Best Slot Bonus Games

Asian gamblers can enjoy thousands of slots online. They can also play online slots on a smartphone or tablet wherever they go. The special thing about online casino gambling, though, is that you can find hundreds of slots games with bonus rounds.

Bonus rounds are programmed into modern video slots and give players the chance to win extra cash. In some cases, there will a special trigger to activate a round. In others, the best slot bonus games are triggered at random. Whatever modern and 3D slots you play online, you’ll find amazing bonus features and exciting jackpots to aim for. Plus, if you play for real money you can put your gambling towards working through a top welcome bonus.

At the best online slot sites, Asian players can enjoy great bonuses like free spins, multipliers, and progressive jackpots. In many cases you won’t even have to stake too much real cash.

What Are Online Slot Games With Bonus Rounds?

Early slot machines just paid out on paylines filled with matching symbols. As technology improved, casino software developers introduced slot games with bonus rounds. They were like lucky added extras for players and could be triggered while the ‘base game’ was being played.

As online software has improved, players can now enjoy a huge range of the best slot bonus games. At their most basic, a bonus game can be a few free spins. At the top end of the range, though, players can experience immersive multi-level video game-style rounds.


There are two basic symbols on a slot machine that acts as a bonus. Wild symbols substitute regular icons, rather like a joker in video poker. They can ‘fill in the gaps’ to complete winning combinations.

Top slot games with bonus rounds feature Wilds that do all sorts of things. You may find Wilds that expand to fill a whole reel, or copy and replicate to fill other spaces.


Scatters, or Scatter pays, are symbols that pay a prize regardless of where they land on the reels. Scatters can also trigger bonus games. Normally, you will need to land three or more Scatters to trigger a bonus game but all slots vary.

Popular Online Slots Bonuses: A Beginners’ Guide

Whether you play online or play online slots on a smartphone, you’ll find a massive range of games with bonus features. Let’s look at some of the most popular in games aimed at Asian players.

1 – Free Spins

One of the best slot bonus games is the Free Spins feature. The player receives a set or random number of free games to play without any added risk. In some cases, you will also get a multiplier on each win and/or extra Wilds and modifiers.

2 – Pick ’em Bonus

This bonus, like Free Spins, is triggered by landing three appropriate Scatters or bonus symbols on the screen. The player is taken to a second screen filled with special symbols from which they have to select. Hidden behind the symbols will be cash, free spins, or multipliers.

3 – Instant Win/Click Me

Some older video slots have an Instant Win bonus game. Three symbols will flash up on the reels after a spin. Players simply select a symbol to reveal a prize.

4 – Progressive Meter

Newer slots when you play online can come with prize meters. These site alongside the reels and ‘fill up’ every time a winning combination is hit or a special symbol appears. Once the meter is filled, a bonus game is triggered or cash prize won.

5 – Trail Prize Bonus

Irish-themed slot games with bonus rounds tend to feature some kind of Trail Bonus. This is one of the best slot bonus games around and involves a path filled with cash prizes and free spins. As you spin the spinner or roll the dice, a character works his way along the path picking up bonus wins.

6 – Wheel Of Fortune Bonus

This works a bit like a wheel you might find in a large Macau casino. Click the ‘spin’ button and watch as the prize wheel comes to a stop on cash wins or free spins.

7 – Battle/Arcade Bonus

Advances in online casino software means you can almost play arcade games when you gamble. A battle or arcade bonus sees you take on an opponent and win real cash as you land blows on them or beat them at a card game.

8 – Progressive Jackpots

Many casinos offer slots with progressive jackpots. These jackpots are made up of small portions of each bet. The pool is won at random or by activating a special bonus feature. When you play online, progressives can reach record-breaking amounts, often awarding prizes in the millions. You can even play online slots on smartphone or tablet that come with progressive jackpots.

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Choosing The Best Online Slot Sites

There is no shortage of slot games with bonus rounds. At our top sites like 22bet casino you can play online at stakes to suit your budget. And when you access the best casinos you can access a great welcome bonus on signing up.

To take advantage, simply load up your account with RMB, USD, INR, JPY or GBP. Find the bonus slots you like the look of and enter the special promo code. You’ll even find sites with mobile payments accepted so you can play bonus slot games on the move.

With a little betting strategy, it’s easy to pick out the most generous slot games with bonus rounds. All games come with an RTP (Return to Player percentage). This gives a good indication of how well and often a slot pays out. It’s also worth noting that many of the best bonus slot games are volatile. This means you may be spinning for a long time before hitting a big win.

Whatever slot you like to play online, it’s important to find the best online slot sites. Read our expert reviews and choose a good site that caters for players in Asia.

Slots Bonus Features – FAQ

What Bonus Slot Games Will I Find Online?

Players can usually find bonus video slots with at least one special feature. Free spins is the most popular bonus game. However, instant win, Pick ’em bonus, and prize wheel games are also very common.

What Are The Best Bonuses For Asian Players?

The biggest payouts are from progressive jackpots. These are made up of small amounts of each bet. They are triggered either at random or by lining up the right bonus symbols on the reels.

Are Games With Bonus Rounds More Generous?

Not always. A slot with lots of bonus features tends to be more volatile. That is, the big wins are generous but trigger rarely.

What’s the ‘RTP’?

The RTP is the Return to Player percentage and every slot has one. It’s the rough return paid out to players for every 100.00 staked. The higher the RTP, the better. Slot games with bonus rounds can have high or low RTPs.

What Is Slot Volatility?

Volatility is the difference between regular wins and losses. A volatile slot may pay out large prizes infrequently. Generous bonus rounds are always rationed by the slots manufacturer.

Can I Access A Welcome Bonus With These Slots Online?

Yes. Most casino welcome bonuses allow free spins on popular online bonus slots. You will usually have access to a few free spins or free bets. As long as you meet the wagering requirements you will be awarded with free cash.