Complete Guide To Jhandi Munda Online 2020

If you’re looking to find casinos where you can play Jhandi Munda online, look no further. We have complied a list below and we also have a complete guide on how to play the game.

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What Is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a classic Indian game played using either three or six special dice, with icons instead of the usual numbers one to six. It’s incredibly easy to pick up, which helps explain its popularity across India with people of all generations.

When you’re playing Jhandi Munda online, you’ll notice that it often has a different name – Crown & Anchor. Gameplay is pretty much identical in both, but the number of dice used is often different.

Although the premise of the game is simple, there are some things you should know before you play. If you want to improve your game, you can read our complete guide to Jhandi Munda below, where you’ll learn Jhandi Munda rules, tips and more.

How to Play the Game of Jhandi Munda 

This game is really simple to pick up, but here’s a brief guide to playing online Jhandi Munda.

When you sit down to play online real money Jhandi Munda, you’ll see a table with six icons on it:

While the four suits are common in all games of Jhandi Munda, the crown and anchor may be exchanged for two different icons. For instance, a face and a flag. But it makes no difference – gameplay is still the same.

First, choose your stake. This is usually done by clicking on chips of different denominations, just like online roulette or blackjack. Then, place your bets by dropping your chips on any of the six icons on the table. You can bet on one icon or cover several.

Once you’ve placed your bets, the dice are rolled. Although traditional Jhandi Munda uses six dice, online versions often use three dice – so that’s the example we’ll use.

Each side of each die has one of the six symbols, giving you an even chance of hitting any of them. Once they’ve been rolled, the icons are counted. For example, there might be one heart, one spade, and one anchor.

How to Win at Jhandi Munda 

In traditional Jhandi Munda, the way to win is by predicting which symbol or symbols will appear the most in a roll. A match between the icon you bet on and the same icon on the dice is called a Jhandi. So, if you bet on the club symbol and at least one club pops up from the three dice, you’re guaranteed to win some money.

The more Jhandi you land, the more you’ll get paid. One Jhandi doubles your money, two Jhandi triples your money, and a third means four times your money.

Online Jhandi Munda is a quickfire game. As soon as the dice are rolled and payouts are made, it’s back to placing bets for the next round.

Online Jhandi Munda – Game Details 

Each die has each of the six symbols on it, so there’s a one in six chance of any symbol appearing (for a single die). All of the symbols have the same odds of landing and pay out at the same odds.

But how much will you win if you hit Jhandi? See the table below for some real-life examples using three dice:

Dice Outcome Odds Example
1 Jhandi 1 x bet + stake back Bet ₹1,000, receive ₹2,000
2 Jhandi 2 x bet + stake back Bet ₹1,000, receive ₹3,000
3 Jhandi 3 x bet + stake back Bet ₹1,000, receive ₹4,000

At many of the best Jhandi Munda casinos in India, you’ll usually only use three dice. So, let’s look at the numbers in more detail.

At first glance, Jhandi Munda might appear to be a ‘true odds’ game. But there is indeed a house edge. If the three dice always landed on different symbols, and you bet one unit on each symbol for each round, you’d break even every time – and the casino would make no profit.

The casino’s profit comes when they roll doubles or trebles – that is, they roll the same symbol two or three times in a single roll. When that happens, the casino makes more money on this bet across all six symbols.

Here’s a more visual explanation:

Bet Outcome Payout
₹1,000 on each symbol One spade, one club, one diamond ₹2,000 on spade

₹2,000 on club

₹2,000 on diamond

₹6,000 total

₹1,000 on each symbol Two spades, one club ₹3,000 on spades

₹2,000 on club

₹5,000 total

₹1,000 on each symbol Three spades ₹4,000 on spades

₹4,000 total

Doubles and trebles are still good news for you when you land them – we’re just explaining how casino’s make money on the game.

 Jhandi Munda Strategies 

When it comes to Jhandi Munda strategies you’ll hear a lot of people talk about ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ bets. This just means betting on symbols which seem to be appearing more often than others. But this is not a realistic strategy; in the long-term, all six symbols will appear an even number of times – or close enough.

With all symbols being identical and all paying exactly the same, there are no Jhandi Munda tricks which can guarantee you a win. Instead, you should stick to these tips when playing Jhandi Munda online:

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to enjoy your time playing Jhandi Munda online, make sure you manage your bankroll. That means not spending everything at once. By taking it slow and steady with smaller bets, you can extend your time spent playing Jhandi Munda online and have more fun with it.

Another good way to get free playing time at the table is to claim a bonus. All the best Jhandi Munda casinos in India offer bonuses – especially if you’re a new player. You can find a list at the top of this page.

Set Limits

Don’t fall into the trap of betting more than you planned to. Set a limit before you begin playing Jhandi Munda online and don’t go outside of that, no matter what happens. If you go on a bad run, cut your losses and walk away.

Cash Out

When you’re doing well, remember to withdraw your winnings and have some fun with it. It only takes a few well-timed trebles in Jhandi Munda online for you to spin up a big stack of chips. Make the most of it by cashing out at least some of your profit.

Jhandi Munda Game Variations

Here’s a little bit more about the most popular Jhandi Munda variants:

Frequently Asked Questions

Jhandi Munda online is a simple game where you bet on the outcome of several dice being rolled. Although traditional games use six dice, many online versions only use three. And, at online casinos, the game is sometimes called Crown & Anchor instead of Jhandi Munda.

To play Jhandi Munda, you need to sign up to an online casino, sit at the Jhandi Munda table, and place your bets. There are six symbols which you can bet on: hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, crowns and anchors. Special dice are rolled which have the six symbols on them. If your symbol lands at least once, you win.

You can play free Jhandi Munda online or you can play for real money. It’s worth noting that a lot of the real money casinos which offer this title call it Crown & Anchor. Both follow the same rules. If you do want to play for real money, make sure you use an online casino which offers a bonus. You can find a list at the top of this page.

All of the casinos we recommend have gone through a full, independent review by our team. We look at what the casino is good at, bad at, what bonuses they have and which payment methods they accept. Then we let you know our overall rating at the end. This is a great way to know if you can trust a casino because you start playing.

The aim of Jhandi Munda online is to place bets on the outcome of several special dice. The dice have symbols on them instead of numbers. If the symbol you place a bet on lands, you win. And, if the same symbol comes up more than once, you’ll receive even more money.

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