How to Play Sic Bo Online India

If you want to know how to play sic bo online, all you need is right here. We’ll show you everything from the basic rules right up to a section on sic bo strategy and how to win. When you’re done here you’ll be a sic bo expert!

Our guide will show you:

  • How to play sic bo online in India
  • Which types of bets offer the biggest odds
  • Where you can claim an online sic bo bonus

Practice your sic bo skills with our free game below:

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About Sic Bo Online

You may think you’ve never played sic bo online , but it’s a game that goes by many names. Dai siu, tai sai, big and small, hi-lo – the list is endless. Not only that, but it shares many similarities with hoo hey how. The main difference between sic bo and hoo hey how is that the latter is played with dice which use symbols.

Sic bo is an authentic Asian game of chance which is widely played across the continent – though you’re more likely to hear it being called hi-lo in the Philippines. It’s also big in the U.S., following its introduction from China back in the early twentieth century.

Although the table can look confusing at first glance, sic bo online is really easy to get the hang of. Simplicity is a pillar of all classic casino games, which helps explain why this dice game is seen as one of the most exciting and enjoyable casino titles around.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

New to sic bo online? No worries – we’re here to teach you exactly how to play sic bo online including the rules and basic gameplay.

Here’s how to play sic bo online:

Aim of the Game

Your main objective is to predict which numbers will be rolled at random from three dice. Much like roulette, there are lots of different ways to bet. You can make broad predictions which are more likely to occur but pay less, or specific bets which don’t happen as often but have big odds.

Understanding the Sic Bo Table

For new players, the sic bo table can seem confusing but it’s simple once you know how it works. Move your chips onto a section of the sic bo table in order to place a real money sic bo bet. Again, this works in a very similar way to placing a bet on roulette.

Lots of the sic bo table bets are self-explanatory. For example, the numbers 4-17 are displayed in large font across the middle of the sic bo table. Betting on any of these means you are betting on that number being the total of the dice. So, if the roll comes out as 3-5-6 the total will be 14, and any bets on 14 are paid out.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

Here are some of the main sic bo bets you need to know about:

How Do You Play Sic Bo Online at a Casino?

If you’ve never played sic bo online before, it couldn’t be easier to get started. Here are four steps to take you from never having played sic bo online to being right at the heart of the action:

There’s nothing complicated about it – just follow the four steps above and you can play sic bo online. Try it for yourself at one of our highest-ranked online casinos by clicking on the banner below:

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Can I Play Live Casino Sic Bo?

Perhaps you love the thrill of playing at a real-life casino but prefer to enjoy games from the comfort of your home. If this sounds like you, why not try live dealer games?

Sic bo strategy that you master in regular games can be applied to live dealer sic bo as well. The game is identical, but the major difference is that you’ll be playing via a live stream. The human dealer is usually placed in either a casino or sometimes a live studio. You can interact with them via live chat, which gives you a very realistic playing experience.

You can play live casino sic bo at most of the top online casinos in India. If you crave the human element of the game, try a few rolls of live dealer sic bo.

Why Do We Recommend These Sic Bo Casinos?

Our experts have been playing sic bo online for many years, so they certainly know their stuff. But how is it possible to decide which online casinos should be highly ranked, and which ones aren’t that great?

Here are a few things our expert reviewers look for in each sic bo casino we review:

Customer Service and Reputation

We don’t blindly trust any casino with a snazzy website – we look beneath the surface to ensure they’re reputable. That means an in-depth background check covering their gambling licence, company reports and even player feedback.

Lots of Table Games

A wide choice of table games is an indicator that the casino will offer sic bo online. Indian casinos with plenty of table games will typically offer more than one version of sic bo, which keeps things fresh.

Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

When we review an online casino, we consider whether the site offers the best bonuses, including top welcome bonuses and ongoing promos for existing players. If the wagering requirements are appealing, it will get a thumbs-up from us.

Is Sic Bo Online Better than Playing in Las Vegas?

One question we’re often asked is whether it’s better to play sic bo online or at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Both have their merits but our experts feel online sic bo has a bit more appeal. For one thing, you’re more likely to receive a sic bo bonus when playing online. For new players, it’s also easier to figure it out online, with no fear of making an embarrassing mistake.

With live dealer sic bo capturing the essence of live sic bo and making it available online, there really is no competition – it’s the best of both!

Playing Online Sic Bo: Free vs Real Money

If you’ve never played a certain casino game before, you might be hesitant to put real money on the line. For example, a lot of players try out free online roulette before checking out the real deal. So, should you play sic bo online for free or go straight to real money?

Despite the funky appearance of the table, sic bo online is a straightforward game. All you really need to do is bet on the outcome of three dice being rolled. Plus, with our expert guide to sic bo online, you can learn all you need to know right here.

Still, some players feel more comfortable playing for free to begin with. After a few rounds you’ll realise the game is as easy to play as baccarat. When you’re comfortable, you can make the step up to real money sic bo.

Real money sic bo is the game the vast majority of our readers prefer, as it gives you a much more exciting experience in which you can win up to 180/1. It might not happen that often but, when it does, it’s an electric feeling!

Sic Bo Strategy: How to Win at Sic Bo Online

Because it’s a game of chance, it’s not easy to find a winning sic bo strategy – but there are certain things you can do to boost your odds of winning.

Here are three top sic bo tips from our experts:

Play to Win: Find Your Favourite Sic Bo Casino Today!

And that’s it – you now know all there is to know about playing sic bo online.

If you’re keen to put your new skills and knowledge to the test, why not sign up to a top online casino? Our Asiabet reviews make it easy to find the best online casinos with the biggest welcome bonuses. So, grab a big stack of free casino chips and get stuck into some sic bo games online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sic bo is particularly popular in Asia where most of the top online casinos have the game available.

The house edge in sic bo online can be as small as 2.78%, though it can raise up to just under 19% depending on which bets you place.

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