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Betting on Serie A

As one of Europe’s major football leagues, there are a large range of Serie A bets available at sports betting sites.

Outright bets allow you to place wagers on things that you might think will happen over the course of a Serie A season. This includes betting on who will win Serie A, which teams will be relegated, who will finish in the top four and which player will be the top goal scorer. Outright betting markets tend to be open all season, allowing you to respond to changes in form.

You can bet on every Serie A match too. There are a wide range of markets available for individual Serie A games, from predicting the match result, to the score, how many goals there will be and if a player will score

Bets on matches tend to have smaller odds than outright bets, so a good way to boost the prices is to place an accumulator. An accumulator allows you to add several bets together and they all need to win for your accumulator to be successful. So, a Serie A accumulator bet might see you back Juventus, Inter, Napoli and Roma to all win their games. It’s a bigger risk, especially if you don’t use cashout, but also the payouts are much bigger if your accumulator wins

Serie A Betting Odds

Let’s take a look at a typical set of odds from a Serie A game. Imagine Juventus are playing at home against Fiorentina. As the best side in Serie A over recent years, Juventus are the big favourites at 1.4, with the draw at 5.5 and a Fiorentina win at 9.0.

So, let’s say we place a bet on Juventus of ₹100. A bet of ₹100 at odds of 1.4 means that if Juventus win you will win ₹40 plus your stake of ₹100 back. A total return of ₹140.

A bet of ₹100 on the draw would return ₹550 (₹405 in winnings and your stake of ₹100). If you bet ₹100 on Fiorentina and they win, you will get ₹900 back (₹800 in winnings and your stake of ₹100)

The small price for Juventus highlights why many people like to use accumulators when betting on Serie A. If you placed an accumulator on Juventus at 1.4, Inter at 1.8, Napoli at 2.0 and Roma at 2.2, the combined odds would be 11.09, which is more attractive if you are betting with small stakes.

Serie A Betting Bonuses

When you create an account at a Serie A betting site, you can expect to be offered an opening promotion

With so many betting sites covering Serie A, they offer generous bonuses to persuade you to choose them. This means that you can sign up with a few different sites and take advantage of the promotions, which is also a good way to get used to Serie A betting and find which site you like the most.

Sign up promotions can see you be given one or a series of free bets, that you receive after depositing and betting a stated amount. Another common opening offer is one where the betting site matches your deposit, up to a certain figure.

The bonuses don’t stop coming when your Serie A betting account is up and running. Sites will typically continue to offer regular promotions based on big events, including Serie A matches

Serie A Betting Tips

Successful gamblers normally arm themselves with as much knowledge as they can. There are many websites that offer in-depth statistics and it will help you to study these before betting on football matches, as you’ll see patterns that differ from the odds on offer.

So, for example, if you notice that Sampdoria are in particularly good home form of late, but they are the outsiders at home in a match, then it makes sense to back them to win at big odds. This is an example of finding a value bet, which is when the odds are bigger than all the information suggests that they should be.

How Does the Serie A Season Work?

Each Serie A season sees the 20 best teams in Italy compete against each other in a round-robin format.

Every club plays the other 19 teams in Serie A twice, with one match at their home ground and one away at the other team’s stadium. In total, each team plays 38 matches over the course of a season, which normally runs between August and May.

When a team wins a game, they are awarded three points and if they lose they get no points. If a match is drawn, both teams receive one point each.

These points determine where each team finishes in Serie A. If two or more teams are tied on points a number of factors such as head-to-head results, are used to determine who should be higher.

The team with the most points wins the title, known in Italy as the scudetto. ‘Scudetto’ means ‘little shield’ in Italian and each winner of Serie A will wear a small shield depicting the Italian flag on their shirts, in the following season.

Champions League qualification is given to the top four sides in Serie A, while the fifth and sixth teams qualify for the Europa League. A third Europa League spot is reserved for the Coppa Italia winner but sometimes go to the seventh-placed side in Serie A, if the cup winner has already qualified for Europe through the league. The bottom three teams are relegated to Serie B

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The Biggest Matches in Serie A

With so many famous and historic clubs in Italy, there are some huge fixtures, built over decades of competition and rivalry.

Perhaps the most famous is the Derby d’Italia, played between Inter and Juventus. Inter come from Milan, while Juventus are based in Turin, which are the two biggest cities in the north-west of Italy.

There are also many local rivalries between clubs from the same cities. Inter also compete in the Derby della Madonnina against AC Milan, which is a unique fixture because both clubs share the San Siro as their home stadium.

Juventus compete in the Derby dell Mole against Torino, the other major club from Turin. The oldest city derby in Italy is the Derby della Lanterna which sees Genoa take on Sampdoria.

The explosive Derby della Capitale takes place in Italy’s capital of Rome, between Roma and Lazio. Roma also have a local rivalry with Napoli – the Derby della Sole – as Rome and Naples are the two biggest cities in southern Italy.

Serie A Facts & Stats

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s hard to pick just one sites as the best Serie A betting site. Our team has selected all of the sites above based on a wide range of Serie A betting markets, competitive prices, great customer service and generous bonuses.

The word ‘serie’ in Italian translates to ‘series’ in English and therefore represents the series of games that are played between the competing clubs. The letter ‘A’ is there to show that Serie A is Italy’s top league.

Yes, of course. Every major UK sportsbook offers betting on Serie A.

It’s very easy to set up a betting account and gamble on Italian football. All sportsbooks will offer betting on Serie A, along with the Coppa Italia.

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