Discover the Best Online Teen Patti Casinos in India 2021

Our expert team has found the best sites that offer teen patti online. Finding online casinos that allow you to play teen patti for real money is rare, so we can save you a lot of time.

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Best Online Casinos in India January 2021

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The Best Sites to Play Teen Patti

If you want to find the best online teen patti sites, look no further. Here are our top recommended casinos where you can play teen patti for real money:

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Ready to play? Choose one of our recommendations, sign up, and enjoy a game of teen patti online within minutes. If you are new to the game and want to learn more, read on and our expert team will teach you all you need to know.

What is Teen Patti Online?

Created in India, teen patti stems from the British game three-card brag – hence the name ‘teen patti’, or ‘three cards’.

There are two major versions of teen patti. The standard game is played online between opponents, much like online poker. The other is online casino teen patti and is a one-on-one contest between the player and the banker.

Throughout this guide, we’ll refer to the standard version of the game, as it is the most common in online casinos.

In teen patti, the dealer gives you 3 cards and you want the strongest hand possible – which is obviously down to luck. The best possible hand is three-of-a-kind aces, and the weakest is the low card combination of 2-3-5. You can find out more in the ‘Teen Patti Hands’ section below.

The aim of the game is to win the pot (the total amount of money gambled on each hand) by either having the best hand, or your opponents folding before you do. However, in order to stay in a hand, you have to make bets. If you want to win, you have to take the risk and gamble your money first.

But it’s not all about luck. When you’re playing against opponents, you can bet in a way that makes it appear you have a strong hand, even if you don’t. And you can observe actions by your opponents, helping you to figure out how strong their hands are.

That way, you’ll know when to bet, stay in the hand and try to win. Or when to fold and wait for the next hand to begin.

Teen Patti Rules

So, how does teen patti actually work? Below, we’ll go through the teen patti rules for both standard games and the casino version.

Standard Teen Patti

Standard teen patti is played with three to seven players per table. When you play teen patti online, the game begins when players add money to the pot, this is called the stake. The two players to the left of the dealer do this at the start of the game, but after each hand this moves clockwise, and 2 different players have to add the initial stake.

The casino sets minimum amounts before the game starts, just like blind levels in poker. This information will be available to you before you join the table. The initial stake goes into a pot in the middle, which one player will win at the end of the hand.

After the first bets are made, each player is dealt three cards face-down. When you receive your cards, you have two options to begin with:

As you can see, playing blind allows you to stay in the game for less money – but you don’t have the advantage of knowing what your cards are.

On your turn, you can opt not to put any extra funds into the pot and fold (also called pack). This means you’re out until they deal the next hand, and you lose any chips you’ve put in the pot so far.

This is what you should do if your hand is weak or your opponents are showing strength. Alternatively, you can call and raise – or chaal. This means you match the existing bet and raise it by at least one unit.

By doing this, you make it more expensive for other players to stay in the hand. If you are seen (you know what your cards are) this is a show of strength and could force other players to fold.

Betting begins to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise until either:

What is a ‘Show’?

A show means that both players reveal their cards, and the winner takes the pot. It’s like a showdown in poker – except there are a different set of rules regarding a show.

Here are the rules for a show:

There’s also the small matter of a sideshow, sometimes known as a compromise. When it is your turn, you can propose a sideshow with the player who went just before you. Here’s how it works:

Casino Teen Patti

Casino Teen Patti is a game between two players – you and the banker. However, some casinos refer to this as Player A and Player B, allowing you to bet on either outcome. So, that’s the example we’ll explore.

Before play begins, you must place your bets. There are six options:

Place bets on as many of the outcomes as you like. Note that, for ‘Tie’, both hands must be identical. For example, if both players are dealt a pair of sixes with a four, that’s a tie. But if Player A is dealt 6-6-4 and Player B is dealt 6-6-K, that’s not a tie.

So, what is a highly ranked hand? When you sit down at the table, you should see the hand rankings in full, including odds. But you can also see it below, in the ‘Teen Patti Hands’ section. Essentially, they’re like poker hand rankings – straights, flushes and so on – though the order is slightly different.

At the end of the hand, winning bets are paid out instantly and the action resumes.

How To Win At Teen Patti Online

So, you’ve learnt the rules and you’re almost ready to play online teen patti. But how can you become a winning player against your experienced opponents?

Here are three top tips on how to win at teen patti:

1. Play for Free

You should be cautious when playing games for free online, because there’s a huge leap in quality between free games and online real money ones. But playing for free is an excellent tool for those of you who are brand new to playing teen patti online. Try a few free rounds to get to grips with the basics before you make a real money deposit.

2. Less Pride, More Pack

A recurring issue with newer players is an inability to pack or fold. Folding doesn’t make you weak. All it does is save you from losing money on weak hands. You can’t win every hand, and strategic folds will only make it more believable when you start raising.

