The Best Online Poker Sites in Hong Kong

Everything you need to know about online poker in Hong Kong is right here in our expert guide. We’ll show you the best online casino and poker sites which offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi and so on. Plus, we’ll show you the basics, advanced strategy, and much more!

Join any of these top Hong Kong casinos for 2021 which offer terrific online poker games:

Best Poker Sites October 2021

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Freeroll Tournaments
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  • Amazing bonus for Hong Kongers
  • Plenty of high stakes PLO action
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  • Win the Monte-Carlo Jackpot bonus
  • Play anywhere via the mobile app
  • Deposit using 100+ payment methods
  • Not available in all countries
  • Verification process can be slow
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Win Up to $15000 + 100s of Free Spins
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  • Over 50 languages
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  • 24/7 live chat support
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  • E-wallet & cryptocurrency accepted
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  • Mobile app only Android compatible
  • Limited number of tournaments

What a Great Hong Kong Poker Site Should Have

How do you know you can trust the online poker sites in Hong Kong which we review? Simple – our team of experts follow the exact same guidelines every time, making our reviews 100% objective.

Here’s a bit more about what we look for during our Hong Kong casino review process:

Secure and trustworthy gambling sites

We only review online poker sites in Hong Kong which are 100% safe and trustworthy. This means they’ll hold a valid gambling licence, run fair games, and have a track record of happy players from Hong Kong who have made successful cash withdrawals.

Great bonuses

One major advantage of playing online poker in Hong Kong versus real life poker is that you can claim tonnes of bonuses and special offers. Our experts examine the fine print to seek the best value online bonuses in Hong Kong which apply to poker and other popular classic casino games like sic bo.

Offers poker with Hong Kong dollar

Nobody wants to spend a few extra dollars here and there – or face delays withdrawing – because of currency issues. That’s why we prefer online poker sites which use the Hong Kong dollar (HK$).

A good selection of poker games

Texas Hold’em is the main attraction, but some players prefer Omaha Hi, seven-card stud and other variants – not to mention casino poker, which is a bit more like playing blackjack. The more choice there is, the better the site will perform in our review.

How to Play Poker in Hong Kong

When you first start looking at where to play online poker in Hong Kong, the options can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why Asiabet’s reviews are so handy; we’ll show you the best online poker sites in Hong Kong, where you can scoop the biggest bonuses.

If you’re new to playing online poker in Hong Kong, just follow these simple steps to get started:

Different Poker Games

Online poker in Hong Kong is a pretty vague term, as there are tonnes of different poker game types. The most popular is Texas Hold’em. Check out our expert guide to playing Texas Hold’em and other popular variants of online poker.

Basic Rules: Texas Hold’em Online Poker

Rules in Hong Kong are the same as anywhere else: you’ll be dealt two hole cards which only you can see, along with five face-up community cards which are shared by the table. Up to four rounds of betting later, the best hand – or bluffer – wins the pot.

Many Macau poker tournaments are based on Texas Hold’em rules, with some very high stakes games featuring the likes of Tow Dwan and Phil Ivey. It’s the same with online poker in Hong Kong – you’ll be able to choose from thousands of Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments online.

Playing Other Online Poker Variants

If Texas Hold’em isn’t your thing, why not try another version of online poker in Hong Kong? In Omaha Hi, you’re dealt four cards instead of just two – but you must use two hole cards and three community cards. The rest of the play is identical to Texas Hold’em poker rules, except you’ll probably see a lot more action. Other variants of online poker in Hong Kong include seven-card stud, five-card draw, and H.O.R.S.E.

Elsewhere, you can check out casino poker, which uses the same basic Texas Hold’em rules but takes away the bluffing aspect. Instead of facing other players, you’ll take on the house directly. And you can even play live dealer online poker which blends the human interaction of traditional Texas Hold’em with online casino poker.

Poker Strategy and Hands

Take a look at any online poker site in Hong Kong and you’ll find thousands of different strategies. A well-known phrase associated with Texas Hold’em online poker is that it takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master, and this is very true.

Our experts have listed the top online poker principles to keep in mind when you’re just getting started:

Hand Rankings in Online Poker

First, make sure you master the hand rankings. If you’re playing online Texas Hold’em in Hong Kong, the best possible hand will be a Royal Flush. This consists of 10-J-Q-K-A specifically, all of the same suit. After that it’s a straight flush, then four-of-a-kind, and so on until you reach the weakest hand which is a high card.

Online Poker Stakes

If you’re new to online poker in Hong Kong, play low stakes until you get used to things and opt for a tight strategy. Stick to premium hands such as high pocket pairs and A-K, betting hard when you hit and folding often when you don’t.

