Best Basketball Betting Sites in India 2021

Welcome to our guide on basketball betting in India. On this page, you’ll find a list of the best basketball betting sites that accept Indian bettors, so you can start betting straight away.

We’ll also help you understand everything you need to know to bet on basketball, including expert betting tips and what types of bet you can make. Learn more below.

Best Sports Betting Sites in India January 2021

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Types of Basketball Bets

There are lots of different bets you can make on basketball, and some can be a little confusing. Here’s a breakdown of the most common basketball betting markets that you’ll see online:

Money Line

The money line is the simplest type of basketball betting. With a money line bet, you choose which team will win a game. If your team wins, then the bookmaker will pay you at the odds listed. Here is an NBA example using decimal odds:

  • Chicago Bulls: 2.20
  • Miami Heat: 1.75

Decimal odds show you how much your return (winnings and your original bet) would be based on a ₹1 bet.

In this example, the Miami Heat are the favourite. If you bet ₹1000 on the Heat and they win, the betting site will return ₹1750 to you, or 1.75 times your original bet. That means you will get your original ₹1000 bet back and gain ₹750 in profit.

You can win more by betting on Chicago. If they win, your ₹1000 bet will return ₹2200, or 2.20 times your original bet, giving you a profit of ₹1200.

Point Spread Betting

The most common type of NBA gambling lines (odds) you’ll see are point spreads. Point spreads are a form of handicap betting where the bookmakers place an imaginary points boost on one team and a reduction to the other.

The point spread allows bookmakers to set similar odds on both teams and then you choose which team you think will win when the handicap is applied. For example:

  • Los Angeles Lakers (-5.5): 1.90
  • Utah Jazz (+5.5): 1.90

In this example, the Lakers are the favourites and 5.5 points will be taken off their score or added to the Jazz at the end of the match. That means that if you bet on the Lakers, they must win by at least six points to “cover the spread” and win the bet.

If you bet on the Jazz, you will win even if they lose by up to five points because when the handicap is applied, they get an additional 5.5 points added to their score. For example, if the final score of the match is 95-90 to the Lakers but you bet on the Jazz +5.5, as part of your bet the bookmakers give the Jazz an extra 5.5 points, taking their total to 95.5. When the extra points are added, they win the match and you win the bet.

In this example, no matter which team you’ve bet on, a winning ₹1000 bet will return ₹1900 (or 1.90 times your bet).


In this form of basketball betting, you don’t need to worry about which team will win the game. Instead, you are betting on the total number of points that will be scored by the two teams. Many people refer to these bets as over/under bets, as you must predict if the score will be over or under an amount set by the bookmaker. For instance:

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Los Angeles Clippers

  • Over 211.5: 1.90
  • Under 211.5: 1.90

If the two teams combine to score 212 points or more, the over bet wins. If they score 211 points or less, the under bet will win instead. A ₹1000 bet on either over or under will return ₹1900 if you win.


In futures betting, you pick the winner of a league or tournament. For instance, here is an example using the NBA championship odds for 2021:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: 3.90
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 6.50
  • Brooklyn Nets: 7.00
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 7.50
  • Boston Celtics: 16.00

In this example, a ₹1000 bet on the Lakers returns ₹3900 if they win the NBA championship. Most people bet on futures at the start of a season and try to predict the result before the league has started, but you can also bet as the season is in progress. Futures odds will change based on the performances of each team and other factors like injuries.


In basketball betting, accumulators or parlays are when you combine multiple bets into one. For example, you could pick 10 NBA teams to win on the same night, but in order for your overall bet to win, every team you’ve picked has to win too. If 9 out of 10 teams win and the last one loses, your bet loses.

Accumulators are appealing and popular around the world because they allow you to create bets with big odds, however, for every bet you add, the smaller the chances of winning become. Here’s an example using NCAA basketball:

Butler Bulldogs 1.01

Michigan State Spartans 1.01

NKU Norse 1.89

Pepperdine Waves 2.11

Northern Illinois Huskies 1.71

Combined odds 6.956

₹1000 bet = ₹6956 return (₹5956 profit)

The odds on each team are multiplied together to make a combined total for the accumulator. The more teams you add, the bigger the odds will be.

decimal odds example

Basketball Betting Tips

You don’t have to be a basketball betting expert to start gambling on the NBA or other leagues, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few basic ideas. Here are our top tips for betting on basketball.

  • Knowledge Is Power: Doing as much research as possible and keeping up to date on basketball news is key. Find out everything you can before you make a bet. Look at statistics, head to heads and the latest news. Basketball teams sometimes bench their top players due to small injuries, or simply to give them a bit of rest. Be sure to check the line-ups before you bet on a game to make sure you aren’t backing a team that is playing without its biggest star.
  • Consider Home Court Advantage: Home teams have a small advantage over their opponents statistically. In the NBA, teams enjoy an average of approximately 2.5-point bonus at home, while that advantage is about four points in college basketball.
  • Consider Pace of Play: If you want to bet on totals, it is important to know what pace the two teams play at. If both teams play quickly, you can count on a high score. If even one team plans to slow the game down, the score will be much lower.
  • Practice Bankroll Management: Good bankroll management is important no matter what sport you’re betting on. It helps you to calculate how much you want to spend in a set period and then bet a small percentage of your account balance at a time. This allows you to survive losing streaks and find out how profitable your betting strategy is over the long term.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Basketball Betting Sites

In order to play at basketball betting sites, you must first put money into your account. Also, when you win, you will need to withdraw your winnings. Here’s how to do both:

Making a Deposit

To make a deposit, you should visit the cashier page on your betting site. There, you will see a list of payment methods. Common options include direct bank transfers, credit cards, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or e-wallets such as Skrill.

