How to Use Indonesian Odds - Sports Betting in Indonesia

If you’re confused as to how Indonesian odds work, don’t worry, our experts are here to help. In this guide, we provide you all the information you need to know to start using Indo odds today.

Read on to learn how to calculate Indonesian odds with ease, how to convert Indo odds into fractional odds, and how to work out your returns. With our examples and in-depth explanations, you’ll be ready to place a real money bet using Indonesian odds today.

How to Use Indonesian Betting Odds

Despite the name, Indonesian odds aren’t limited to the Asian continent. It’s one of the most popular forms for betting odds in the world along with Malay odds, so it’s important that you get yourself up to speed with how to use Indonesian betting odds.

If you’re already familiar with American odds, that’s a great start, because there are many similarities between the two. But, if you’re not, don’t worry – our expert guide will tell you everything you need to know on how to use indo betting odds!

Here, we’ll show you how to use Indonesian betting odds – including Indonesian odds examples to make things easy to understand:

Positive Indo Odds

There are two types of Indonesian odds: positive and negative. Bets which pay out at higher odds are referred to as positive indo odds. You’ll know the odds are positive if there’s either a ‘+’ symbol before the number, or no symbol at all.

Similar to American odds, the number will represent the odds of the wager. The difference is that it will be based on one unit wagered.

For example, Indonesian odds of 2.00 (or +2.00) mean you’ll win two units for every one unit wagered, plus your stake back. 3.00 would mean three units for every one unit wagered, 2.8 would mean 2.8 units for every one wagered, and so on.

With a positive indo bet, you’ll always make at least double your money on winning bets.

Negative Indo Odds

Negative indo bets are the inverse of positive Indonesian bets. Negative indo betting odds are represented by a ‘-‘ symbol before the digits.

Like positive odds, negative indo odds are based on one unit. However, the number you are looking at doesn’t show how much you could win – it shows how much you need to bet in order to win one unit.

For example, Indonesian odds of -1.50 mean you’ll need to risk 1.50 units in order to win one unit. Odds of -4.8 mean you’ll have to wager 4.8 units in order to win one unit and so on. Of course, you’ll receive your stake back on top.

Negative indo odds occur on events which are deemed more likely. So, if you’re betting on the favourites of a sporting event, the chances are you’ll receive negative indo odds.

Indonesian Odds Conversion

There may be times when you want to convert Indonesian odds into fractional odds. Perhaps you’ve placed a sports bet on one site using fractional odds, and you want to compare those fractional odds to Indonesian odds.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to show you how to convert Indonesian odds to fractional odds. It’s actually a pretty simple process, as long as you follow our step-by-step conversion guide:

Convert from Indonesian odds to fractional odds

The only thing you need to convert your Indonesian odds to fractional odds is a calculator and a couple of quick sums:

Positive Indonesian odds to fractional odds 

Example: Portugal have Indonesian odds of +3.00 to beat Brazil in the World Cup. We strip the number of the + sign and unnecessary zeros to get 3. Then, we add ‘/1’ to the end. So, the odds become 3/1.

Negative Indonesian odds to fractional odds

Example: Brazil have Indonesian odds of -4.25 to beat Portugal in the World Cup. First, we strip the number of the – sign to get 4.25. So, the odds become 1/4.25.

Although these odds work perfectly well, most bookies only use whole numbers. So, we need to turn 4.25 into a whole number.

If we multiply 4.25 by 4 this gives us 17. Then, we multiply 1 by the same number. This gives us odds of 4/17.

Calculating Profit with Indonesian Odds

Once you know how to use Indonesian betting odds it’s super easy to calculate your profit margins. If you’re used to fractional odds, it won’t take long to master decimal odds and easily switch between the two.

Here, our experts will show you a simple guide on how to work out Indonesia odds profit:

Positive Indonesian odds profit

Example: Sri Lanka have Indonesian odds of +2.50 to beat India in the Cricket World Cup and we bet 10 units. We strip the number of the + sign and unnecessary zeros to get 2.5. Then, we multiply 2.5 by 10 to get 25. This means we’ll win 25 units of profit.

Negative Indonesian odds profit

Example: India have Indonesian odds of -3.60 to beat Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup and we bet 10 units. We strip the number of unnecessary zeros to get -3.6.

Next, we divide -1 by -3.6 to get 0.27. That’s how much we’ll win for each unit wagered. Finally, we multiply 0.27 by our stake of 10 units to get 2.7. This means we’ll win 2.7 units of profit, plus our stake of 10 units, for a total of 12.7.

Sports Betting in Indonesia

Once you’ve mastered indo odds, you’ll want to flex your new knowledge by placing some real money bets on the best Asian sports betting sites. But where to begin?

Here are some of the most popular sports to bet on in Indonesia, along with top tips and strategy:


Placing real money bets on cricket is a popular pastime all over Asia, and Indonesia is no exception. You can place wagers on the ICL, Cricket World Cups, Indonesia national cricket team and more.

Because cricket is so popular in Asia, there is a lot of information ahead of each match day. This covers everything from injury updates to weather forecasts. Use this information to your advantage and place bets based on research before each game.

Football (Soccer)

You’ll spot no shortage of football (soccer) betting at Indonesian sportsbooks covering all the most exciting games around the globe. This includes top leagues like the English Premier League (EPL), La Liga, and Serie A in Italy.

The football (soccer) betting industry is huge, allowing you to bet on some really minor aspects of the games such as number of corners, minute of the first goal and so on. Check out these smaller markets for untapped potential rather than only focusing on the more obvious bets.


One of the nation’s favourite sports, Indonesian athletes frequently win major badminton competitions like the Asia Team Championships. Sports fans in Indonesia are some of the best placed in the world to bet on badminton.

Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat – sometimes spelled ‘pentjak silat’ – is a popular Indonesian martial arts sport. All of the top Asian online betting sites will give you the chance to place real money bets on this full contact sport, and a wealth of local articles and news will help you get the edge on the bookmakers.

Whether you’re in the mood for badminton sports bets, cricket wagers or something completely different, you’ll find a market for it at one of our favourite online bookmakers in Asia. Sign up via the banner below and grab a chunky welcome bonus today.

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Ready to Place a Bet in Indonesian Odds?

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You can easily convert Indonesian odds to fractional odds with a couple of simple calculations. Read our full guide ‘Indonesian Odds Conversion’ to find out more.

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