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Why play at Bodog88?

  • * In business for more than 10 years.
  • * Well respected gaming company.
  • * Large selection of betting options.
  • * Extremely fast withdrawal times.
Written by:Karen Zhang

Bodog88 are one of the top companies still servicing the Asian gambling market. They focus strongly on Chinese speaking markets including China and Malaysia, as well as Thailand.

With a wide range of gaming products on offer they represent one of the best choices for sports betters, poker players and casino games fans in Asia.

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Casino Profile

• Founded: 1994

• License: Philippines

• Casino Software: Betsoft

• Live Dealer: Ho Gaming

• Poker Software: Proprietary

• Bonuses: See Website

• Mobile Friendly: Yes

• Live Support: 24/7

About Bodog88

Bodog88 was launched in 2009 and is the Asian brand of Bodog, a gambling company with a very rich history dating back to the mid-1990s. Founder Calvin Ayre helped launch some of the internet’s first online casinos and first started the Bodog gambling sites in 2001. These sites grew quickly and became very large, which led to Ayr being named on the Forbes Magazine list of billionaires. Bodog has developed a great reputation for paying winners fast and offering great bonuses, features and customer support.

Focus on Asia

The Bodog88 Asian brand focuses primarily on offering casino and sports betting to residents of the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia and Thailand. There is also an online poker room exclusive to residents of China that is networked with Poker (Canada) and Poker (USA). This means players from China, United States and Canada all play poker online together using separate Bodog-powered websites.

While it is possible to use Bodog88 from other countries, such as India and Indonesia, they are most focused on China, Malaysia and Thailand. All sections of their website support English, Chinese and Thai language. Accounts can be opened in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB/CYN), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) and Thai Baht (THB) currency. For players from other supported countries, United States dollar (USD) is offered too.

This review covers the overall Bodog88 product, including opening and funding an account, getting paid, features and its legality. I start with how to use their gambling website in each country they target.

How Using Bodog88 Works

Bodog88 operates on a post-up basis. This means that you will need to register for a free online account before you can make an initial deposit, which is your starting account balance. You can use it to place sports bets, play casino games, or, for those in China, to play online poker. When you lose your balance decreases and when you win your balance grows. At any time you can cash out all or part of your balance. This will be paid as a transfer to your local home bank account in a matter of days.

The options to deposit country-by-country are as follows.

Depositing in China

Anyone with a bank account in China will find it very easy to deposit to Bodog88 in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY/RMB). They accept Union Pay cards, which are offered by pretty much every major Chinese bank and even some foreign banks operating in PRC. The online instructions for deposits are simple to follow.

Depositing in Malaysia

In Malaysia it is also easy to fund a Bodog88 account. They offer the ability to deposit in Malaysian ringgit (MYR) via online banking, ATM transfer, and in person over the counter via almost all Malaysian banks.

At the time of writing, Bodog88 accepts transfers via the following banks: Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, AmBank, Citibank, HSBC, Alliance Bank Malaysia, OCBC Bank, Affin Bank, RHB, and Standard Chartered.

Depositing in Thailand

In Thailand the deposit options for baht (THB) seem to come and go. In the past, Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank (Kbank) were supported. More recently the list has been just SCB (Siam Commercial Bank), Krung Thai Bank and Krungsri Bank (Bank of Ayudhya). A supported bank means that you can deposit with an account at those banks using online banking transfer, or in some cases make a transfer at an ATM.

It is best to check the Bodog88 website to see which banks are currently supported. If you do not have an account with a supported bank, the easiest method is to open an account at one of them. Alternatively, you can contact support for banking details to make an over the counter transfer from a non-supported Thai bank to one that is supported.

Gambling Products Offered

Bodog88 has an online casino, sportsbook, and poker room. The poker side can only be used by Chinese residents where casino gambling and sports betting is available to all. In this section I’ll provide a quick review of each product.

Bodog88 Sports Betting

At Bodog88 there a is number of bonuses offered to attract new sports betting players. These tend to change often so it is best to visit their website and click the sportsbook promotions tab to see the latest offers. Here you’ll likely find a free bet and/or initial deposit match bonus offered. They also have rebates and special risk free bets on major events and specific matches.

Odds Formats

The betting options, sports and leagues covered are extremely detailed, but it should be noted they support all odds formats. Depending on where you live, you might be more used to one format or another.

On the top of Bodog88’s betting site page is a drop down menu where you can select the odds format you prefer. The options and how each works are as follows.

HKHong Kong Odds: In this odds format the odds represent how much winnings you will be paid. If you stake 500 on odds 0.90, this is 500 to win (500*0.90=) 450 profit. You also get back the 500 stake on the side.

