sign up offers can include bonuses for specific events or just general free bet funds for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses reward you with a free bet the first time you add funds to your account. You may have to use a bonus code when you make your deposit or sign up, so watch out for that.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses do exist but really are a thing of the past. When online sports betting was new, sites offered bonuses without having to make a deposit in order to convince people to play. Nowadays they are extremely rare.

Stake Returned

Stake returned (SR) or stake not returned (SNR) are types of betting offers where the bookmaker agrees to return the stake or not. In a normal bet, if you win the stake is always returned. However, when free bets are credited, the stake itself was a bonus and therefore the bet is risk-free, so most of the time it would be not returned.


Cashback bonuses are offered as insurance if your bet doesn’t win. For example, if you have a football betting accumulator, certain betting sites offer cashback if one result lets you down.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are common before sporting events or seasons start and are usually reserved for new customers making their first bet. Betting sites offer much bigger odds than they usually would. For example, India get boosted from 8.00 to 16.00 to win the Cricket World Cup.

Reload Bonuses

Once you’ve claimed your initial sportsbook deposit bonus, you can go on to get extra reload bonuses. This might be the same amount again or it may change. The best online sports betting sites in India may offer you a reload bonus, check the t’s and c’s on your original bonus to find out.

VIP Programmes

If you bet at one site regularly – or for very high stakes – you could be eligible to join a VIP scheme. Free bet deals, getaways and exclusive betting offers will be at your fingertips.


Promotion is a general term for any sort of bonus or betting credit a site is offering. It doesn’t matter if they’re free bets, deposit bonuses or for new or existing customers, they are all promotions.

Tips to Use Free Bets Profitably

Not all free bets are created equal. Some of them will have great terms and conditions and make it easy for you. Others make things a bit more difficult. You’ll be able to use some free bets on all of your favourite sports, while others will come with restrictions.

In order to take full advantage of free bets, you should consider the following:

Shop Around

Don’t feel like you have to stick to one site – check out the competition and sign up to several betting sites. This will allow you to access multiple free bet welcome bonuses. It will also make it quick and easy to play at any site which currently has a free bet offers for existing players.

Sign up to one of our recommended sites, then make your first bet or deposit to earn your free bet. If you’re not 100% happy with the site, simply try another. Each site will have slightly different betting offers, and there is no limit on the number of sites you can join.

Check the Latest Reviews

Use our free Asiabet sportsbook reviews to your advantage and hunt down the latest free bet offers. We provide a simple, easy-to-check overview of what’s going on at a betting site and we highlight what free bets are available. Think of it as an easy way to quickly compare betting offers as well as getting an insight into what the site is like.

Terms, Terms, Terms!

Terms and conditions can make or break free bet offers. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t be a sucker – double check the terms and conditions to make sure you have a real chance of unlocking your free bet.

Terms and conditions are of course one of the things we double check before making recommendations. We will never recommend a free bet offer to you if the terms are unrealistic. However, each free bet is different, and it is a personal preference. Different terms suit different people so make sure you are clear before you accept.

How to Choose and Compare Free Bets Online

With so many free bets available, it’s a smart move to compare them. Free bets in India can range a great deal, both in the amounts offered, the types of bonus and the terms and conditions attached. You can see a breakdown of many of the most common free bet types listed above in this guide.

The best way to compare any bonuses you are interested in is to read the terms and conditions. Don’t just look at the amount offered. Within a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to see all the details you need to be able to make comparisons.

Compare the free bet types with your own preferences and you’ll learn which ones work best for you. If you only bet on specific events a few times a year, wait until there are enhanced odds. If you prefer to move sites regularly so you can take advantage of welcome bonuses, check those out. Also, see if the bonus you’re interested in is available on all sports. If you like to bet on cricket, focus on sites which offer free cricket bets, for example.

As we mentioned above, our sportsbook reviews are also an excellent way to quickly compare different betting sites and their free bets. We look at the free bets available in detail as part of our review and let you know what the score is. If you’re considering joining 2 different sites but can’t choose, take a look at our reviews and we’ll give you our unbiased, expert opinion.

Do Betting Apps Have Free Bets?

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular. In some cases, that means you’ll be able to grab exclusive mobile free bets.

If you love mobile betting, you should consider downloading a free betting app. Free bet promotions in India can usually be accessed on both desktop and mobile, and – if anything – you’ll find a few more special offers on mobile. One of the easiest ways to check them out is via a sports betting app.

Betting apps make it quick and easy to log in and check out the latest offers. In just a couple of taps, you can quickly sign in and look at the promotions section, scanning for the top free bets. Apps are easy to use, which makes it simple for you to actually make your first bets and earn some lucrative bonuses.

Betting promotions like odds boosts are particularly good to use with betting apps. This is because odds are often boosted in-play or before a match but for a short time only. If you have an app downloaded and you’re looking to make a bet, check on the promotions and if you see something you like, take advantage of the offer.

