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Choosing free bet promotions in India can be tricky – because there are so many! Should you choose a no deposit welcome bonus, free football bets, or reload bonuses for existing customers? Discover all that and more in our expert guide to the best online free bet offers in India.

Our guide will show you:

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Best Sports Betting Sites in India June 2020
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What Are Free Bet Promotions and Betting Site Bonuses?

There are tonnes of different free bets in India. There are completely free bets, free horse racing bets, Sportsbook bonus codes, free bingo bets with no deposit required, and countless others.

However, they all have one thing in common – they give you the chance to place a bet for free where you can win real money. Zero risk, all the reward. Of course, there will be stipulations. For example, you might need to meet wagering requirements. Or you may have to make a real money deposit in order to get the reload bonus to begin with.

The best free bet sites present a real opportunity for you to top up your account with real funds while taking little-to-no risk. It’s no surprise that it’s a really popular type of promotion among all sports betting players. Read our expert guide on sports betting to learn more.

Top Reasons to Claim the Top Free Bets at Indian Bookies

If you’re a fan of betting on live sports, you’ll definitely comes across a lot of free bet promotions in India. When you use them smartly, there’s a huge amount of extra value to be found.

Real Life Bookmakers vs Online Betting Sites

Promotions are one of the biggest perks to using online sports betting sites over brick-and-mortar betting venues. If you place a bet at a real life bookmakers there’s a relatively slim chance of you being given a special offer. And that chance drops right down to 0% if you’re trying illegal street games, which are unregulated and may be rigged.

Promotions Galore

When you join an online sports betting site in India you can access a whole heap of promotions. A lot of the headlines are grabbed by big welcome bonuses, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll spot free horse racing bets, reload bonuses and a lot more.

You shouldn’t necessarily claim every bonus you find, but instead pick and choose the ones that suit you. If you always bet on football, for instance, then hunt down free football bets. Doing this at our top online Asian sports betting sites can result in big rewards over time.

How to Grab the Best Free Bets Online in India

You’re probably wondering how to get your hands on the best free bets online in India. We have good news – it’s really easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you can claim a top free bet in India:

It’s genuinely that straightforward. If you don’t want to waste time hunting for the best free bets online in India, sign up to our top online sportsbook via the banner below and grab a free sports bet right now.

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What Are the Best Free Bet Promotions for Bettors in India?

How are you supposed to know which are the top free bets in India, and which aren’t quite as good? A solid starting point is to learn the differences between the best free bets, loyalty programmes, and bonuses that are out there.

Here, our experts will tell you a bit more about free bets promotions in India:

1. Sportsbook Signup Bonuses (Welcome Bonuses)

Some bookmakers offer free bets with no deposit required, often as part of a welcome package. For many players, this is one of the most appealing aspects when joining a new site.

2. Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Your sportsbook signup bonus will very often include a real money deposit bonus. This rewards you with a free sports bet the first time you add funds to your account and place a qualifying bet. Similarly, sportsbook reload bonuses are often given to existing clients – as well as new bettors.

3. Free Play Bonuses

Bet online via free play and up your game with no risk. You won’t be able to win real cash, but it’s a cool way to try bets you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing with real money.

4. Sportsbook Bonus Codes

Sportsbook bonus codes are an easy way to grab an extra free bet on your next real money deposit. Sometimes, you’ll even be able to use a sportsbook bonus code without making a deposit.

5. Sportsbook Reload Bonuses

Once you’ve claimed your initial sportsbook deposit bonus, you can go on to get extra reload bonuses. The best online sports betting sites in India may offer you a reload bonus every time you deposit a certain amount.

6. VIP Bettors Programmes

If you bet at one site regularly – or for very high stakes – you’ll be invited to the VIP scheme. Free bet deals, getaways and exclusive bonuses will be at your fingertips.

7. Loyalty Betting Accounts

Similar to VIP programmes but equally suited to lower stakes players, loyalty betting accounts will frequently be topped up with free online bets – no deposit required!

8. Free Bets on the World Cup, Free Racing Bets, and More!

Seasonally, you’ll be able to pick up free bet promotions in India on a wide range of top events. This includes free football bets on the World Cup, free racing bets on F1, free horse racing bets with no deposit and so on. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you take advantage of the top free bets in India.

Can I Download Betting Apps With Free Bets?

Fancy a free bet with no deposit? Mobile casino bonuses may well be the way to go. Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular, and that means more promotions. In some cases, you’ll even be able to grab exclusive mobile casino bonuses.

If you love mobile betting, you should consider downloading a free betting app. Free bet promotions in India can usually be accessed on both desktop and mobile, and – if anything – you’ll find a few more special offers. One of the easiest ways to check them out is via a sports betting app.

Betting apps make it quick and easy to log in and check out the latest offers. In just a couple of taps you can quickly sign in and look at the promotions section, scanning for the top free bets in India. Apps are easy to use, which makes it simple for you to actually use the free bets on your phone, too.

Can I Enjoy Risk-Free Bet Offers at Indian Sportsbooks Online?

Free bet promotions in India are extremely common, which means it’s easy for you to enjoy risk-free bets. Compare free bets in India and you’ll realise there are tonnes of different types to choose from. Here, our experts will talk you through a few of the most popular free bets in India.

How to Choose and Compare Free Bets Online

With so many top free bets in India, it’s a smart move to compare them. Free bets in India can range a great deal – in fact, you can see a breakdown of many of the most common free bet types right here in our expert guide.

Compare the free bet types with your own preferences and you’ll learn which ones work best for you. Perhaps you like free bets when you sign up with no deposit, minimising your risk. Or maybe you prefer sportsbook reload bonuses with lower wagering requirements. The key is to match up the bet types with the bets you like to place. So, if you’re always placing wagers on cricket, focus on sites which offer free cricket bets, for example.

Grab the Top Free Bet Deals on the Online Gambling Market!

If all this talk about free bet promotions in India has got you ready to go, then look no further – we have a handpicked selection of the best online sports betting sites in India, packed with completely free bets! Sign up today and enjoy free bet promotions in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the top free bets in Asia allow you to cash out your free bet as soon as you meet the wagering requirements.

Online bookies’ free bets give you a great chance to increase your winnings via free play.

Also known as wagering requirements, rollover requirements just mean you need to reach a certain betting total before your free bet winnings are unlocked.

When you compare free bets in Asia, you’ll see they have different wagering requirements and terms. Often, you’ll have to match the cost of the free bet at least once before you can cash out.

The best free bets online in Asia include accumulators, with each sportsbook having their own terms regarding cash outs. In general, you can usually cash out an accumulator.

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