Beginner’s Guide To Sports Betting

Online sports betting is big business in Asia. Gamblers can now bet on soccer leagues across the world, as well as the biggest horse races from Hong Kong to America. Odds chance all the time, and canny gamblers can make the most of live betting in real time.

If you’re new to sportsbetting, beginners can get up and running with our handy guide. Whether you’re depositing via MasterCard, bank transfer, or e-Wallet, you can start betting on the biggest games in minutes. Read on to discover how to place sports bets online and take advantage of a top welcome bonus.

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How To Place Sports Bets Online

First, set up a new account with one of our top rated sites for sportsbetting. Beginners can also take advantage of a welcome bonus or free bets when they join. You’ll even find huge reload bonus offers available at many Asian-facing sites.

It’s good to set up a sports betting account with favorite sports in mind. You might even time your new account with a big sports event to take advantage of favourable odds and offers.

The sportsbook lobby lists available sports in alphabetical order. Under each sport you’ll find a list of upcoming matches. Most sites now offer Live Betting, or In-Play Betting. These are markets on games and matches that are already in progress. The ‘live’ odds change as the game changes.

Once you’ve picked your bets, click on the one you want and it will be added to a quick betting slip. After completing your selections, enter the required stakes and hit the ‘Bet’ button. You can now watch as the bets come in.

Guide To Asian Sports Betting Odds

Choose Your Odds At many Asian sports betting sites, you can choose to display the odds the way you want. Pick from Hong Kong Odds, Indonesian odds, Malay odds, or US odds. You can also display a market in simple Decimal Odds.

Decimal Odds

Every outcome or match has a set of odds. The decimal odds show the betting in this format: 2.00, 4.00, 15.00 etc. The decimal odds always include your original stake of 1.00 unit, whatever that unit is. So, 2.00 would be a bet at even money (1.00 x your stake, plus your 1.00 stake back).

Indonesian Odds

Indonesian Odds (IND), or ‘Indo Odds’, shows the amount that has to be placed to win a unit of 1.00. So, Indo odds of -1.45 means that 1.45 in your currency needs to be wagered to win back 1.00 plus your stake.

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong Odds (HK) are similar to the UK-style Decimal Odds but the original stake is not included. So, a bet on a match at 2.00 with 1.00 would return 2.00 x 1.00 (profit of 2.00) + 1.00 stake = 3.00.

American Odds

American odds (US), or US Moneyline, are a little more confusing. The market is set to a base unit, and Malay Odds uses a similar system. You have the option to convert odds into something easier to manage, however.

In American Odds, anything negative is an odds-on favorite, while anything positive is odds against. For example, a $125 bet on a -125 favourite would yield $100 in profit. A $100 bet on +125 will win you $125.

Malay Odds

Malay Odds (MY) displays the same odds with a base unit of 1.00 instead of the 100.00 in US odds. A favorite backed odds-on at -107 in US Moneyline would translate to 0.93 in Malay. In Decimal Odds it would be displayed as 1.93, and 93/100 in Fractional Odds.

So, in Malay Odds, for a 1.00 unit stake you would receive 0.93 back. If the Malay odds are negative it has a <50% chance of winning. Malay odds of -0.10 means you need only 0.10 to win 1.00 – a very good 10/1 shot!

Understanding Different Bets On Sports & Matches

Different sports have different bets and markets at online bookie sites. In most team sports or individual sports like tennis, you can bet on the outcome or special bets on points, cards, or time of goal.


The 1X2 market is used in Soccer/Football matches and most team sports. A bet is placed on the full-time or half-time result for a Home Win (1), Draw (X), or Away Win (2).


Asian gamblers love Handicaps (HDP). In fact, the Asian Handicap is used at most overseas betting sites. This is a wager on a team to win after it has been given a ‘head start’ in goals or points.
The OU (Over/Under) is a wager on a match having over or under a certain total of goals. Bets can sometimes be placed on the OU on corners, bookings, or cards.


The HT-FT (Half-Time/Full-Time) bet in soccer lets you predict who will be winning at each stage of a match. Some sites also let you bet on whether the team’s score will be odd or even at HT and FT.