3. Keep Your Eyes Open

Focus not only on your own cards; look at what your opponents are doing. Have they used a sideshow – and, if so, did their betting aggression change afterwards? Have you noticed that there’s an opponent who can’t seem to find the pack button? Add up information from your opponents’ behaviour for a hint on whether you should fold or press on in the hand.

Teen Patti Hands

Regardless of whether you’re playing teen patti with friends, against opponents online, or against the casino, the game uses the same basic hand rankings.

Below, we’ve listed the hand order from best to worst. On the right, you’ll see a ‘Payout’ column. Please note that this only applies to casino teen patti.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings
Hand Example Payout (Casino version)
Three-of-a-kind aces Ah-As-Ac 50/1
Three-of-a-kind 5c-5d-5h 40/1
Straight flush 9h-10h-Jh 30/1
Straight Js-Qd-Ks 6/1
Flush 3d-8d-Ad 3/1
Pair 9h-9s-2c Evens
High Card Ah-Qc-7d

And, while we’re discussing casino teen patti, below you’ll see the payouts for the ‘6 Card Bonus’. This is a particular bet where you combine your three cards with the dealer’s three cards after the hand has concluded. If the best five cards amount to one of the below hands, you’ll win.

For example, let’s say you place a ₹2,000 bet on 6 Card Bonus. You’re dealt 4h, 5h, 9s – which isn’t much. But the banker is dealt 3h, 6h, 7h – a flush. They win the hand, but the five best cards combine to make a straight flush i.e. 3h, 4h, 5h, 6h, 7h. This comes in at 200/1 winning you 4 lakh.

Here’s the 6 Card Bonus pay table:

Teen Patti 6 Card Bonus
Hand Payout
Royal Flush 1,000/1
Straight flush 200/1
Four-of-a-kind 100/1
Full house 20/1
Flush 15/1
Straight 10/1
Three-of-a-kind 7/1

Teen Patti Variations

Casino teen patti is very different to playing with other people in standard teen patti. In the casino version, there is no bluffing. Instead, you face the house one-on-one, with a much higher element of luck. You still have to decide about how much to bet and when to fold, but it’s structured much more like blackjack or any other classic casino card game.

The standard version of teen patti is played between multiple players and is closer to poker than online blackjack. But even the standard version has spawned plenty of new variants.

Here are some popular types of teen patti:

Teen Patti Online Probabilities

Understanding hand probabilities is essential to becoming a top online teen patti player. For example, with only three cards, you might think it’s relatively easy to land straights. But you’ll only hit a straight just over 3% of the time.

Even more significantly, you’ll hit less than a single pair in nearly three out of every four hands. When you realise this, you understand how important bluffing is in teen patti.

Here are the hand probabilities in a standard game of teen patti:

Teen Patti Hand Probabilities
Hand Probability (%)
Three-of-a-kind 0.24
Straight flush 0.22
Straight 3.26
Flush 4.96
Pair 16.94
High card 74.39

Is Teen Patti legal in India?

If you want to play teen patti casinos for real money in India, can you do so legally?

The short answer is, it depends where you are in India. The government allows gambling laws to be decided on a state level, and it varies from state to state. Sikkim, for example, provides online gambling licenses and so residents of that state can gamble online legally.

If you want to find out more about whether gambling is legal in your state, check out our complete guide to gambling laws in India. We explain the current laws and give the status of the legality of gambling in each state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re playing free teen patti, online teen patti for real money against other players, or the more basic casino version of the game, the basics are roughly the same; you’re betting on the outcome of three cards. The higher the hand ranking, the more you can potentially win. The best teen patti casinos will offer odds of up to 1,000/1 for a single hand. 

To become a winning player at online teen patti takes a lot of practice, as it’s a game which combines skill and luck. A great starting place is to read every inch of our teen patti guide. Then, make a deposit at one of our recommended casinos – where you can not only play teen patti, but pick up a bonus. This will give you added playing time at the tables to improve your game. 

All the best online teen patti casinos offer bonuses, especially to new players who are just making their first deposit. Often, you can get a first deposit bonus to play teen patti – for instance, you might get a 100% bonus which effectively doubles your deposit. Just be aware that most bonuses come with strict wagering requirements, so you can’t just withdraw it straight away like normal cash. 

Rumours about fraud and cheating always surround community card games which can be played online like teen patti and poker. The reality is that, as long as you choose a respected casino, there are plenty of security measures in place which prohibit cheating. In many cases, it is even safer playing at teen patti online casinos for real money in India than to play live! 

Although it borrows from the English game three-card brag, teen patti is very much an Indian creation – which means it’s easy to find sites to play teen patti in 2021 in Hindi. If you’re looking for a casino which lets you play teen patti online in India, just head to the top of this page and check out our recommended casinos.

You can play teen patti game online at a wide number of casinos. If you’ve only ever played among friends, make sure you’re completely familiar with the formal rules before you start. You can read all about them in this guide. And you’ll find a few of the best real money teen patti casinos at the top of this page.

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