Dec – Decimal Odds: Decimal odds show how much a bet will return on a win. The return is stake + win. So when Hong Kong odds are 0.90 the decimal odds are 1.90. Here 500 returns (500*1.90=) 950. It is the same 450 profit as above but the odds are on return (stake + win) as opposed to just profit.

IND – Indonesian Odds: This format is a bit more confusing. The odds can be negative or positive. When positive you are getting better than even money and the odds are how much profit you will get per unit staked if you win. So 500 staked on odds +1.25 is 500 to win (500*1.25=) 625. You also get back your 500 stake on the side. When the odds are negative this is how much you need to risk to win 1. So -1.50 odds means you need to stake 1.50 in to win 1. To calculate your payout, divide the stake by odds (dropping the negative). So 500 staked at odds -1.50 is 500 to win (500/1.5=) 333.33. That amount is the profit you stand to win and you will also get back the 500 stake on a win.

US – American Odds: These odds are the same as Indonesian odds but are displayed in a multiple of 100. So +1.25 Indonesian odds is +125 American. -1.50 Indonesian odds is -150 American. For how they work, just move the imaginary decimal over two places and follow the same as the above.

MYMalaysia Odds: This is the most unique odds format as negative odds mean underdog and positive odds mean favorite. When the odds are positive they work just like Hong Kong Odds, so odds 1.03 mean risk 1 to win 1.03 profit – and you also get back your stake. When they are negative this is how much you need to stake to win 1. So for example odds -0.56 mean get 1 in profit for every 0.56 you stake.

No matter which of the above odds formats you use the payouts are the same.

Wagering Options

Bodog88 has many wagering options. When it comes to football betting, there are two in particular where it is important to understand how they work.

Asian Handicap – This is the form of football betting that generally offers players the most value as the spread (the mark up built-in with the odds) between favorite and underdog is the lowest. Here the odds use a handicap. If a team is -0.5 they need to win by 1 or more for the bet to be successful. If they are +0.5 you are getting half a goal so win if the team wins or if the match is a draw. If odds are +1 you would tie (get your bet refunded) if you lose by 1. If -1 the same is true if you win by 1. When the odds use one-quarter and three-quarter lines your stake is split into two separate bets. On -0.25 half your bet is at -0 and the other half at -0.5. With +0.75 half is at +0.5 the other half at +1. Etc. etc.

Home/Draw/Away (1X2) – In this form of betting you are wagering whether the home team (1), draw (x) or away team (2) will be the winner. No handicap is used and each option has a different set odds

Note: Both Asian handicap, and 1X2 (home/draw/away) betting is done on regulation time only. If this is a tournament where extra periods, sudden death, or penalty shots are added, that play does not count for betting purposes. Only the 90 minutes plus added stoppage/injury time counts.

Bodog88 offers many other wagering options. However, by understanding the basics of Asian handicap, 1X2 and how the odds formats work, most others are easy enough to figure out.

Sports Covered

The most popular sport they cover is football (soccer). This includes comprehensive pre-match betting options and live in-play betting is also offered around the clock on leagues from all over the world.

For the major European leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga, there are dozens of betting options on each match. This includes Asian Handicap, Home/Away/Draw (1X2), Home/Away (moneylines), Total Goals (over/under), Total Goals (exact), Draw No Bet, Home No Bet, Away No Bet, Double Chance, Both/One/Neither Team to Score, Clean Sheet, 3-Way Handicap, Odd/Even, First Goal/Last Goal, Half Time/Full Time, Correct Score and more. Many of these options are offered for the full game as well as for just the first half. You can also bet on these matches in-play.

Even for the lesser popular leagues, Bodog88 still has massive coverage. They offer betting on pretty much every football league around the world. For matches in the Chinese Super League, Malaysia Super League and Thai Premier League for example, you can find Asian Handicap, 1X2, over/under on total number of goals scored in the match, and over or under on total number of corners. All four of these betting options can be wagered for the full game, or for just the first half. Another option they have is betting over/under number of goals by 15 minute intervals (00:00 to 15:00, 15:01 to 30:00, 30:01 to 45:00, 45:01 to 60:00, 60:01 to 75:00, and 75:01 to 90:00). These odds are offered for every single Thai Premier League football match and for most matches in China and Malaysia.

Bodog88 covers well over 100 different football leagues and tournaments and the betting options are different on each. It is also possible to bet outright markets – such as outright league winner – on most of the leagues they cover.

In addition to football, Bodog88 also offers betting on a large number of other global sports. Tennis in particular is extremely popular for both in-play and pre-match betting. They also have NBA basketball, MLB baseball and NHL hockey from the United States. There is betting on all the minor basketball leagues too, and betting on Formulae One motor racing, MotoGP, horse racing, cricket and more.

