Xoc Dia

Xóc Đĩa (shaking the plate) is an Asian gambling game that originated in Vietnam over 100 years ago. It has been a favorite game in Northern Vietnam for many years and is played in several styles that require very little equipment. On occasion, the game is played simply as an even-odd game, often with dice. However, the traditional and favored game is played with four coins, a plate, and a cup.

Gambling has been against the Vietnamese Criminal Code for a long time, but new casinos are now being built to provide jobs and a new tax base. However, raids by police and the social crime investigation department in many provinces continue to find illegal casinos that offer Xoc Dia exclusively.

How Xoc Dia is Played

At some land-based casinos, actual dishware is used. While there is likely to be just one plate in home games, these establishments have several cups or bowls, and players may ask for them to be swapped out from time to time for a change in luck. In most non-legal casinos, the game is played with four coin-shaped tokens, which are often made of heavy paper. They may have specific markings, such as the suits of a card deck (Spade, Club, Heart, Diamond), or they may be of varying colours.

Once the players are ready, the dealer will cover the four tokens that sit on the plate with a bowl. The bowl and plate are turned upside down repeatedly to shake tokens, and players are prompted to make their wagers. After all bets are made, the dealer will shake the bowl and plate again before setting it down and removing the bowl so the players can see which colours came up on the tokens. Losing wagers are collected and winning wagers are paid.

The video below shows how a typical game of Xoc Dia works online.

Xoc Dia with Three Colours

Some games offer four tokens with three colours. In this case, one side of each of the four tokens is gray. Of the other sides, two are coloured black and two are coloured red. With four tokens and three colours there are 16 possible outcomes. The casino will pay based on the nine bets that can be made, and ideally, the house edge is 6.25 percent on each (unfortunately, lower payoffs are standard).

Outcome Frequency Payout
Black-black-red-red Happens Once in 16 shakes 15 to 1
Black-black-grey-grey Happens Once in 16 shakes 15 to 1
Red-red-grey-grey Happens Once in 16 shakes 15 to 1
Grey-grey-grey-grey Happens Once in 16 shakes 15 to 1
Black-black-red-grey Happens Twice in 16 shakes 7.5 to 1
Red-red-black-grey Happens Twice in 16 shakes 7.5 to 1
Black-grey-grey-grey Happens Twice in 16 shakes 3.75 to 1

Red-grey-grey-grey Happens Twice in 16 shakes 7.5 to 1

Black-red-grey-grey Happens Four Times in 16 shakes 7.5 to 1


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Xoc Dia with Two Colours

The game is usually simplified in legal casinos, whether land-based or online. The online casinos are most likely to offer a quick game that has four tokens, each with one side black and one side white. This style of game has five wagers as well as Odd and Even. Online wagering allows the casino to simplify the wagers and charge a commission on all winning bets.

Outcome Odds
White-White-White-White 15 to 1
Black-White-White-White 3 to 1
Black-Black-White-White 5 to 3
Black-Black-Black-White 3 to 1
Black-Black-Black-Black 15 to 1
Odd (1 or 3 of one colour) 1 to 1
Even (2 or 4 of one colour) 1 to 1

When playing online, the commission will automatically be deducted after each winning wager. When playing at a land-based casino, commissions are handled as on baccarat tables, with the dealer keeping track and charging at certain thresholds, usually the size of a player’s standard wager, which would be 20 winning bets.