How to Use Skrill in India

Skrill in India is a convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals from your accounts. The e-wallet Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is safe and accepted at many gambling sites in India, making it the preferred option of many players.

We’ve built a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use Skrill in India so that you can enjoy the smoothest banking process possible at online betting sites. By using this guide, you’ll know how to open and use a Skrill account in India with confidence.

Why Use Skrill?

Want to start using Skrill at our top online betting sites? Follow the simple instructions below.

How To Open A Skrill Account In India In 3 Easy Steps

It’s easy to open a Skrill account in India. The following video and step-by-step guide uses Dafabet as an example, but the process is very similar at our other recommended betting sites.

Watch: How to Deposit in Dafabet with Skrill in India

Step 1: Open Your Betting Account

To begin with, open an account at one of our recommended betting sites. Starting the process by signing up for the betting site first is the quickest and easiest way to start your Skrill betting in India.

As we said before, we’ll be using Dafabet as the example for how this process works. However, the basics are the same no matter which of our trusted sites you choose to play on. First, click one of the links on this page to take you to the gambling site of your choice.

Dafabet landing page

From the landing page, click a “join now” button to get to the signup page. Here, you’ll need to provide some personal details in order to create your account. This will include information like your name and phone number, all of which should be filled out accurately and honestly.

dafabet signup page

Step 2: Go To The Cashier

Once you submit your signup information, a prompt takes you straight to the cashier. Click the “Deposit Now” button, and you’ll go to the cashier screen, where you’ll be able to choose from a number of different payment options.


payment pop-up

For our purposes, select Skrill or Skrill Moneybookers from the list of deposit methods. Input the amount of money in INR you would like to deposit into your account. Once you are sure you have the correct information in place, press the deposit button.

payment pop-up

payment pop-up

Step 3: Sign Up to Skrill

At this point, you will be redirected to a Skrill window. Since you do not have an account yet, choose the sign up option. Once again, you’ll be asked to provide basic information such as your name, address, and email address. It is important that you provide accurate information during this process.

payment pop-up

payment pop-up

After you click the button to create your Skrill account, you will need to verify your email address. Skrill will send you an email where you can click on a link to instantly verify the address. Be aware that Skrill might later ask you to take steps to verify your physical address and information on funding sources as well.

payment pop-up

This process will work for Dafabet, but can also be utilised at other INR Rupee betting sites, such as those in the table below.

How To Deposit Money In Skrill In India

Now that you have a Skrill India account, it’s time to talk about how to use it to make a deposit into your betting account.

Deposit Via A Card

When you’ve completed the signup process, you can instantly add money via a credit or debit card. Skrill accepted cards in India include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB, among other international brands.

To proceed, insert your credit card details, including the number and expiration date. Then, click the “Pay Now” button to transfer the funds to your betting account.

payment pop-up

Skrill may ask you if the money you are depositing will be used for ‘gambling’ or ‘non-gambling’ activities. Be sure to be honest and choose ‘gambling’ activities. Choosing ‘non-gambling’ will lead Skrill to block you from depositing at online casinos and betting sites.

Other Payment Methods

Alternately, click on the Skrill Balance tab to find the “Proceed to My Account” button. Clicking on this will show you the full range of payment options available to you. These include direct bank transfers, Bitcoin, Neteller transfers, and more.

payment pop-up

skrill deposit

Be aware that Skrill may ask you if your money is for ‘gambling’ or ‘non-gambling’ activities. Be sure to choose gambling activities, as Skrill will block you from depositing at betting and casino sites if you press non-gambling instead.

Deposit Processing Times

Credit or Debit Card: Instant

Neteller Transfer: Instant

Bitcoin: Instant

Bank Transfer: 3-5 Days

What If Skrill Blocks My Deposit?

Sometimes, even players who follow all of the above steps may see their Skrill deposit blocked. This is usually done by the bank that issued the credit card used for the deposit. Here are a couple ideas on how to work around common problems when using Skrill in India.