Another interesting feature of Bodog88 is virtual sports betting. Their website broadcasts virtual sports matches that are computer-generated based on player skill and extremely realistic. This is offered for virtual football (soccer), virtual horse racing, virtual greyhounds, virtual speedway, virtual motorsport, virtual cycling, and virtual tennis. Residents of some Chinese provinces might recognize this concept as it is used for AGtech games such as Lucky Racing in some Chinese lottery offices.

Bodog88 Casino

Bodog88 offers two types of casino games. The most popular are live dealer games, which are real casino games broadcast from a live dealer studio that is set up just like any other brick and mortar casino. They have real gaming tables and live human dealers that deal out cards, respond to player actions and spin the roulette wheel. The games take place live, but players place their bets online. The games you will find for live dealer tables are baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sic-bo (tai-sai) and Dragon Tiger.

The other forms of casino games on the site are standard computerized games using a random number generator (RNG). Here you will find the usual table games including baccarat, roulette, craps and many variants of poker-based card games, such as Pai Gow Poker, Let ‘Em Ride (Let it Ride), Tri Card Poker (Three Card Poker), Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’em Poker, Triple Edge Poker and Poker3 Heads up Hold’em.

They do have many variants of blackjack available, including single-deck blackjack, double-deck blackjack, American blackjack, European blackjack, Pontoon and 21 Burn Blackjack. Another game offered is Vegas Three Card Rummy.

In addition to table games, Bodog88 offers plenty of video poker and slots. There are 45 different slot games, some of which can be recognized from brick and mortar casinos like those in Macau. Others are unique to their site. For video poker there are a total of 26 games available, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Joker Poker and more.

With the live dealer games it is very easy to know the games are fair as you can watch it all online. For the RNG games players should also feel safe using this site. Bodog88 is an extremely well regulated company with software and payout percentages audited monthly as required by their Philippines license. It is a trustworthy company with a great track record too.

Bodog88 Poker

Bodog88 Poker is only available to residents accessing from an IP address from China. It can be downloaded in English or Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, (Vietnamese), Korean, Japanese and Spanish. These additional languages make it easy for both Chinese as well as foreigners living in China to play poker online at Bodog.

Although only China residents can use this site, when sitting at the tables you are also playing against players from America and Canada. This is because the room operates on the Bodog Poker Network. US players access from Poker and Canadians access from poker. These three countries all use different websites, but play poker online together.

The best feature about Bodog88 poker is that all the tables are anonymous. Unlike other poker sites where user names are displayed, at Bodog players are listed by a number. They are listed as Player1, Player2 etc. and this will change each time you sit at a table.

This is actually a huge benefit to casual gamblers as, at other online poker sites, the professional players are known to harvest a lot of data about the play of each player. They use scripts, purchase hand histories and use other tools to gain an edge and then target weak players, or study in depth the playing style of strong players.

At Bodog88 the above is not possible as you are never sure who you are playing against. This has caused many of the most advanced players from US, Canada and China to play at other sites where they can gain a bigger edge.

The most popular game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em, which can be played in cash games, sit and goes and multi-table tournaments at a large range of stakes. They also have Pot-Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Poker games.

There are generous bonus offers and promotions which can be found on the Bodog88 Poker website.

Is Bodog88 Legal?

Bodog88 is a very legitimate company with a rich history. They are licensed in the Philippines to accept wagers from players in all countries they service. While in China, Thailand and Malaysia local authorities might view them as being illegal under their local laws, those authorities have no jurisdiction over them. It is not possible for them to take legal action for two reasons.

1. In the Philippines, where Bodog88 operates and is licensed, sports betting, casino and poker are fully legal.

2. Bodog88 has no physical presence in China, Malaysia or Thailand.

As Bodog88 has no physical presence in the listed countries, the governments of those countries cannot stop them from operating there. This is because Bodog is abiding by the law in the country where it is based. Therefore, players from China, Malaysia and Thailand can use Bodog88 with little to no risk.

Mirror Sites or VPN Might be Required in China and Thailand

Players in China and Thailand could face a major problem in that the website will be blocked. Because foreign based bookies are operating legally in the countries where they do business, the governments of Thailand and China cannot take any legal action against these companies. Instead, they occasionally try to stop users from accessing the websites by simply blocking access to them.

When this happens you’ll need to register or sign in via a mirror website, or use a VPN. There are many mirror website services available on the internet. If you find you are able to register and then get locked out, simply email Bodog88 and ask them which mirror site you can access from. This will be their same website available via a different web address that is not blocked.

The other alternative is using a VPN. Personally I use a Malaysia server from StrongVPN. This is a paid service and very easy to set up. Once set up, it is a simple as pushing a button to connect to a Kuala Lumpur server. At this point all my web browsing is encrypted, all blocks are circumvented and sites view me as having a Malaysia IP address. I’ve been using that particular StrongVPN service for years with success, but there are also other cheaper ones, and free ones, that can be found searching Baidu or Google.