Champions League Betting Guide 2020

Our expert team has created a full guide to Champions League betting sites, so you can quickly access the best bookies on the market.

This guide also covers everything you need to know about the Champions League including the types of bets you can make, how the competition works and more.

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UEFA Champions League Betting Markets

When there’s a Champions League match coming up, you will find loads of betting markets that add variety to your football betting. Most people enjoy betting on the outcomes of individual Champions League matches. For example, you might back Liverpool to beat Ajax at decimal odds 1.63, where if you bet ₹100 and Liverpool win, you get ₹160.30 profit.

But you don’t just have to bet on who will win, lose or draw. You can also bet on the final score, who will score the first goal and even how many bookings or corners there will be. You can also bet on whether there will be a red card, or how many yellows there will be.

While betting on individual games is exciting for day-to-day action, you can also bet on outrights, where you predict which team will win the whole competition. You can use our latest football betting tips to guide you, as we regularly cover Champions League matches.

However, you might prefer to stick with some of the regular favourites, like Real Madrid, Liverpool or Barcelona. At the start of the competition, you will also find outright betting markets on group stage winners, giving you plenty of Champions League group betting options.

Some of our UEFA Champions League betting tips might be doubles, trebles or even accumulators. With a double, you make two betting choices, but both must come in. It’s harder to win, but more rewarding. For example, bet ₹50 on Manchester City to beat Bayern at 2.21 and Barcelona to beat Porto at 1.65. If correct, you win 2.21 x 1.65 x ₹50 (your stake) – for a total return of ₹180.23.

At our recommended sites you will also have the chance to enjoy in-play betting, where you can place a bet during the match. At every twist and turn, the odds will change, and you can wager on any number of markets as they unfold. If Ronaldo is having a great game and already scored 2, why not back him to get the hat-trick? With in-play betting, the options are endless.

Champions League Betting Tips

While you can follow expert advice to get Champions League betting tips, there’s no substitution for having some general knowledge of your own. You don’t have to know every single fact, but an understanding of the teams, form, player suspensions, injuries and head-to-head history will definitely improve your betting performance.

For example, although you would typically fancy Inter to beat Monaco, you might have read recently that Inter’s regular strikers are injured, the captain is suspended, and Monaco are undefeated in 15 French Ligue 1 games.

With that extra information, you can take a more considered approach to forecast the result. Maybe you still think Inter will win, but with this information, you can look for the best value Champions League betting odds.

The best way to build your Champions League knowledge is to follow reports in the media and watch the games when you can. Most matches are available on television, so you can see how teams and players perform on the big stage for yourself. Improving your knowledge is recommended for all sports betting you’re considering.

One of the best Champions League betting tips is to spread your risk. Don’t put one large bet on a single match result, because you could get unlucky. Instead, add several smaller bets on other matches or markets. Now, if your main bet fails, you can still recoup some cash on the others.

Finally, do not always bet on the favourite. If the favourite won every game, football would be predictable and boring. The best team would always win, and we know that simply does not happen. While you will sometimes want to back the favourite, other times you believe the underdog can pull off a shock.

Champions League Betting Promotions

We’ve included all of the best Champions League betting sites on our recommended list above. One of the reasons we choose these sites is that they all offer excellent promotions on Champions League games.

One of the best types of promotion is a free bet. Free bets will often depend on you placing a bet on another game, but if you were going to bet on this round of matches anyway, the bookies are willing to give you something for nothing. For example, if you bet ₹500 on Lyon against Liverpool, you might get a free ₹500 bet on Juventus against Malmo. What’s not to love?

Another top-notch promotion is an odds boost. For example, if you wish to bet on PSG beating Barcelona at 1.93, you might be offered an odds boost to 3.50. It’s always worth accepting this type of offer because this is free money (so long as your bet wins, of course).

When you register with one of our recommended betting sites, like the one below, you will be eligible to claim great Champions League betting promotions like the ones we’ve listed above. You’ll also be able to claim a welcome bonus, so why not sign up and start betting on football today?

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Champions League Format

The Champions League is the biggest and best club football tournament in the world because it features only the top teams from Europe. To get into the Champions League, a team must either win their domestic league competition or finish in a qualifying place. The number of teams that qualify per country depends on the country’s domestic league ranking. For example, four teams make it from the English Premier League because it is the 2nd ranked country, but just one makes it from Iceland.

Teams from the smaller leagues go through a series of Champions League qualifiers before joining the top teams in the final 32. At this stage, the teams split into eight groups of four. The four teams in the group stages play each other home and away.

After the group matches, the top two teams progress to the knockout stages, while the third-place teams enter the Europa League round of 32. The sides in fourth place exit European competition.

The first two-leg knockout phase is called the round of 16, where the eight group winners are randomly drawn to play against the eight group runners-up. Winners progress to the two-leg quarter-finals and then the semi-finals before the remaining two teams win through to the Champions League final at a neutral venue. Draws are done after each round to determine which team plays which.

The competition is long and there are lots of matches, so there are plenty of Champions League betting opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Champions League History

The UEFA Champions League has been running in its current format since the 1992/93 season. Before then, it was a straight knockout tournament featuring only the winners of each national league. The competition began as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup in 1955 and was later known as the European Cup.

Over the years, the best teams and players in the world have taken centre stage in this elite competition. Real Madrid have won more titles than any other side, with 13. Five of those came in the first five years of the competition. Next is Milan on seven titles and Liverpool on six.

Of the major European leagues, Spain has provided 18 titles, England 13 and Italy 12. Surprisingly, France has only had one Champions League winner – Marseille in the 1992-93 season.

Football fans have seen the best players perform on the Champions League stage. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the top 2 scorers in the history of the competition and still wow fans to this day. Past champions league greats include Roberto Baggio, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zinadine Zidane and David Beckham.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, the teams who won the big European domestic leagues will be favourites. Look for the winners of La Liga in Spain, the English Premier League, the Bundesliga in Germany or Italy’s Serie A. For example, you could have found odds of 5.00 on Manchester City winning the Champions League the year after they won the Premier League. That same year, Bayern were second-favourites at 6.50.

Including when it was the European Cup before 1992, Real Madrid has won most Champions League titles with 13. Milan has won seven times, and Liverpool six.

Qualifiers begin in June and last through until August when the group stage draw is made. Group matches tend to start in September and run until December. The knockout rounds begin in February and play through to the final, usually at the end of May.

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