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Esports Betting in India

If you’re looking for the best places to place esports bets online, look no further. Our esports experts have carefully reviewed hundreds of betting sites to bring you this list of the best ones for esports betting.

Experienced esports betting fans can simply select a site from the list below, whilst beginners may want to read our ultimate esports betting guide first. Here you can learn about the best esports games to bet on, the types of bets you can place, and what makes for a great esports betting site.

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Best Esports Betting Sites April 23, 2024

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  • PUBG MOBILE India Series betting
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  • Live in-play betting
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Pros & Cons

  • Choose from 40+ different sports
  • 200+ live streamed events daily
  • 1,000+ sports matches every day
  • More than 60 payment methods
  • Free 24/7 phone customer support
  • negative Delayed customer support responses
  • negative Cashback only for VIP players
  • negative Overwhelming choice of markets

How We Rate the Best Esports Betting Sites

Over the years, we’ve examined and tested hundreds of bookmakers that are available to Indian players. Many of these sites come and go, but the best ones will attract the most players and they’ll stick around as a result.

We’re always on the hunt for exciting new betting sites that can break through into our list of top sites on desktop and mobile devices. However, sites that have only recently emerged must pass our extensive testing for safety, security, and reputation among other considerations.

Our goal is to bring you the best online esports betting experience so that you can bet safely and securely online.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

1. The best odds in the industry

A betting site with poor odds isn’t worth our time and it shouldn’t be one on your list of esports betting sites to consider, either. It’s simple. A site that consistently offers 5-10% worse odds than others is going to eat away at 5-10% of your profit over time.

All of the sites shown at the top of our list of best esports bookies have industry-leading odds, so you can be sure you’re getting excellent value.

2. Secure and trustworthy sites

We test the security and safety of every site to ensure that only the most trusted of esports betting sites make our list of recommended options. We make sure they accept secure deposit methods and we evaluate the reputation and history of every bookie to consider all experiences and not just our own.

3. A variety of betting options

It’s no longer reasonable or acceptable for any esports site to just have a handful of betting options. The best bookmakers for esports will let you bet on almost every major professional game being played around the world. You’ll also have access to betting options for every game, series, and competition.

4. A good selection of Esports games

The best esports betting websites have markets for all professionally played major esports titles. These sites will have odds and options for popular desktop and mobile games of all genres.

Whether it’s a first-person shooter, a fighting game, or a multiplayer online-based arena game, our top-rated bookies have what you’re looking for.

5. The best bonuses and promotions

One frequently received piece of feedback from our readers is that you’re looking for the sites that have the biggest and best bonuses, promotions, and offers. All of our recommended betting sites for esports have outstanding offers for new and existing members.

6. Extra features like live betting

One of the most enjoyable, exciting and rewarding betting experiences is placing a live, in-play bet on an esports game. Have you ever wanted to place a bet on a League of Legends game that was already underway? We look for the sites that take live bets on all major esports titles.

7. A mobile-optimised site or an app

It’s not often we’re sitting at home placing bets from our desktop computer these days. Typically, we’re on-the-go and want to place an esports bet from our phones. We’ve tested every site for their mobile betting experience, so you can be sure all of the highest-rated sites listed above have an excellent mobile website or app.

The Top Esports Desktop Games To Bet On

There are countless major esports titles being played worldwide today, but no console or platform has more depth than desktop gaming.

The keyboard and mouse combination allows for a wide range of game genres to be played, including first-person shooter, multiplayer online battle arena, real-time strategy, and fighting.

Recently, however, battle royale, hero shooter, and digital card games are experiencing a monumental surge in popularity.

Here are the most popular desktop esports games:

League of Legends

League of Legends has been a staple multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for almost a decade now. Two teams of five players go head-to-head on Summoner’s Rift, with the objective of destroying the enemy team’s Nexus, while also protecting their own.

The League of Legends World Championship has quickly become the most-watched and highly anticipated esports event of our time. With over 200 million viewers, the last tournament surpassed the Super Bowl and other major sporting events.

Starcraft II

If Terran, Protoss, and Zerg mean anything to you, you’ve likely played a game or two of Starcraft before.

Starcraft has long been considered the greatest of all competitive online real-time strategy games, and that recognition only continued when Starcraft II followed on from its predecessor’s footsteps in 2010.

Notably popular in South Korea, games are contested on an almost-weekly basis around the world under the StarCraft II World Championship Series banner.


With card-based games being a relative niche market in the online gaming world, no one quite expected the meteoric rise of Hearthstone. Released in 2014, Hearthstone is now played by more than 100 million players around the world.

Two opposing players go head-to-head, strategically playing their unique cards and abilities to defeat the other.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the fourth edition of the Counter-Strike series, was released in 2012 and remains as one of the most popular objective-based shooters today.

The terrorist team goes up against a team of counter-terrorists on classic maps (such as Dust II) and new ones, aiming to plant a bomb at the bomb site before the counter-terrorists can stop them.

