Learn How to Deposit at Betting Sites From India 2020

Do you need to learn how to deposit at betting sites? This page has all the information you need to get familiar with the different types of betting deposits. We break down the process step by step and answer any questions you might have.

We’ll show you some of the most popular choices to deposit at betting sites in India and explain which ones might work best for you.

Keep reading our guide to depositing below to learn more.

Deposit Money into a Betting Site in India

The first step to making betting deposits is to select a site which is appropriate. Check out our reviews as we’ve tested 100s of betting sites from across the world and can make sure you only deposit at the best sites.

Once you’re ready to make a betting deposit, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

1. Create an account

Unfortunately, you can’t just make a one-off  betting deposits without first creating an account. This will be necessary even if you only want to deposit at betting sites once. Some of the reasons for this are to help prevent fraud and to stop underage gambling.

Be aware that you will have to add some personal information such as your date of birth and email address. This is to keep sites safe and ensure all transactions are legal.

2. Select a payment method

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to choose a payment method which you want to use to make betting deposits. You’ll often have a lot of choice. For guidance on finding the best payment method, read the rest of the information on this page.

3. Input your information

Depending on the deposit method you select, you may have to enter all of your card details or possibly just a few digits. If you use a site we recommend, it will be licensed and secure so it’s just like any other online transaction.

4. Wait

Normally, when you deposit at betting sites, funds arrive in your account instantly. If they don’t, don’t panic – sometimes your betting deposits will take a few minutes to arrive. After a while, if you’re still experiencing issues, contact the site for an update on your deposit status.

5. Place your bets 

Once the money lands in your account, it’s time for you to have some fun and place real money bets on all your favourite sports.

The Best Deposit Methods for Indian Bettors

Find out more about many of the most popular betting deposit options in India below, and use the information to find the one which suits you best. There is no right or wrong method, it’s about personal choice and finding the right one for you.


Skrill is a classic e-payment method which can be used at a wide range of online shopping and betting sites. Once you’re set up, you can make a payment just by entering your email and password. There are no fees when topping up your account either.


It’s hard to find a leading sportsbook in India which doesn’t include Neteller as a betting deposit option. And it’s easy to see why; this simple online payment method is used by over 23 million people worldwide. The standard upload fee is 2.5% in most cases.


Based in India, Paytm is super convenient for mobile users. With prepaid and postpaid options, Paytm is a great option to deposit at betting sites quickly and efficiently. There are also cashback opportunities when using this payment method at selected providers.


Fancy yourself as a modern gambler? If so, you can make betting deposits via popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Crypto is becoming an increasingly common option at top betting sites, and you may even be offered a bonus incentive to use it.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a tried and trusted method for making payments to betting sites and all sorts of other transactions. There’s certainly a feeling of security which arises from using a bank. Just bear in mind that payments may take some time to arrive and will be directly linked to your name and address.


Widely used at all types of gaming and betting sites, paysafecard is fast and easy to use – plus, it’s perfect for online betting deposits. Payments can be made online using a 16-digit PIN, and you can top up at plenty of physical stores. It’s useful for keeping track of – and limiting – your spending. 

Can You Make Betting Deposits with Rupees? 

If you’re depositing from India into your sportsbook account, you probably want to make your betting deposits in rupees.

There are a few places where you can deposit at betting sites using rupees. You’ll find some of them among our recommendations. However, the majority of sites will not allow you to bet in rupees.

The main reason behind this is financial. It takes time and money for a betting site to allow a user to deposit in multiple currencies. Some betting sites operate using just one currency, and it’s usually something like USD or EUR. Basically, the most widely used currencies across their whole customer base.

If you can’t make betting deposits using rupees, make sure you keep a note of exactly how much you’ve deposited. Most sites will tell you the precise conversion before you confirm the transaction. If the rate seems a little off, consider depositing at other betting sites instead.

Many electronic payment deposits allow currency conversion for little or no fees. Check out the information on different payment methods above for more details.

Can I Get a Welcome Bonus When I Deposit?

Almost all betting sites in India will offer new players the chance to claim a welcome bonus. This should not be missed.

It can be tempting to make a tiny deposit at betting sites when you first join. Why? Because you want to test it out first. You want to make sure it’s trustworthy and has all of your top sports bets and markets.

However, welcome bonuses can be very lucrative and it’s often a smart move to take full advantage of them. You may stand to earn double or triple your betting deposits in free betting chips, which is literally a one-off opportunity.

In order to make sure the site is legitimate, check out the review for it on Asiabet first. This will give you a great insight into what the site is like. If we’ve reviewed it, it’s tried and tested, and we’ll give you a summary. This means you can take advantage of the welcome bonus without having to worry about becoming involved in a scam betting site.

Is It Legal to Deposit Money on a Betting Site in India?

Online betting in India is certainly a grey area, but it’s not illegal. There is no law to prevent betting deposits in the country. And, when you choose to use an international sports betting site like the ones we recommend at Asiabet, it makes it even less likely that you’re breaking any rules.

While some countries in Asia are extremely strict on all types of gambling, India doesn’t fall under this bracket. And how could it? India is home to five of the horse racing classics in the form of the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas, Indian Oaks, Indian Derby, and Indian St. Leger!

Despite the fact that it’s not outlawed, many players take extra steps to ensure their security when they deposit at betting sites. For example, you can use a VPN to disguise their location when making betting deposits. Or, avoid bank transfers and only use electronic deposit methods, which have more anonymity.

As the home of key horse racing events and the world-leading Indian Premier League (IPL), there will always be a strong interest in online betting in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to make betting deposits in India. You’ll need to find a site, create an account, choose a payment method, and enter a few simple details. You can find more information on this page in the ‘The Best Deposit Methods for Indian Bettors’ section.

If you want to make betting deposits for online sports betting but don’t have a bank account, there are ways around this. For example, paysafecard users can top up in-store then make an online deposit using a 16-digit PIN. Read about the various deposit methods to find out more.

The best deposit method depends on your needs. Do you require instant deposits where you can top up quickly and ensure you can quickly bet on cricket? Or do you prefer playing with a fixed amount? Are you happy with the money being linked to your name and address, or is anonymity important to you? Read our detailed guides on different payment methods above to decide which one works for you.

Normally, betting deposits arrive in your account instantly. But there are exceptions to this. Bank transfers can take much longer, and other payment methods must be topped up in a physical store. Plus, there can always be unforeseen delays. Normally though, you should be able to place real money bets just moments after making a betting deposit.

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