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Asia is the world’s largest gambling market. This is no surprise as our 4.2 billion residents account for 60% of the world’s population. What is surprising is how vastly different the market is between countries. We all have different sports and leagues we bet, prefer different casino games, speak different languages and use unique currencies.

Our website is a comprehensive guide to sorting this all out with many pages of content you can navigate related to the subject. Here on the home page I discuss the Asian gambling market and recommend gambling sites for each country in Asia.

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Asian Gambling Market

Asia is no doubt the largest gambling market in the world, due to its massive population. However, when discussing legal gambling revenue only recently has it hit the radar. This is because all the money bet with illegal bookies does not count. Also not counting is Pachinko and Mahjong parlors in Japan, backroom Flush games and street-side Andar Bahar in India, Bpauk Daeng and other card games in Thailand and all the other forms of widespread unregulated gambling that takes place on the continent.

Global Gaming Market GGY Evolution ($B)

Analysts predict that gambling income from Asia will continue to increase over the coming years

For many years it was only lottery and horse racing that was legal in many Asian countries, while quite a few also had casinos. Lottery is very big because it is legal and we know it’s drawn fairly. For example Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are all members of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA). The APLA is one of the five regional associations of the World Lottery Association (WLA) who calls for strict integrity and fair draws. Our website has detailed coverage of Legal Asian Lotteries if you wish to learn more.

Horse Racing is another form of gambling that is legal all over the world. Even strict Islamic nations strongly opposed to gambling allow horse racing. For example in Iran it’s called “predicting” not gambling or betting, and so long as you’re predicting through approved channels it is legal. Thailand is a Buddhist nation where gambling is very popular but for religious reasons there are still no casinos here. There is however horse racing. We of course all know Hong Kong racing is where many of the best studs are bred and features some of the best races. In short, horse race betting exists legally in just about every Asian nation.

Legal casinos have grown the past decade into one of Asia’s top sources for legal gambling revenue. The major boom started in Macau. This nation gained its independence after 400 years of Portuguese rule on 20 December 1999 when it became the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. While casinos existed here since Portuguese rule it was a 2002 decision to open up the market that saw it become the world’s largest gambling destination.

This legal change brought the Galaxy Entertainment Group to the market to develop Grand Waldo, President, Rio, StarWorld and Waldo Hotels. Australia’s Crown Limited also came to Macau building the City of Dreams and two additional casinos. Then several major corporations from Las Vegas hit the Asian market. Las Vegas Sands Corporation built the Venetian, Plaza and Sands. MGM built MGM Grand Macau and Wynn built matching versions of its Wynn and Encore casinos.

Macau quickly grew into Asia’s largest gambling destination. Packaged tours alone bring over 800,000 visitors per month. This doesn’t count the many from Hong Kong who take the ferry over or those who visit on commercial flights. This small country with a population of only 555,000 has had 27.7 billion patacas ($3.5 billion USD) in gambling revenue in a single month (October 2012).

Singapore was one the first nations to recognize Macau’s success. After a long debate they finally opened two casinos in 2010. In their first full year of operation these earned over SGD $7.3 billion ($6 billion USD). Goa in India is popular for casinos, and Laos and Cambodia have long been popular destinations for Thais crossing the border for legal gambling. These successes have seen a massive spike in planned casino development.

For example, a $4 billion dollar casino is scheduled for development in reclaimed land on Manila Bay in Philippines. Universal and Caesar’s Entertainment from the US and South Korea’s Paradise Group are planning to build resorts on Yeongjong Island. This is a special economic zone near Incheon Airport (ICN) and these casinos will legally target Korean visitors. A similar project is going on in Eastern Russia which hopes to attract Chinese gamblers. Vietnam is also scheduled to get its first major resort casino with Asian Coast Development from Canada planning a five-star MGM branded beach front casino resort.

As you can make out, the casino market is growing rapidly in Asia. This has also opened the doors for legal sports betting in many Asian countries. India who wagers massive amounts illegally on cricket betting is soon to get legal online sports betting licensed in the state of Sikkim. Singapore, China, and Japan already have state owned online betting. These are radical changes in what was legal in years passed. Though it’s happening faster in some countries than in others, regulated online gambling is the future of the Asian market.

How Asia Bet Plays a Part

When legal regulated options for online betting are available, we will mention these throughout our website’s pages. In the interim, there are still many countries with draconian laws that are barely enforced and others with no clear policy on online gambling. Our role is not to interpret the constantly changing laws of Asian nations, but rather to inform its 4.2 billion residents how they can gamble online if they choose do so. Our website covers the deposit methods and currencies online betting sites support. We also cover how to get around any ISP blocks, and all sorts of betting strategy and tips. This coverage spans all gambling niches and all Asian countries. Our job is solely to help make online betting from Asia an easier topic to understand.