Prestigious competitions include the CS:GO Major Championships, but many games are played weekly around the world.

Dota 2

Similarly to League of Legends, Dota 2 pits two teams of five heroes against each other with the objective of destroying their opponents base, known as the “Ancient”, while simultaneously defending their own.

Dota 2’s esports scene is amongst the biggest in the world. Although several prestigious tournaments are contested, “The International” remains the most significant, with a grand prize pool of more than $25,000,000.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an incredibly popular first-person shooter video game franchise that broke through into the mainstream gaming audience somewhere between 2006 and 2008.

When it began in 2003, the Call of Duty franchise was focused on World War II, but it has since branched out to include games based in modern times, the Cold War, and futuristic environments.

The release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2006, proved to be the game that tipped Call of Duty into esports territory.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter that is more often referred to as a “hero shooter”.

In Overwatch, two teams of six heroes battle against each other to control predetermined areas of the map or escort a payload across the map before time runs out. Each of the 25+ heroes has a unique set of abilities and can be categorized depending on their role as support or damage-dealer.


Each game of Fortnite features up to 100 players who are either competing alone or with a small team, to be the last player or group alive. Players are dropped from the floating “Battle Bus” into a small map, where they must scavenge for useful weapons and armour.

As the game progresses, the playing area becomes smaller, forcing more action until only one player or team remains.

Different Types of Esports Bets

One of the most exciting parts about betting on esports is that there is a massive variety of betting markets. You won’t be limited to merely picking a winner. You can bet on a huge range of potential outcomes including tournament winners, total kills, map winner, and more.


The most common type of esports bet is the moneyline bet, which enables you to choose an “outright winner” in a head-to-head style matchup.

As the vast majority of team and individual games are played on a head-to-head basis, you’ll find moneyline odds for almost every major game and competition taking place around the world.

If your selection wins, you win – it’s that easy.


One way to mix up your esports betting online is by utilizing the handicap option for head-to-head style matchups. A bookmaker gives the higher-ranked team a negative handicap and the “underdog” team a positive handicap before the game begins.

A bet on the higher-ranked team with a negative handicap will only be successful if they win by more than the listed handicap figure. Likewise, the positive handicap team can still result in a successful bet if a match is lost, drawn, or won, but they are required to win by the handicapped amount.


Totals markets are another exciting way to place bets on esports. Totals betting allows you to bet on a total number of events (such as kills or rounds) in a game. One such market is “kills” in a League of Legends game, and the bookmaker will take bets on “over” or “under” a predetermined number of kills in that game. Will they get more or less? That’s up to you to decide.


You can also bet on maps betting markets that allow you to bet on the result of a particular outcome on that map alone. A good example is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games, where one team might dominate on Dust II but not be as proficient on others. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and bet on this team to win on Dust II.


Another bet is on the outcome of a tournament before it even begins.

Tournament betting is sometimes referred to as “futures” betting, letting you pick the winner of a major tournament that is taking place a month or two in the future.

Are you confident that Invictus Gaming will win the League of Legends World Championship? You can bet on Invictus Gaming to beat Griffin, SK Telecom T1, Royal Never Give Up, and take home the trophy.

The best sites have all of these esports betting markets and many more.

Esports Betting Bonuses

One of the best ways to get started with betting on esports is by cashing in on a fantastic welcome offer or bonus from a trusted betting site. Bonuses can come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ll help you understand some of the most common ones you’ll find.

Sign-up Bonuses

When you open an account and make an initial deposit with one of our recommended bookmakers, you’ll be eligible for a sign-up bonus. The bonus can sometimes double or triple your deposit amount, allowing you to play with extra funds.

The only requirement is that you’ll need to bet these funds a certain number of times before you can withdraw the money back into your bank account.

Free Bets

Some sites prefer to offer bonus bets rather than sign-up bonuses. These sites may offer you a bonus bet to the size of your first deposit. In this instance, a sportsbook may offer you a $100 bonus bet if you deposit $100 on your first deposit. This $100 bonus bet may need to be placed on one single bet alone, so choose wisely!

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are up there amongst the most rewarding bonuses you might find. This type of bonus will kick-in every time you deposit funds into your account, and not just reward you for your first deposit. Rather than doubling or tripling your funds, however, reload bonuses are often 20-30% of your deposit. Still, a small bonus is better than no bonus.

You can now enjoy all of these benefits and more at our highest-rated esports betting site:

Esports Betting Odds Explained

If you’ve never placed a bet before, esports odds might look more like a random assortment of numbers more than anything of importance.

That’s why we’re here to help you understand how to interpret and analyze betting odds so that you can begin identifying high-value betting opportunities.

It’s important to know that there are many different types of betting odds.

You’ll find decimal odds, fractional odds, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds, and even Malay odds, depending on your location in Asia.

