How to Use Hong Kong Betting Odds

Hong Kong odds can be intimidating for players who don’t know how they work, but they’re easy to learn. Our expert guide will show you exactly how to use HK odds and why they’re such a great choice – plus, we’ll share top online bookmakers in Asia using Hong Kong odds.

Our guide will teach you:

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  • How to use Hong Kong odds
  • How to convert HK odds to decimal odds
  • Where you can find HK odds at online betting sites in Asia

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How do Hong Kong Odds Work?

Hong Kong odds come from an area which is known for gambling. Whether it’s in person or online, lots of players from the region love to place sports bets, jump into casino games, and bet online in other ways.

With so many bets being placed at online sportsbooks in Hong Kong, a simple betting system is needed. Hong Kong odds are certainly easy to understand; you don’t even need to deal with negative values, as all bets are above 0.

If you’re making a bet which is even odds, it will be displayed as ‘1’. Anything below that leans towards a favourite, anything above that is more of an outside shot. The higher the number, the more you’ll receive if you win.

Hong Kong Odds Conversion

It’s incredibly easy to convert HK odds to decimal odds. All you have to do is add a 1 to the number and your Hong Kong odds effortlessly change to decimal odds!

Here are a few examples to show you how simple it is to change HK odds to decimal odds:

HK OddsDecimal Odds

Naturally, this works both ways. So, if you need to convert decimal odds to Hong Kong odds,   simply subtract 1.

Hong Kong Odds Formula

It’s really easy to figure out HK odds. The maths is simple and there are no negative values to complicate things.

Now, our experts are going to show you how to calculate Hong Kong odds and work out your potential profit when placing a real money bet:

How to calculate Hong Kong odds profit

  • Multiply your stake by the Hong Kong odds

How to calculate Hong Kong odds pay outs

  • Add 1 to the Hong Kong odds
  • Multiply the new total by the Hong Kong odds

That’s all there is to it – HK odds are simple!

Hong Kong Odds Examples

Hong Kong odds sound easy, but maybe you’d prefer some examples to show you how HK odds work in practice. We’ve got you covered – check out some Hong Kong odds examples below:

HK Jockey Club Football Odds

HK Jockey Club football odds are legal, fun, and widely available online. If you’re into sports betting you’ll probably come across it, so it’s a great choice for an example to learn HK football betting odds.

Stake: 10 units
Odds: 0.35
Bet: Manchester United to beat Liverpool in the English Premier League
Calculation: (0.35 + 1) x 10
Outcome: 13.5 units (including stake)

Hong Kong Horse Racing Odds

Horse racing bets in Hong Kong also fall under the HK Jockey Club making them widely available. You can place bets on all of the best and most exciting horse races from around the world including the Kentucky Derby, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and Royal Ascot.

Stake: 32 units
Odds: 2.8
Bet: Battaash to win Royal Ascot
Calculation: (2.8 + 1) x 32
Outcome: 121.6 units (including stake)

Hong Kong Cricket Odds

Cricket sports bets are easy to make and very popular all over Asia. From the Indian Premier League (IPL) to the Cricket World Cup, you can enjoy Hong Kong odds on all types of cricket betting markets.

Stake: 15 units
Odds: 1
Bet: Pakistan to beat Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup
Calculation: (1 + 1) x 15
Outcome: 30 units (including stake)

Sports Betting in Hong Kong

Gambling in general is huge in Hong Kong. The law is quite strict in other Asian territories which means that locals in HK are privileged to have more freedom to place real money wagers. You don’t need to worry about the legality – you can simply enjoy betting on your favourite games and sports.

Because Hong Kong players love betting on sports for real money, it’s important that you stay ahead of the game if you want to be a winning player. To help you do just that, our experts have put together a short Hong Kong odds sports betting guide. It covers some of the most famous HK sports and provides some top betting tips.

Here’s our expert guide to Hong Kong odds sports betting:

Hong Kong odds on football betting

Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it will come as no surprise that you’ll find lots of football markets at the best online sports betting sites in Asia.

There’s a lot more to HK football bets than just the basics, like match winners and goal scorers. More intricate markets include number of corners, the method of the next goal scored, and Asian handicap bets.

These less common markets sometimes provide a better opportunity to find great odds, as they’re not as widely advertised as other football bet types.

HK Odds on Basketball

From the USA’s world-beating NBA league to the Hong Kong national team, basketball is a major sport for betting in Asia. You’ll find lots of offers are provided in HK odds, which are easy to understand.

Because the NBA has so much betting from customers in the USA, one advantage players betting on basketball in Hong Kong and Asia have is the time difference. If news breaks late at night or early in the morning about a key injury – or any other type of impactful update – you can be among the first to hear it. This means you can place bets on basketball in Hong Kong before the market odds begin to fluctuate.

Motor Sports With HK Odds

If you enjoy high speed, adrenaline-fuelled action then the exciting world of motor sports could be the perfect sport for you to bet on.

With such fast-paced action, betting in play can be tough. But using Hong Kong betting odds can help with this. When you need to place a bet really quickly, it’s helpful to use HK odds that you can calculate in your mind quickly. Use HK odds to bet on motorsports in Hong Kong and you can place bets quickly and accurately.

Hong Kong Odds for Cycling

Cycling is another sport which has a huge following in Hong Kong. Using Hong Kong odds makes it easy to read the odds, but the key for betting on cycling is research.

Spend time looking into the form of the riders, upcoming weather conditions, and other aspects which could impact the outcome of the race. Use this knowledge to place savvy bets and watch your bankroll increase!

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Hong Kong odds are among the simplest betting odds around, and now you know everything there is to know about them. What’s next? Placing a real money bet using HK odds, of course! Kick-start your HK betting odds journey by joining one of our top online sports betting sites in Asia and grab a mega welcome bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you convert Hong Kong odds?

You can easily convert Hong Kong odds to decimal odds by adding 1 to the HK odds.

How much would you win on Hong Kong odds?

The bigger the number, the more profit you stand to win from a Hong Kong odds bet.

How do you convert Hong Kong odds to fractional odds?

Our expert guide shows you how to easily convert Hong Kong odds to decimal odds, which you can then change to fractional odds.