Apps give you quicker access to betting markets, they make the whole process more convenient and quicker. It’s an added bonus that some top-class free bets are available exclusively for mobile users too.

Which Sports Can I Use Free Bets On?

Whenever you receive a free bet, it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do with it. You’ll need to check to find out which sports you can use your free bet on. At the best sites, you’ll get quite a lot of freedom. You will be able to use your free bet across a wide array of sports. Some of the most popular sports to use free bets on include:


Cricket is huge in India, which explains why so many betting sites offer bets for free on this exciting sport. You can use your free bets on competitions like the Indian Premier League (IPL) as well as international test matches or the World Cup.


The English Premier League (EPL) is the most-watched league in world football, so you’ll find plenty of free bets where you can back top English teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

The UEFA Champions League unites Europe’s best teams in a cup competition, and there are plenty of free bets which can be used on this too. You’ll also find free bets to use on various leagues and competitions in tonnes of other countries.


Enjoy free bets on all the major tournaments in tennis including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, Australian Open and French Open. Back individual matches or try to predict the overall winner of a tournament.

Horse Racing

Free bets are often used on horse racing events. It doesn’t matter whether you see a horse you fancy with enhanced odds on the Indian St Ledger, or if you join a new site and use your welcome bonus on a small Irish meeting. Free bets and horse racing go hand in hand.


Another popular sport for free bets in India is rugby. If you follow the Six Nations, the Rugby Championship, or even if you’re just a casual World Cup rugby fan, there are plenty of chances for you to grab a free bet online in India.

Free Bets on Events

Seasonally, you’ll be able to pick up free bets on a wide range of top sporting events. This includes the football World Cup, F1, horse racing, cricket and many more. When you join a new site, keep your eyes peeled and make sure you take advantage of any event-specific free bet offers that come up.

Why Use Free Bets at Indian Bookies?

When you use free bets smartly, they can give a huge amount of extra value. Ultimately that’s what using free bets is all about. Using the bonus to give you value that you otherwise wouldn’t get.

You Won’t Get Free Bets Offline

Promotions are one of the biggest perks of using online sports betting sites over brick-and-mortar betting venues. If you place a bet at a real-life bookmaker there’s a relatively slim chance of you being given a special offer. And that chance drops right down to 0% if you’re trying illegal street games, which are unregulated and may be rigged.

Not only are free bets a perk of online betting, but you also don’t have any of the other issues associated with real-life bookmakers. They are not the most welcoming places and it can be embarrassing to place a bet if you’re not sure exactly what you’re doing.

Free bet offers vary greatly, they are often called different things and as we have covered, they each have different terms. Not every free bet is worth taking and what might be good for one player won’t be good for the next.

However, at least online you will get offers. It’s up to you whether you take them or not, and we also suggest that you shop around to get the best ones for you. At real-life betting shops though, you won’t be offered anything.

Continued Promotions

When you join an online sports betting site in India you can access a whole heap of promotions. A lot of the headlines are grabbed by big welcome bonuses, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll spot free horse racing bets, enhanced odds and a lot more.

You shouldn’t necessarily claim every bonus you find, but instead, pick and choose the ones that suit you. If you always bet on football, for instance, then hunt down free football bets. Doing this at our recommended betting sites can result in big rewards over time.

Many people think that promotions stop once you join a site and take advantage of any welcome package. However, the best sites keep the bonuses coming.

Claim the Best Free Bet Deals Today

If all this talk about free bet promotions in India has got you ready to go, then look no further – we have a handpicked selection of the best online sports betting sites in India, packed with free bets! Check out our list at the top of this page, sign up today and make your first bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you receive a free bet offer it allows you to gamble for real money without risking any of your own cash. That’s why it’s also known as a risk-free bet.

Players in India can grab free bets at a large number of online betting sites. If you’ve never played at a site before, there’s a strong chance you can claim a free bet in the welcome bonus. But you can also grab a free bet as an existing customer at many of the best betting sites in India.

Online bookies’ free bets give you a great chance to increase your winnings. Once you have met the criteria to earn the free bet, you get to make bets risk free. If you win and meet wagering requirements, you can withdraw the profit. You can also bet on cricket, football and other popular sports. 

Usually, free bets are given to customers who have already made a deposit. And it will usually come with certain restrictions, like wagering requirements. The Asiabet team are constantly on the lookout for great promotions, so if we find any free bets without deposit, we’ll bring them to you on this page. 

Just like any other special offer, free bets come with terms and conditions. These will almost always include an expiry date, so make sure you take advantage while your free bet is still valid. 

All the top free bets will allow you to cash out your free bet as soon as you meet the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements vary from one offer to another but generally you will need to gamble the amount you were given between 5-10 times. 

Also known as rollover requirements, wagering requirements just mean you need to gamble the free bet you were given a specific amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

When you compare free bets, you’ll see they have different wagering requirements and terms. Each individual site calculates their rollover requirements. Often, you’ll have to match the cost of the free bet 5-10 times before you can cash out.

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