Fortunately, most betting sites let you change the way that odds are formatted, so you can easily become an expert at reading a particular format.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are often considered one of the easiest betting formats to understand. Odds will be displayed in decimal format (e.g. 2.50, 3.15 or 3.70) and this value represents the total value of money you will be returned if a $1 bet wins. You can simply multiply your stake by the odds to get a fast understanding of your total return.

For example, a $10 bet on Seoul Dynasty in the Overwatch League at odds of 2.50 will return a total of $25 if the bet is successful. This value includes your original stake of $10 in addition to $15 in winnings.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are most commonly used in the United Kingdom and are often listed as “UK Odds” on some esports betting sites. Here’s an example of what fractional odds might look like before a League of Legends World Championship game:

Invictus Gaming to win: 7/10

Team Liquid to win: 13/10

The quickest and easiest way to understand fractional odds is to consider the denominator (second number, on the right) as the amount wagered and the numerator (first number, on the left) amount that could be won.

At the fractional odds listed above, a $100 bet on Invictus Gaming to win could return $70 profit if successful. Likewise, a $100 bet on Team Liquid could yield $130 profit if they are winners.

American Odds

Often referred to as “Moneyline” odds, this American style of displaying esports odds shows a negative or positive figure for potential selections.

Here is an example of what you might find on an esports betting site:

Astralis to win: -130

Fnatic to win: +130

The positive odds show how much you can win after placing a $100 bet on Fnatic to win. Here, a $100 bet on Fnatic would return $130 in profit if they win, and $230 in total (including your original stake).

The negative odds reflect the required wager to win $100 profit. A $100 bet on Astralis in this example would return $76.92 in profit and a total of $176.92. A $130 bet on Astralis would allow you to win $100 profit if the bet is successful.

Our Best Esports Betting Tips

1. Bet on the esports games that you know and understand

Sure, it sounds simple enough, but we’ve talked with too many rookie esports bettors over the years that have made the mistake of trying to make money by predicting games and competitions that they aren’t very familiar with.

If you like playing League of Legends more than other titles, you’re going to have a greater ability to bet on and predict LoL matches than Dota 2 for example.

2. Browse through all the available betting markets

If you’re a master at predicting Overwatch esports games, don’t just limit your betting to selecting the winner of a match. Look into all the extended markets that are available to bet on to boost your profits.

3. Manage your bankroll

Bankroll management is easily forgotten and ignored by rookie bettors. The best esports gamblers we’ve been in contact with have all indicated that proper bankroll management is critical to success.

Rather than risking 20-30% of your funds on every bet, bring it down closer to 4% to maximize your long-term profits and success.

4. Keep up-to-date with the latest news

Esports isn’t like traditional sports that are played on a field or with a ball. The rules of cricket barely change, for example, and football has remained consistent over decades now. However, the landscape of esports games changes with every patch and update. Keep an eye on patch notes to ensure you’re making the right bets at the right time.

5. Choose a reputable betting site

You might be the best esports bettor in the world today, but if you’ve signed up to a terrible esports betting site, you’re going to find it hard to withdraw your money and access those funds. That’s why we recommend sticking to only the top-rated esports betting sites that you can find at the top of this page.

Now that you know all about esports betting, you can go ahead and sign up to one of our best esports betting sites right away. In less than five minutes, you can start placing bets on your favourite esports games.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is esports betting legal?

Online gambling is illegal in many Asian countries, but that hasn’t stopped players from bypassing gambling laws easily. Our top-rated esports betting sites are perfectly legal options for Asian players who are looking to place bets.

Where do I find esports betting sites that accept Indian players?

There are many bookies that accept Asian players. However, not all of them are up to standard. If you are looking for a safe and trusted sportsbook, you’ll find one in our list of recommended sites for esports bettors in India.

Are there mobile esports games?

Mobile esports games aren’t just a trend of recent years – it appears that they are here to stay. Hearthstone, a digital card game, can be played on mobile, and so can Fortnite and PUBG. There are also several mobile-only video games that have quickly burst onto the esports scene including Clash Royale, Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor, Vainglory and more.

Which is the best esports game?

Dota 2 had always reigned at the top of the esports scene with humungous cash prizes for teams competing in “The International” tournament, but that seems to be changing in recent years. As more new games continue to appear every year, so do new competitors for the title of best esports game. The Fortnite World Cup has a US$30 million prize pool and the game was only released in 2017. Expect major players like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to continue to be top games, as well.

What are esports tournaments?

Esports tournaments are the grandest stage of all. For League of Legends, it’s the League of Legends World Championship. Dota 2 has “The International,” and fighting games have tournaments such as the Evolution Championship Series (EVO). These competitions pit many teams against each other in a last-team-standing, elimination format.

Which is the best esports team?

The best teams are Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, OpTic Gaming, Gen.G, Astralis, LGD Gaming, Fnatic, and Wings Gaming. All of these teams are competing in a wide range of esports titles and have each raked in incredible prizes in tournaments and competitions around the world.