Can I Use Another Deposit Option?

The easiest solution to try is to choose a different deposit option and see if that works. This can be anything from choosing a different credit or debit card to using a completely different method, such as a bank transfer. Many players find using an alternative deposit method clears up their problems immediately.

What If None Of The Skrill Deposit Methods Work For Me?

If you are having trouble making any Skrill deposits at all, another option is to open a separate Neteller account that is not used directly for gambling purposes. You can then transfer funds to your Neteller account. This in turn will fund your Skrill account, which is used to deposit money into betting or gambling sites.

This extra step is frequently used to resolve blocked deposits. Do not under any circumstances attempt to do this by opening two Skrill accounts, as this could result in both accounts being closed.

Watch: How to Deposit in Dafabet with Bank Transfer from India

How To Withdraw Money From Skrill In India

Once you’ve made some winning bets, how do you withdraw money from Skrill in India? Skrill withdrawals are nearly as easy as making Skrill deposits.

1. Choose Skrill as Your Withdrawal Option

Transfer the funds you wish to cash out from your betting account to Skrill. This is done by visiting the cashier on the gambling site and choosing Skrill as your withdrawal option. Fill in the details of your Skrill account and the amount you wish to cash out. Keep in mind that processing times can vary between betting sites.

2. Transfer to Your Bank Account From Skrill

Once the money appears in your Skrill India account, you may withdraw those funds. At the moment, Skrill in India only offers one withdrawal option: a transfer to your bank account.

In order to use this method, first add a bank account to your Skrill account. To do so, you will need to know both your account number and your bank’s SWIFT code. If you do not know the SWIFT code, obtain it by visiting or calling your bank.

Skrill will also go through an account verification process. It sends a bank wire to your bank account that is tagged with a unique code. Input this code on the Skrill website to confirm your account.

Skrill Withdrawal Processing Time

Bank Transfer: 2-5 Days

Skrill Fees And Other Expenses

While using Skrill in India is an easy and affordable option for deposits and withdrawals, there are some fees you may encounter. Here are the Skrill fees you may have to pay:

Activity Fee
Uploading Funds to Skrill 1.00% of amount uploaded
Withdrawing Funds from Skrill 415.60 INR per withdrawal
Sending Money 1.45%, minimum 37.78 INR

Now that you have all the information you need, you can confidently start betting today at our top Skrill India betting site!

Do you have questions or concerns about using Skrill in India? Here, you’ll find answers to many common questions about this banking method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Skrill is a legal payment method that can be used throughout India, both for gambling and non-gambling purposes.

Skrill is a large, trusted financial services company that is based out of Europe and used for secure transactions by users and merchants around the world. This makes Skrill safe to use for Indian players.

Skrill appears to work well with most major banks that issue credit cards in India. However, there have occasionally been issues reported with debit cards issued from some banks, such as ICICI and AXIS Bank.

Skrill withdrawals are handled primarily through transfers to your bank account. Alternately, some users who are comfortable with cryptocurrency will use their Skrill balance to purchase Bitcoin or other digital currencies, then convert those coins to cash.

Skrill fees vary depending on the type of transaction being made. There is a 1.00% charge every time you upload funds to your Skrill account, while withdrawals are charged at 415.60 INR. Meanwhile, there is a 1.45% charge to send money, though betting sites may cover this fee for you when you make a deposit.

Transfers from Neteller to Skrill are quite simple. After logging into your Skrill account, choose Neteller as your deposit option, and click the “Deposit Now” button. You will then be able to enter your Neteller account details and choose how much money you would like to transfer to your Skrill India account.

Yes, Skrill has an app that is available through both Google Play and the App Store that can be used to manage your Skrill account. However, keep in mind that you will process your deposits and withdrawals to Indian betting sites from the cashier on those websites, not through the Skrill app.

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