Live Roulette

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Live Roulette is a great real cash online casino game available in 2017. Players get to place bets in HKD or a local currency on a real-life wheel and table. The action is beamed in live over a webcam so that gamblers can watch the action on their PC or tablet. You can even talk to the croupier and ask for help if you need it.

Asians can play Live Dealer games against a human croupier. And in many cases, you can find attractive Asian dealers to chat to and play against. The software is slick, and you’ll get to watch real-life casino environments in the background.

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– Gamble against a human croupier for real money stakes
– Find top Asian dealers and chat in Chinese
– Access a top welcome bonus for Live Roulette gamblers

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How Live Roulette Works Online

Live Roulette online first appeared in the mid-2000s. First available at Playtech casinos and other major sites, Live Dealer Roulette allowed gamblers to play against human croupiers for the first time. Trained dealers who had experience in land-based casinos were brought in to handle the bets. The games were perfect for online gamblers who wanted the thrill of brick ‘n mortar casinos without leaving their front room.

In Live Roulette online, casino-quality tables are used. Reputable online casinos do careful checks on equipment and dealers to make sure players get a fair game. Bets are placed on a standard roulette layout featuring 37 or 38 numbers. Players place wagers using their computers by dragging chips to areas of the table they want to bet on. Once the dealer calls ‘no more bets’, they spin a real-life wheel with a real-life ball. The computer picks up the winning number at the end of a spin and pays out winners accordingly.

Step By Step – Live Roulette Play

Select A Dealer And Roulette Game: The Live Casino lobby can be found on your favourite online casino. You can see the dealers and make a selection. You can sometimes pick a Chinese-language dealer as well. European and American Roulette are normally the two possible options when you play Live Dealer games.

Select Your Stakes: When you load a table, the croupier will see your username appear on their monitor and welcome you to the game. They may prompt you to place a bet if you stay idle. Select your coin/chip value and drag chips to the numbers you want to bet on. You can also ‘Clear Bet’ or ‘Rebet’ on the next spin to keep the same wagers.

Watch The Wheel!: Once the dealer calls ‘No More Bets’, the computer will shut all players out. No more bets can be placed. The dealer will spin the wheel with a real-life ball. Once it comes to a stop, winning bets are paid out. The Live Roulette dealer will handle NO physical chips, however.

Get Paid Out: Once the ball comes to a stop, winning payouts are made instantly. The winnings goes into the player’s bankroll and can be bet with on the next spin.

Typical European Roulette payouts reward players the following:

Bet                 Payouts

Outside Bets
Red                 (1/1)
Black               (1/1)          
Odd                 (1/1)        
Even                (1/1)        

Number Sections

1 to 18             (1/1)       
19 to 36           (1/1)

1 to 12             (2/1)       
13 to 24           (2/1)       
25 to 36           (2/1)       

Inside Bets

Six-line bet             (5/1)        
‘First Five’ (0,00,1,2,3)        (6/1)        
Corner             (8/1)
Street               (11/1)       
Split                 (17/1)       
Any Number   (35/1)

Connection and System Requirements: With most Live Roulette online, players can alter their camera angle. It depends on how the casino’s studio is set up. Some Live Dealer games let you pick a camera angle set right on the roulette wheel itself. This makes the gameplay much more exciting.

It’s important to know what system requirements are needed before you play roulette. To handle the webcam feed, you will need a solid WiFi or Internet connection. You will also need a good graphics card so that the feed runs smoothly.

In the event of a disconnection, you will have to reconnect to the casino. The software should resume your position on a regular online roulette game. This way, the Live Roulette dealer doesn’t have to re-spin the wheel.

Benefits Of Live Roulette Over Online Roulette

Most real cash Internet casinos offer both online roulette and Live Roulette. If you play Live Dealer games, you can enjoy human interaction and the thrill of a land-based casino. Here are some more benefits.

Big Stakes Possible: A lot of Live Roulette online allows high stakes. In fact, the minimum stakes in Live Roulette can be higher than regular online roulette.

No Fight For Space: If you have been in a big land-based casino in Asia, you might have had to wait to get a seat at a roulette table. Live Roulette online has no problem with players. There is no limit on how many gamblers can take part at the same time.

Gamble At Home: If you live hundreds of miles from a land-based casino, Live Roulette gives real cash players the chance to experience the game at home.

History and Replays: Live Roulette online lets players scan past results to see if there’s a pattern on the table. Some variants even let you replay the last spin in slow motion.

Learn The Rules: Roulette is an exciting game to learn and play. But if you can find a practice money version online, Live Roulette is good for learning the ropes.

Learn a System: If you are trying a real cash betting system, Live Roulette can be a good testing ground.

The Human Touch: Online casino gambling is easy and convenient. But when you play Live Dealer games, you can interact with a human and listen to the wheel spin. Some Asian-friendly casinos have Asian/Chinese dealers too.

Ask The Dealer For Advice: The Live Roulette dealers aren’t silent during a game. They will direct the action and talk to players personally. With the chatbox on-screen, players can “talk” to the dealer. The dealer will respond to any comments and questions by reading their monitor.

Exciting Variants Available: The benefit of online Live Casinos is that gamblers aren’t restricted to just European or American Roulette. Good Asian casinos usually offer European Roulette, and sometimes American Roulette. Immersive Roulette allows exciting camera angles, while branded Live Roulette like Marvel feature super heroes and added bonuses.

Playing Live Dealer Roulette On Mobile

Whether you’re on the latest Apple tablet or a Samsung smartphone, you can enjoy Live Roulette. Online gamblers can turn their portable devices into a real cash casino in minutes. All you need to do is download the mobile casino client, or log in via a mobile browser.

Live Dealer Roulette works a little differently on a mobile. The table will zoom in when you place bets. When the roulette wheel spins, it will enlarge to take up the entire screen. However, you can still access the Cashier and make deposits by Moneybookers/Skrill, debit card, or e-Wallet.

Discover The Best Live Roulette Bonuses In 2017

Asian online gamblers can play Live Dealer games on desktop or mobile in 2017. After a first deposit, players can earn a welcome or reload bonus too. By loading their accounts and playing great Live Roulette games, gamblers in Asia can earn free cash direct from the casino.

Take advantage of top welcome bonus offers when you load up European or American Roulette. They might not be as popular in Singapore and Macau casinos as in the USA, but Live Roulette games give you a taste of Las Vegas wherever you live.