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With thousands of video poker games in India, it’s time you find out what all the fuss is about. Our expert guide to online video poker will teach you the rules, how to win at video poker and more, turning you into a video poker pro!

Read our expert guide to:

  • Learn how to play video poker games in India
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  • Master video poker game strategy

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How to Play Video Poker Games Online

Even if you’re not a frequent casino player, you’ve probably spotted video poker games in India. Video poker is a popular game which is widely available all over the world.  This includes video poker machines in casinos and plenty of online video poker games, but also in other venues. For example, there are many bars and restaurants in some countries which offer video poker.

Given how easy it is to play video poker games, and the fact that they follow Texas Hold’em hand rankings, it’s no surprise that this is a really popular casino title. If you need to learn how to play online video poker, you can check out the rules and some top tips below:

Online Video Poker Rules

First of all, it’s important to remember that there are many different versions of online video poker. With everything from free Deuces Wild video poker to Double Double Bonus video poker, there’s no shortage of variety. Each will have slightly different rules and pay outs – so bear this in mind.

The most common version of online video poker is Jacks or Better. Players are dealt five cards, and your aim is to make the best hand possible. To do this, you can choose to keep or discard any of the cards. So, if you hit a straight, you will probably choose to keep all five. If you hit five random cards which are quite low, you could opt to discard all five. Every time you discard a card it is replaced with a new one.

There is no competition against a dealer or fellow players; just like 3 card poker, online video poker games in India don’t require you to bluff.

Hand Rankings

If you’re not sure how to play video poker, the first thing you should do is memorise the hand rankings. It uses very similar hand rankings to pai gow poker.

Below, you’ll see a table created by our experts which lists the hand rankings for online video poker. Starting with the strongest hand and working down to the weakest, we’ve also included approximate odds you can expect to receive if you hit that hand.

Online Video Poker Hand Rankings
Hand Pay Out
Royal flush 250/1
Straight flush 50/1
Four-of-a-kind 25/1
Full house 6/1 – 9/1
Flush 5/1 – 6/1
Straight 4/1
Three-of-a-kind 3/1
Two pair 2/1
One pair (JJ or above) Evens

Online Video Poker Strategy

The decisions you make during video poker games will have a major impact on how much profit you make. It’s therefore important that you learn how to win at video poker.

Here is a video poker cheat sheet, or video poker strategy chart, created by our experts. It will show you how many cards to discard based on the hand you’re dealt:

Video Poker Strategy Chart
Hand Action
Four to a straight Hold all four cards and draw to the straight
Four to a flush Hold all four cards and draw to the flush
Three to a royal flush Hold all three cards and draw to the royal flush
One pair Hold the pair and draw three new cards
Jacks and above If you have no pair or above, hold all cards that are jacks or above and discard the rest
All five cards below jacks (no pair or above) If you have no pair or above and all cards are below a jack, draw five brand new cards

What Is the Best Video Poker Game Online?

Much like online slot games, video poker games are crammed with variety. You’ll find Triple Play video poker, free video poker with no downloads, massively different video poker jackpots and so on. In short, there’s no end of choice when it comes to video poker games.

While that is no doubt a great thing, it can get a little confusing if you’re not familiar with the different types of video poker games. Here, our experts will give you a quick breakdown of the most popular types of video poker, including the key rules.

Deuces Wild

As the old saying goes, ‘deuces never loses’! That’s never truer than in Deuces Wild video poker games, where every two is wild. It’s worth noting that experts believe certain Deuces Wild games offer an RTP of over 100% when played perfectly – but, as you can imagine, these are hard to find.

Jacks or Better

The classic. This is the most common video poker game, and one you’ll find is widely available at all of the top sites. We’ve already run through the rules for Jacks or Better – discard up to five cards and make sure you hit at least a pair of jacks to get paid.

Joker Poker

There’s one extra card added to the deck in this video poker game. And, as the name suggests, it’s the joker. The joker is wild, so it’s good news any time it shows up. Use the joker to complete difficult hands like flushes, straights and full houses to increase your winnings.

Double Bonus

Are you an optimist? If so, Double Bonus video poker may be your game of choice. You’ll receive a mega bonus if you hit four aces – paying up to 800 credits, which is more than three times as much as you’d get for a lesser hand like four queens or four kings.

Double Double Bonus

If the Double Bonus isn’t enough for you, how about the Double Double Bonus? This video poker game offers juicy rewards for different four-of-a-kind combinations. Bet five credits and hit four aces with a 2, 3 or 4 and you’ll receive a massive 2,000 credits back!

How to Play Video Poker Games in India

Not sure how to play video poker games online? You’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s an incredibly simple process. Nonetheless, our experts have put together a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started.

It really is that simple. Try it now by signing up with one of the best online casinos in India via the banner below:

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Do Asiabet Casinos Really Offer the Ultimate Video Poker Games?

Our experts are able to recognise the best video poker games in a heartbeat thanks to years of experience. The strict process we follow for each online casino review is second-nature – and here’s how we do it:

Free Video Poker Games vs Online Video Poker for Real Money

As you’re browsing video poker games, you’ll probably come across quite a few free video poker games. So, should you give them a try, or is real money video poker better than free video poker?

If you’ve never played any type of poker before, free video poker is a great starting point. Playing free video poker with no download is quick and easy, and it allows you to make mistakes without paying the price. In particular, it’s a useful tool when you want to learn the video poker hand rankings through practice.

However, the appeal of free video poker is limited, and you’ll probably find yourself leaning towards real money video poker games once you know the rules. It’s undeniably more exciting with real money on the line – especially if you manage to hit a royal flush and win big! Real money video poker games tend to offer much more variety than the basic free video poker games, too.

We recommend starting out on free video poker if you’re really not confident on how it works, but – for most players – real money video poker will hold a lot more appeal.

Video Poker Tips: How to Win at Video Poker Games

If you follow the strategy our experts shared on how to win at video poker games, you’ll find that this game represents great value for money. Not only is it fun and easy to play, but it has a very high RTP.

Deuces Wild is similar to regular video poker games except every two is wild, boosting your chances of making a big hand. Make sure you look out for hands that aren’t possible in other versions of online video poker – such as five-of-a-kind – to ensure you walk away with maximum profit.

Follow our experts’ video poker strategy guide to learn how to win at Jacks or Better. The key thing is to keep hold of your cards for big draws like straights and flushes, as well as made hands. If you have five cards below a jack with no pair or above, draw five brand new cards.

Play Video Poker Games at the Best Online Casinos!

Now that you know all there is to know about video poker games, it’s time for you to get involved! Play Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or anything you like at the best online casinos in Asia today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes video poker games are legal for India players and are widely available and enjoyed by locals.

Video poker games have a very high RTP, making it easier to win versus most other casino games.

Check out our video poker strategy chart to see which hands you should hold in Jacks or Better.

All casinos we review at AsiaBet use random number generators and similar technology to ensure a fair, random game.

Give yourself an advantage at video poker games by referring to our video poker strategy guide.

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