Basketball Betting

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is known the world over as the most popular basketball competition, and many of the globe’s best players gravitate towards the US. However, many of the top basketball leagues in the world are based in Asia, and the sport has gained a huge following in this region. For those who like to place sports bets online, basketball has become one of the top sports to wager on.

The PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) is widely regarded as the next best league in the world and has been the second-longest-running association after the NBA, since its inception in 1975. The history of the sport can be traced back much further – to the American occupation of the Philippines – when American teachers introduced basketball and baseball through the YMCA and the school system.

Today, these are the two most popular leagues for betting, but there are also flourishing leagues in China, Japan and South Korea, with each considered among the top ten leagues in the world for attendance and popularity.

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Basketball Competitions

As mentioned, the most popular league in our part of the world is the PBA and we will concentrate on that league and its various competitions here. It is worth noting though, that a recent row has broken out over the proposals to hold the Super-8 Basketball Invitational tournament in Macau. Organisers of the tournament invited some of the top teams from the Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to play in Macau, but it was not recognised as a credible competition by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Nonetheless, the tournament went ahead in Macau in September and it will be interesting to see if it gains international recognition in the years ahead.

Here is a breakdown of the top competitions in which we can place sports bets online in the PBA.

Philippines Commissioner’s Cup:

First held in 1993 the Commissioner’s Cup is one of the two tournaments which allows teams to employ a single foreign player, sometimes known as an ‘import’. It was discontinued during 2004-2010 but reinstated in 2011 when the PBA re-adopted a three conference format. The league has had various player height limits imposed throughout its history, with the current limit a height of 6’10”.

Philippines Governers Cup:

The Governer’s Cup is the other tournament which allows one foreign import, and was also defunct during the period from 2003-2010. Re-introduced in 2011 as the third of the three conference format, it adopted the ‘classic PBA format’ of a round robin elimination round and round-robin semi-finals before the top two sides meet in a best-of-seven championship series.

Philippines Cup:

The Philippines Cup is the tournament which allows no foreign import players, but which is regarded as the most prestigious of the three conferences in the PBA. It has operated in its current guise since 1977, although there was a break in 1981 and 1982 when no tournament was held.

Betting on Basketball

Moving on to placing bets on basketball we can find many ways to make a profit from knowledge of both the sport and betting markets. Most punters will look to trustworthy online bookmakers to take their bets, but betting exchanges are also very popular across Asia and these can be even more profitable due to slightly better odds. Betting exchanges, unlike traditional sportsbooks, pitch one bettor against another with the exchange taking a small commission from each winning bet. They give you the chance to act as bookmaker as you can set the desired odds that you require for an outcome, and if another bettor is prepared to take the odds, his money will be set against your own.

We offer a range of betting tips on this site so be sure to familiarise yourself with the different markets. We’ll examine some of those in brief below, including handicap betting and totals betting, but don’t forget that basketball livescores are also an essential part of the gambler’s toolkit. By using the livescore basketball service above you can enjoy up-to-the-minute information on games to assist you with live, in-play betting. In such a fast-paced game this sort of insight can prove to be invaluable to the smart punter, and many a successful gambler has made huge profits by taking advantage of generous odds in-play.

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Handicap Betting:

Otherwise known as a ‘points-spread’, handicap betting is used to ‘level the playing field’ between teams, when one is far superior to the other. This enables bookmakers to offer more reasonable odds on both sides because there is a ‘points handicap’ for the better team. So the favourite for a particular game may be quoted with a -8.5 handicap, meaning that to win your bet, that side must win by at least nine points. Conversely, the inferior side may be listed with a +8.5 handicap, such that if they lose by less than 8 points your bet will still be classed as a winner.

Totals Betting:

Predictions on the number of total points in a game is also a popular way to approach wagering on basketball. Points scored by both teams are added together to give the total points, with bookmakers and betting exchanges offering an over or under line whereby you have to predict whether there will be more or less points scored overall.

Home/Away Betting:

As the name suggests this is a simple bet on which team will win the game. Odds on this market can be extremely short because in most games there is one side which is considered to be far superior to the other. Some heavy-hitting punters are prepared to place large sums on the favourite at very short odds in order to make a profit with minimal risk, but the more recreational bettors are likely to sway towards handicap betting where the odds are usually much better.

Profit from Basketball

We offer a variety of betting guides, tips and strategies on site, but a few of the ‘golden rules’ of betting are as follows:

Ensure you follow a strict staking plan consistent with your betting bank, and never bet more than you can afford. Your knowledge of the sport is one of your best weapons so stick to the leagues and teams that you know most about, and do as much research as you can before the game to enhance your chances of winning. Follow our livescore basketball service above to get instant information about how a game is progressing. If there is an opportunity to snatch generous odds when one team falls behind in a given match, then using basketball livescores can give you a significant edge over the bookies.

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