Once you’ve chosen your method, the site will ask you for the relevant information, such as your credit card details or the wallet address you are sending your Bitcoin from. Follow the instructions on the page and choose how much you want to deposit. After you’ve confirmed, your funds should be in your account within minutes with most methods, however bank transfers usually take up to four hours.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

You can cash out your winnings by using many of the same methods available for deposits. Popular withdrawal options include bank transfers, e-wallets, and Bitcoin. Like deposits, the withdrawal options will vary from one site to the next so make sure you check the withdrawal method you want to use is available before you sign up.

To make a withdrawal, head to the cashier. Choose your withdrawal method, follow the instructions and enter how much you want to remove from your account. Once you submit your request, the site will begin processing your withdrawal.

This review process may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the site. When that period is over, your money will be sent to you via the chosen method.

The Best Basketball Leagues in the World

The NBA is the most famous basketball league in the world and is shown in over 200 countries around the world, but it’s not the only one. Here’s a detailed look at the NBA and a few other prominent basketball leagues:


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the highest level of professional basketball in the world. 30 teams from the United States and Canada compete each year in an 82-game regular season. The top 16 teams make the playoffs, with the winner claiming the NBA Championship.

The best players in the world play in the NBA, the skill level and competition is elite, which makes it great to watch after you’ve placed your bets. It’s also highly dramatic because the top teams are closely matched.

Because the NBA enjoys high popularity all around the world, so every basketball betting site will offer extensive wagering on it. You can bet on all NBA basketball matches at any of our recommended sites, including the playoffs.

NCAA College Basketball

NCAA college basketball in the United States is the highest level of amateur basketball in the world. It’s also big business with betting and all basketball betting sites offer odds on the NCAA. You can bet on individual games, or wager on which team will win the national championship.

Colleges in the USA recruit the top high school players in the country to play for their teams during the winter sports season. The top schools then compete for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in a 68-team single elimination tournament known as “March Madness”.

The NBA then drafts the top college players at the end of each season and many of the all-time great NBA stars had outstanding college careers, including Michael Jordan.


The best teams from various European countries compete in the EuroLeague, an 18-team double round robin competition. The top eight teams make the playoffs, with the winners moving on to the Final Four, where the EuroLeague crowns its champion.

The biggest EuroLeague clubs include Spain’s Real Madrid, Russia’s CSKA Moscow, and Panathinaikos from Greece. The competition also has the second highest average attendance of any professional basketball league in the world, behind the NBA. While EuroLeague betting isn’t as common as the NBA or NCAA, most of our recommended betting sites also offer odds on the competition.


The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) was founded in 1975. Today, the PBA features 12 teams that compete in three “conferences”, or tournaments, each year. The Philippine Cup is the most prestigious competition in the PBA.

The PBA isn’t as popular as the other leagues we mentioned, and not every bookmaker offers wagering on PBA matches. However, some of our recommended basketball betting sites do list PBA odds, and gambling on this league can reward those who do their research.

How We Find the Best Basketball Betting Sites

We have reviewed all the biggest basketball betting sites in the world and created a list of the best ones for Indian bettors at the top of the page. Here’s a look at a few of the most important factors sites must have to get on our list.

Choice of Payment Methods

We look for betting sites that offer a wide variety of payment methods that Indian bettors can use. These include e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, as well as e-banking services, cryptocurrencies, and more traditional methods like local Indian bank transfers.

Industry Leading Odds

Every betting site offers slightly different odds on its basketball markets, and they change from match to match. To find the best ones, we’ve compared the NBA lines at each bookmaker over the course of a season, and we recommend the sites that offer the best odds on average.

Big Basketball Bonuses

We search for sites that offer bonuses specifically designed for basketball bettors. That includes not only deposit bonuses but also free bets and boosted betting odds on basketball games in the NBA. We also check the terms, conditions and wagering requirements on any bonuses we recommend so if you see it on this page, you don’t have to worry about it being too good to be true.

Apps and Mobile

We only recommend sites that offer full mobile betting, either through downloadable apps or mobile-friendly websites. If you’re researching an upcoming match that you want to bet on and you have found the best odds, you don’t want to miss out if you’re not at your computer. Using the sites we recommend will allow you to make bets at any time, no matter where you are.

Customer Service

When you run into a problem at a betting site, it helps to talk to a member of staff at that site. That’s why we test our recommended sites to make sure they have knowledgeable support teams that are available anytime you need them. If the staff aren’t available to answer questions quickly, we don’t recommend the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all sports betting sites offer at least some basketball betting odds. You will find NBA game odds at almost every online bookmaker, and most also offer college basketball betting. However, only some sites feature lines on more obscure leagues such as the EuroLeague, PBA, and other competitions around the world.

Yes. There are many basketball leagues around the world, and most sports betting sites offer odds on games from competitions beyond the NBA. That almost always includes NCAA college basketball. Many sites in Asia also offer odds on the PBA and the Chinese Basketball Association. Some online bookmakers also offer EuroLeague betting.

Our top betting sites offer bonuses for new and existing bettors in India. In many cases, these sites have special offers just for basketball bettors. For instance, some oddsmakers might give you free bets or special promotional odds on NBA games when you open a new account.

The type of odds displayed at betting site usually depends on where the site is based. For example, betting sites in the US will display American Odds, while those in Europe usually have decimal or European odds. The most common around the world and in India are decimal odds.

Point spread betting is the most common type of gambling on many sports, including basketball. It’s up to you which bet you want to make, although money line betting – where you pick which team will win a game – provides a simpler alternative if you don’t want to worry about spreads.

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