Cricket Betting Odds 2020

Discover all there is to know about cricket odds. In this guide, our expert team explains how cricket odds work and gives our list of the best sportsbooks that cover cricket.

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Best Cricket Betting Sites September 2020
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How to Find the Best Cricket Odds

Having good judgment to come up with a winning bet is all well and good, but you must ensure you get the best cricket odds possible. There is nothing worse than correctly predicting that India will beat New Zealand at odds of 1.33, only to find you could have got more generous odds of 1.94 somewhere else.

Not getting the most competitive odds will mean you get a lower winning payout, and if you continue to make the same mistake, it will begin to impact on your long-term profits.

The answer is to shop around to find the best cricket betting & odds for 2020. Our expert team recommends you look at the betting sites in the table above. The sites are chosen because they are licensed and secure, offer good cricket match odds, have excellent customer service and generous promotions.

You can then treat this list of sites as the complete cricket odds comparison tool, checking each site whenever you have decided bet you wish to place.

To save you time, and to benefit from several welcome bonuses, it will be worth you signing up to more than one of our recommended sites. By funding more than one account, you can quickly place a bet when you find the best cricket odds, something that’s important if you are betting in-play.

With live betting, the odds can change in an instant, so you want to be able to place a bet fast before you miss out on a profitable opportunity.

The Latest Cricket Match Odds

Cricket is wildly popular in India, so betting sites will offer markets on all sorts of games. You will find IPL betting odds, test matches odds, the Ashes odds, and one-day international odds.

With so many cricket betting opportunities available, it can be daunting to narrow your selection down. Rather than spending hours looking at the statistics and the form guides, you could keep an eye on the Asiabet tips.

Our experts offer cricket tips, including lines and props on all the latest top matches. You can be sure we find and tell you about the best odds possible. Our expert tips will be from the betting sites we recommend, so you can be confident about placing your bets. If a bookie does not offer competitive odds, we won’t recommend them in this guide.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Cricket odds might seem complicated at first, but you will soon understand them and be able to spot profitable betting opportunities.

You will see odds in decimal format, with two decimal places. The odds represent the total amount returned to you for every single unit you bet.

For example, the Mumbai Indians might be quoted at 4.85 to win the Indian Premier League again. That means that for every one unit you bet, you will get a total of 4.85 back if you win. Bet 5, and you will get a total of 24.25 back, for example.

You will find all kinds of markets with betting odds for cricket. Outrights will offer odds on who will win a tournament like the IPL or the T20 Cricket World Cup. You will also find odds on the result of all major matches, so you might back Australia to win a home Test match against South Africa at odds of 2.32.

All the best sport betting sites, like the ones we recommend on this page offer multiple markets on any given cricket fixture, including proposition, or prop bets. You can predict the result of the toss, the highest-scoring batsman, the top bowler, the man of the match, wickets taken by a bowler, which batsman will make a 50 and more.

Then you have live betting cricket odds. This adds tremendous excitement if you are watching a game on TV because you can place bets in-play, taking advantage of the ever-changing odds as the momentum shifts one way or another.

Live betting includes match betting, prop bets and novelty odds like predicting how the next batsman will be out. If the pitch is unpredictable, you might fancy the next man will be caught behind or trapped LBW by a ball that moves off the pitch.

If you are unhappy because it looks like India might lose a match against England, you can use live betting to dull the pain by backing England to win with live odds of  1.25. Your team might be about to lose, but at least you will win some money.

What Are Value Odds?

As the term suggests, value odds are where you get extra value from your bet. And that means higher returns than you might otherwise have expected. Once you become adept at researching cricket betting odds and results, you will begin to spot value odds. You will make smarter betting decisions and increase your profit margins.

Let’s take an example. If you are asked to guess which hand a marble is in, left or right, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it correct. If a bookie were to offer odds on this, you would expect odds of 2.0, meaning if you bet one and guessed correctly, you would double your money.

Now imagine you were shopping around for the best odds and spotted one bookmaker who was offering 2.10 instead. Of course, you would choose to place your bet with this bookie because you would get a better return if you won.

Use this simple explanation to find value odds for your cricket betting. For example, let’s say you think Mayank Agarwal will make a 50 in the first innings of a Test match against the West Indies.

Most of the betting sites you look at offer cricket odds of around 4.50 for this to happen. But one of the sites we recommend in this guide offers 5.25. That is a value bet because your returns are higher than expected.

You can often find that when you bet on cricket with live odds, you will find more value. That’s because there are so many markets, with more room for the bookies to make slight errors that you can take advantage of.

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Cricket Betting & Odds 2020 – Which Matches Do Bookmakers Cover?

If a bookmaker thinks a punter is willing to place a bet on a match, it will open a market. And because cricket is so prevalent in India, bookies will offer markets on just about every type of cricket match you can imagine.

In India, you will find bookmakers offering a vast range of IPL betting odds, including in-play markets. Even some of the top local leagues will have odds offered by some of the sites we recommend on this page.

But cricket is also an international sport, offering massive tournaments like the Twenty20 World Cup and the Cricket World Cup.

You will also be able to bet on cricket with live odds for any one-day international or Test Match between any of the top countries like India and Pakistan, to some of the minor players like Zimbabwe or Ireland.

Bookmakers especially like offering a wide range of live betting markets for international matches that are televised. This means you can watch the action unfold and place bets in-play. For example, England might struggle early on in a one-day match against New Zealand, but you think all-rounder Ben Stokes is about to come into bat and save the day with a swashbuckling half-century.

Most betting sites have Stokes at 5.50 to reach his magical 50, but you spot one bookmaker with value odds of 6.73 and place your bet with them, winning a healthy profit if Stokes does indeed make the target.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. But you must be knowledgeable about cricket, study the form and be able to spot the most generous cricket odds. By being disciplined in your cricket betting, you most definitely can make a profit in the long run. As with all forms of gambling, you should follow a strategy, bet within your limits and don’t chase any losses.

Cricket odds change all the time at every bookmaker, so it’s best to shop around. Our expert team has recommended the best cricket bookmakers at the top of this guide so that you can be sure of the best service, most generous odds and security. Consider signing up to more than one on our list, so you can quickly take advantage when you spot good cricket odds that you can’t afford to miss.

Absolutely. The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s most-watched sporting tournaments, let alone cricket. Bookmakers will offer odds on any sports fixture that they think punters will want to bet on, and there is no doubt that the IPL betting is one of the most in-demand markets globally. You will find the usual outright bets, match betting, prop bets and live betting.

Yes, constantly. If you look at any of the bookmakers we recommend in this extensive cricket betting odds guide, you will see odds change regularly, even before a match starts. Form, injuries, conditions, who wins the toss and more can all influence the expected result. Naturally, the live betting markets have odds changing almost by the second to reflect the changes as they happen out on the pitch.

It depends on the individual bookmaker. For the very biggest tournaments, Cricket World Cup odds, will be displayed perhaps months in advance of the opening games. But for regular fixtures, like those in the IPL, odds might be posted a few days before the game.

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