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Welcome to Asiabet, your most trusted online gambling guide since 2013. Our mission is to bring you top casino and sportsbook recommendations and expert guides to betting online in Asia.

Asia’s Most Trusted Online Gambling Portal | Honest Reviews and Expert Guides

What You Can Find on Asiabet:

How to Enjoy the Best Online Gambling Experience

Asiabet is dedicated to giving players across Asia the knowledge they need to make good choices. Once you’re armed with the power of good information about online gambling in your region, you can play at safe, reliable sites and have fun while you aim for gold.

Here’s how you can make that happen with Asiabet:

Make Informed Choices Thanks to Expert Reviews

Our international community of gamblers carefully review all the best online betting sites across Asia. The result of our in-depth research?

Honest, helpful and jargon-free reviews that cover all the most urgent questions you have about online casinos and sportsbooks.

We bring you the best sites offering customer support in your language, the casinos with the biggest selection of online slots and live dealer games, and the newest betting sites with bankroll-boosting bonus offers. If it’s out there, we’ve reviewed it!

Follow Successful Gambling Strategies

Half the battle faced by the modern online gambler is access to clear, reliable information. That’s why Asiabet has created a gambling community that puts players first.

Pro poker players, sports journalists, and veteran casino lovers: these are just some of the people that make up our family of experts. Together, they’ve filled Asiabet with high-quality gambling guides and strategy tutorials in diverse languages.

At Asiabet, you’re never far from finding step-by-step information that will remove any obstacle standing between you and the thrill of online gambling.

Browse Honest, Well-Researched Site Comparisons

When we review a new gambling site, our questions are the same as yours: Is this new online casino safe and legal? Does their welcome bonus live up to the marketing hype? Are the wagering requirements fair? Which sportsbook offers the best odds? Does the site offer customer support in my preferred language?

Our experienced team take their time to answer all the hard questions while highlighting the pros and cons of each site. So, when you sign up to a site recommended by Asiabet, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it will meet your needs and expectations.

Join Reputable Sites With Safe Deposit Methods

With hundreds of betting sites to choose from, deciding which ones are worth your time and money can be frustrating. From day one, we wanted to take the doubt out of the equation. In fact, our team’s top priority is to filter the good sites from the bad ones.

On joining our recommended sites, you can expect to encounter all the marks of quality: a history of fair dealings with online gamblers in Asia, an easy sign-up process, and trusted payment options that make your deposits and withdrawals quick, secure, and hassle-free.

Find Accurate Legal Advice for Gamblers in Asia

Every country in Asia has different gambling laws and we know that going through lengthy documents filled with legal jargon can be tiresome. That’s why our team has gone through all that boring stuff and boiled it down to simple facts.

The result is clear legal information designed to give readers the knowledge they need.

No more fear and doubt. If you’re based in one of the many countries we service across Asia and want to know your legal status before diving into the world of online gambling, look no further. You can find the answers you’re looking for on Asiabet.

Enjoy Local Insight on Online Gambling

Ever joined a promising online casino or sportsbook only to find that it’s not what you’d signed up for?

Whether we’re talking about online payment methods that don’t work in your region, customer support teams who don’t speak the languages they promised, a poor selection of casino games and sports markets – trust us, we’ve been there, done that, and (regrettably) made that deposit.

That’s the kind of disappointment Asiabet helps you avoid. If you’re looking for the most popular online baccarat tables, sports tips to get you through the next season, or the best odds online, we’re here for you.

We Take the Safety of Our Users Very Seriously

Asiabet’s number one priority is to recommend safe and reliable online gambling sites that keep your information confidential and pay out your winnings fairly and in good time.

To safeguard your interests, our expert team checks that the sites we list are registered with a reputable gambling authority and in line with the regulatory gambling acts of each region. We also regularly update our legal pages to reflect current developments in international online gambling laws so you can stay safe and up to date.

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Kyoto, Japan

I wanted to start gambling online but didn’t know where to start. After following tips on the site, I found some great online casinos that have all the games I love ?


Mumbai, India

The recommended sites offer lots of great welcome bonuses and promotions. Plus, I like their guides – very easy to follow!


Phuket, Thailand

I’ve been gambling online for AGES so it’s getting harder to find good offers. I picked a few sites off here and finally found some that reward me for repeat business. I am coming back for more!!