Advanced Online Poker Strategies

As you become more confident you can start to employ more complex strategies. For example, you can start betting in position. This might mean sticking in a bluff when you’re last to act. Or raising with the intention of stealing the blinds when you’re on the button.

Free Online Poker vs Real Money Poker in Hong Kong

Many people who want to learn how to play online poker in Hong Kong start off by playing for free. This is a useful way to get comfortable at the table and learn the rules without risking any money. But, if you want the full experience, you’ll need to make the step up to real money Texas Hold’em poker at some point.

Playing free online poker in Hong Kong is an unusual experience, where winning big stacks of chips is quite easy after you learn the rules of Texas Hold’em. The chips have no value, which means you’ll meet a lot of players who play very loosely. In some cases, your opponents won’t even know the rules!

When you play online poker for real money, there is a cash prize at stake. Whether it’s a cash game or a tournament, everybody wants to win and will take the game seriously. You may be up against players with years of experience. This is the only authentic experience of online poker in Hong Kong.

Sign up at any of Asiabet’s approved online poker sites in Hong Kong and see what we mean for yourself. Join using the banner below to claim an online poker welcome bonus today!

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Freeroll Tournaments

Hong Kong Poker Live

If you want to experience a real-life poker tournament in Hong Kong, one option is to pop over to Macau. The casinos there are awash with Texas Hold’em poker fans and there are plenty of cash games and tournaments to play.

When playing online, live dealer online poker is a fantastic option. It gives you the real life experience you’d get at a Macau casino, without having to leave your home! A live feed from the casino means you can watch the human dealer in real time. You can interact with others at the table – including the dealer – and the overall vibe is much closer to what you’d experience in person.

Plus, because you’re playing online, you can still claim bonuses. This is something you can very rarely do at a brick-and-mortar casino, and it definitely boosts your value for money when playing online poker in Hong Kong.

Banking Options for Poker Online in Hong Kong

It’s easy to play online poker for real money in Hong Kong. But to do that, you need to make a deposit. At some sites, this can be a real chore – while others make it quick and easy. Whenever our experts review real money casinos in Hong Kong, we take this into consideration. If you can make fast, simple deposits for real money, the online poker site will likely feature higher up our rankings.

As is the case with most online gambling sites in Hong Kong, you can use traditional payment methods like credit cards to add real money funds. But we’ve found that many players in Hong Kong prefer to deposit via e-wallet. It’s all electronic, which makes it easy to move your funds around in just a few clicks. And it’s easier to stay anonymous, as nothing has to be linked directly to your home address or bank account.

Some of the most popular payment methods for e-wallets in Hong Kong include Octopus, O! ePay, and Apple Pay. What’s even better are online poker sites which use the Hong Kong dollar (HK$). Using local currency helps you avoid needless conversion fees, so we’ll always keep an eye out for online poker sites in Hong Kong which are friendly to the HK$.

Online Poker Legislation in Hong Kong

Whenever we receive messages from players looking to gamble in Hong Kong and the surrounding Asian territories, there is a common theme – confusion. Many of the laws about online gambling are vague and constantly changing, which makes it tricky to keep track of the latest rulings.

This is especially true of Hong Kong in particular. Some of our local players in Hong Kong are wary of playing for real money online, yet at the same time it’s just a short trip to enjoy thousands of Macau poker tournaments. Macau rivals Las Vegas when it comes to gambling options – not just for Texas Hold’em poker but also casinos offering roulette, blackjack and more. Some Hong Kong players, understandably, feel a little confused about these mixed messages.

By contrast, our message to you is simple – follow our guidelines and you can easily enjoy playing online poker in Hong Kong. First of all, you should only ever play at a casino or Hong Kong online poker site approved by Asiabet. When we review each site, we play online poker for real money in Hong Kong and withdraw funds at the end of our session. So, when you play online poker for real money in Hong Kong at an Asiabet-approved site, you know you can cash out your winnings.

We also recommend that our customers use e-wallets such as Octopus, O! ePay, and Apple Pay to help protect their anonymity. Some of our readers even use a VPN for an extra layer of protection when playing online poker in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online poker in Hong Kong is a grey area but, with the proper precautions, many players enjoy playing at safe, fun online poker sites in Hong Kong.

When you sign up to a new casino or online poker site in Hong Kong you can claim all of the same welcome bonuses as players from other countries.

More and more online poker sites in Hong Kong are becoming available on mobile, so you can play at the best poker sites in Hong Kong while you’re on the move.

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