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Free Roulette

Roulette is a popular table game offered in casinos from Macau to Singapore. While Asian gamblers have to wager their own RMB or MYR at landbased casinos, you’ll find plenty of free roulette games online. Free roulette is perfect if you want to learn the rules before risking any real cash. You can practice some basic strategy to perfect your betting systems too. And if you lose, no sweat – there’s absolutely no risk involved. Online casinos are packed with different roulette variants for Asian players. You can play European, American, French, or Spingo variants, and even gamble against a human croupier. Playing online roulette for free is the best way of finding a variation that’s right for you, and we have the best selections on the web.

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How to Play Online Roulette for Free

Free roulette games are available to play at virtually all online casinos. In many cases, you can try games out without signing up for an account. If your casino allows it, you can change the language from English before playing.

It’s simple to get started: visit the casino games lobby and find a roulette variant you like. Find the ‘Play Money’ or ‘Practice Play’ button and click it. It will take you to a Flash or HTML5 window where your game will load instantly. If you’re using your mobile phone, don’t worry. The free roulette games will also work on your mobile device.

Playing online roulette for free is simple: the idea is to bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel. A wheel features 37 or 38 pockets. As the wheel spins, a ball travels round the outer rim and falls into one of the pockets. Players are paid out according to the number and colour of the pocket.

Placing Bets

The roulette table features all the numbers found on a roulette wheel, laid out 0-36. Numbers are coloured red or black, while the single zero is green. (In American Roulette, there is an additional double zero pocket, also green.)

To place a bet, select a chip value and then click on the numbers you want to bet on. You can also bet on single numbers, groups of numbers, or a colour (Red or Black). When playing online roulette for free, you’ll receive a stack of play money chips. You won’t win any real cash for any of your wins.

Popular Roulette Payouts & Bets

Online roulette has a strict set of payouts depending on what number or section you pick. These will all highlight when you hover the mouse cursor over them. The beauty of free roulette is that you can take your time getting used to the various bets and payouts.

The more risk you take, the better the payouts. For example, any single number (‘Straight Up’) will pay 35/1. Covering all Red or all Black numbers pays 1/1 (even money).

Standard European Roulette Payouts

Bet TypePayout
Column Bet(2/1)
Dozen 1-12(2/1)
Dozen 13-24(2/1)
Dozen 25-36(2/1)
Straight Up(35/1)

Understanding Popular Roulette Variants Online

American Roulette

In American Roulette, there is an added green 00 slot. This lets players bet on the ‘First Five’ numbers. The First Five (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) pays 6/1.

Mobile Roulette

Mobile casinos often carry several versions of free play roulette. Typically, American and European Roulette are offered, but it’s usual to find Live Dealer Roulette games for smartphone and tablet.

To play mobile roulette for free, place bets in the usual way by dragging and dropping chips onto your chosen numbers. To save space, however, the wheel may dominate the whole screen when spinning.

Play Against a Human Croupier at Live Casinos

Asian gamblers don’t need to travel to Macau or the Philippines to bet on real roulette anymore. In fact, it’s possible to enjoy the company of a real-life croupier. Live casinos have actual wheels being spun by real, human dealers.

The action is beamed in via webcam, but bets are placed on a virtual table in the usual way. Gamblers can even talk in real time to the croupiers via their on-screen chatboxes. As the ball comes to a rest, the computer picks up the winning number and pays out players immediately. It’s a fast paying alternative to traditional online roulette.

But can you play for free?

Unfortunately, don’t allow you to try live casino games for free. What we suggest is try out a flash game for free, and then play a live dealer game for real money.

Learn the Rules and Take Your Roulette Bonus

Whether you’re playing HTML5 or Flash games, free roulette is great for practicing and having fun. Don’t forget, though, that you can enjoy top bonuses when you’re ready to gamble with real cash.

Make a first bank transfer or credit card deposit and you can enjoy a welcome bonus. All of our top-rated online casinos have great bonuses for roulette players. And in many cases, your roulette gambling will be 25-50% eligible towards a bonus requirement. Get started by trying online roulette for free and give our reviewed and recommended gaming sites a play.