Boxing Betting

Boxing is an international sport that is popular all over the world with Asia being no exception. Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao is a household name in most all corners of the globe. Amir Khan, a devout Muslim of Pakistani heritage is paid many USD millions per year to box. Indonesian Chris John had a ten-year run as the featherweight WBA Super Champion retiring in December 2013 with a 52-1 record. These are just the biggest name. There are many others, a few of which I mention later in this article. First I discuss online betting.

The opportunities to bet boxing from Asia are many. Because it is popular here for betting purposes most all the Asian bookies offer odds on major matches. If you live in China, Thailand, Indonesia, or Malaysia it is very easy to deposit and get paid at such sites. The ones that come most recommended are listed below.

Quick tip: if the country you live is listed on the left side menu of our website, you can click that link for information about online betting specific to your location. This includes options for depositing to your betting account, and hopefully more importantly, getting paid after you win.

Other Boxing Betting Sites

Asian bookies support many languages and currencies and have local methods for deposit and withdrawal. This makes betting at such sites a lot more convenient. However, the one downside is betting markets and matches. All over Asia there are big name boxers, that don’t often headline on the PPV type scale. To quickly throw out some examples:

Thailand previously had superstar Veeraphol Sahaprom and more recently Poonsawat Kratingaenggym and Pongsaklek Wonjongkam drawing betting interest. Hozumi Hasegawa is a multiple time WBC world bantamweight and featherweight champion. Of course when he fights, Japanese gamblers are looking to bet. Back in 2010, Korean boxer Kim Ji-hoon went the distance in an IBFL Lightweight title fight against superstar Miguel Vazquez. Of course there was interest from Korea on this fight and beyond. Meanwhile Manny Pacquio might be the most famous in his country but there are other famous fighters there too. Nonito Donaire, known as Filipino Flash, is a five-division world champion and the former WBA (Super) Featherweight champion.

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This is without mentioning up and coming fighters, local home city heroes, etc. The issue with Asian bookies is most only have odds on headline matches from an event. They may or may not offer betting on the full undercard of a major. For that reason it does make sense to also look at other sites. The ones below are good for betting boxing. While not focused specifically on Asia, they should at least be considered. is a site to look at for two purposes. 1) they offer much larger betting limits than the Asian bookies offers. 2) they tend to post odds well before other sites do. If looking to bet a fighter who is on the undercard of a fight night, this is the place to look early.

Depending where you live will determine how accessible the sites I just suggested are to you. Both accept NETELLER deposits. In the case of Bookmaker you can also deposit with bitcoin. They have multiple options for getting paid if you win. There are plenty of other options in their cashiers too. If serious about betting boxing, be sure to at least take a look these. It might turnout Asian bookies are more convenient to use, but if there is a way to use these other sites, that will get you the most options and value.