Correct Score

Soccer allows for a huge range of betting, including the correct score at half-time or full-time.


A parlay is a bet on multiple picks. The odds of your selections are multiplied together to create one set of odds. As a beginner guide, sports betting parlays are great for grouping together several picks with poor individual odds.


Outright markets are always popular in sportsbetting. Beginners can place bets weeks or months in advance on the winner of the World Cup, Asia Cup, or Wimbledon tennis. If you bet on ‘ante post’ markets far enough in advance you can sometimes get better odds.

Changing Odds: How Bookmakers Set The Market

Online bookmakers are constantly updating their odds as the weight of money changes. A horse racing or soccer favorite might have short odds only due to lots of bets being placed on them. That’s why it’s good to hunt around for value at Internet sites for sportsbetting. Beginners will find that some sportsbooks offer wildly different odds from one another – often on exactly the same game.

Having several accounts can be helpful to take advantage of the difference in odds. It’s always good to sign up to half a dozen Asian-facing sports betting rooms to help you find value. Of course, this way you can take advantage of the huge reload bonus offers available at most sites.

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Earning The Best Online Sports Betting Bonuses

If you have a small bankroll for sportsbetting, beginners can improve their budgets with a bonus. Bookie sites offer welcome bonuses to entice players in and keep them gambling with reload bonuses and money-back deals. Here are some typical offers you’ll find when you place sports bets online.

Free Bets

Free bets are sometimes offered to new customers. After an initial deposit with MasterCard or e-Wallet and a qualifying wager, the sports betting room will offer the players free bets up to the equivalent amount.

Welcome Bonus Match Deposit

Most Asian sportsbooks offer new players a deposit match bonus. The customer makes a first deposit and gambles on qualifying sports bets – usually of odds of 2.00 (Decimal Odds) or higher. If they meet the wagering requirement they will have their deposit matched 100%. There is usually a wagering requirement attached to the betting, and 10-20x the deposit total is standard.

Enhanced Odds

In some horse racing markets, Asian gamblers can enjoy enhanced odds, or ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’. This is an artificial enhancement on certain races to entice gamblers to bet on their sites.


As well as free bets, refunds are sometimes offered by sites when sportsbetting. Beginners can make several bets and receive money back on any lost wagers.

Cash-Out/Partial Cash-Out

Most sports bets continue to a conclusion. However, a Cash Out allows customers to ‘end’ the bet early and take a smaller profit.

Popular Asian Sports For Betting In 2019

The beauty of Asian online sportsbooks is that you’ll find almost every sport to gamble on. Soccer/football is the most popular sport by far to bet on. Customers can bet on everything from the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga to U19 friendlies and Japan J-League. It’s not uncommon to find over 15-20,000 markets available at any one time on an Asian online sportsbook.

Tennis, basketball, and horse racing are offered at most of the larger sportsbooks. Also gaining popularity is the big-money e-Sports arena. Customers in Asia can now place wagers on the latest DOTA2 and COD battles being fought online on Twitch or in live arenas around the world. In fact, e-Sports is fast becoming the second-biggest gambling market other than soccer.

Asian-specific bookie rooms will also spread markets on local sports like Muay Thai, cricket, baseball, and tennis. If the sportsbook is based overseas, you can sometimes exploit a lack of local knowledge and find value.

As well as traditional sports, many Internet bookmakers offer odds on film, TV, and politics. You can bet on who will win the next Oscar for Best Picture or who will triumph in China’s Got Talent. It’s possible to bet on the results of general elections, although many of the larger sites restrict the markets to US or British/European politics.

Find A Best Bookie Online And Get A Bonus

It’s easy to get started with Internet sportsbetting. Beginners can set up an account in minutes, make a deposit, and start betting on their favorite soccer and cricket markets. Don’t forget to claim a good welcome bonus when you join as well. You don’t need to deposit a lot to get started, and free bets give you a chance to make some easy free cash without a lot of risk.

If you’ve enjoyed this beginners’ guide, sports betting enthusiasts can take advantage of a Pros’ Guide on our site. Make the right picks, find the best sportsbetting sites, and count the profits.