Odds Comparison

If you want to be a successful sports bettor, finding the best odds is one of the most crucial weapons in your armoury. You could be forgiven for thinking that most online bookmakers offer roughly the same prices on the same events, but smart gamblers know that a sure-fire way to increase profits from sport betting online is to search for the best odds on each of their selections. The most successful bettors accept that no matter how carefully they choose their wagers, they won’t win every single bet. We can follow in their footsteps and learn how to minimise losses and maximise profits with a simple bet comparison strategy.

Sports betting is increasingly popular throughout Asia and there are hundreds of different bookmakers and sportsbooks to choose from. We check out every online sportsbook in fine detail to make sure we only recommend safe bookies to our members, but even the best bookmakers can offer very different odds on the same events. There are many factors which can affect the odds a particular bookmaker decides to offer on a sporting event, and for us gamblers, the most important thing is to maximise our profits by comparing betting lines and taking the most attractive odds.

The Best Sports to Bet On

 The most popular sports to bet on in Asia include football, cricket, basketball and baseball, each of which is covered extensively by most online bookmakers.

You can bet on football from across the globe, with most bookmakers covering the top European leagues and international events such as the World Cup 2018. Asian bookmakers also offer a huge variety of local leagues and competitions to bet on, from the Asian Champions League to the Chinese Super League to the AFC Cup. The traditional betting market of win-lose-draw on football matches has made way for a vast range of different ways to bet on football. In-play betting makes it easier for us bettors to place wagers while a game in ongoing, while Asian Handicaps, correct score betting, and overs/unders betting are all extremely popular ways to bet on soccer.

Cricket is one of the biggest sports for betting in this part of the world, especially in cricket-mad nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The IPL is therefore extensively covered by Asian online bookmakers, as well as international test matches and tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup.

Baseball is another sport which has a sizable following in Asia, with popular professional leagues in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Major League Baseball (MLB) also has a huge following for obvious reasons, and several bookmakers cover odds for major games and events. Fans will know that as a sport which is strong on statistics, baseball offers great potential for bettors that really know their stuff and are prepared to put in the research.

Another sport high on the list of Asian gamblers is basketball, which has a keen following in this part of the world. The NBA has universal popularity because the very best players from all over the world join that elite competition, but there are also thriving professional leagues in the Philippines, Japan, China and Korea, as well as the ABL (ASEAN Basketball League).

Of course, while these are the most popular sports in terms of betting activity, most online bookmakers offer betting markets on a huge range of niche sports too. The old betting adage that you should ‘bet on what you know’ applies especially to sports betting. This means wagering on sports that you follow as a fan because you already have good knowledge, or making sure that you conduct thorough research into a sport or event before placing a bet.

Read through our guides on this site to betting on football, cricket, baseball and basketball, and familiarise yourself with our betting strategies to become a better, more profitable gambler.

The Importance of Odds Comparison

If you know what sports you like to bet on, and you’ve spent the time to research your selections, why is comparing odds so essential?

If you check the betting lines across a range of safe bookies you will quickly notice the variance in odds. The more you do this the more obvious it is that you can make more profit simply by placing a bet with bookmaker A instead of bookmaker B. Sport betting online is not an exact science and this is true for both bookie and bettor.

Oddsmakers set their odds based on the ‘implied probability’ of an event occurring, they can then reduce the odds slightly for each outcome, thus ensuring a profit no matter how the game or event plays out. The amount of money that is collectively placed on each outcome affects the way a market changes – the bookies inflate or reduce odds to reflect their financial liability for each outcome. However, the amount of money gambled on the outcome in a sporting event has no bearing on the actual probability of that outcome occurring. A good strategy used by many bettors is to estimate your own odds based on your own calculations of probability in a given match. This gives you a good ‘baseline’ from which to compare betting lines with online bookmakers, and find out which are offering the best value.

Another good reason for comparing odds is to make the most available profit from your winning selections. Full-time gamblers understand that not every bet will be a winner, and therefore it is essential to make the most of those that are. By making a bet comparison and choosing the bookie with the best odds your returns will be higher – even if only by a small percentage. Those small percentage points are vital because when you assess your betting record over the course of a month or a year, you will see that they add up to make a significant difference to overall profit and loss.

Types of Odds

Finally, when comparing odds, you need to be familiar with the way different bookmakers present their betting lines. Here is a breakdown of the different types of odds you’ll encounter with Asian bookmakers.

Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are sometimes referred to as European odds, and are the most common way bookmakers display odds online. The simple way to calculate decimal odds is stake x odds = return. So 100 units staked at 1.8 would return 180 units.

 Fractional Odds: Sometimes known as UK odds, fractional odds show your return versus your stake expressed as a fraction. 1 unit on a bet at odds of 10/1 gives you a return of 11 units (payout + stake).

American Odds: American odds are often called ‘moneyline odds’. They are displayed to show your stake or return on a baseline of $100. A ‘-’ sign displayed next to US odds denotes how much you need to stake in order to win $100, e.g. odds of -150 means you have to stake $150 to win $100. A ‘+’ sign displayed with US odds indicates how much you will win from a a stake of $100, e.g. +250 means winning of $250 from a stake of $100.

Hong Kong Odds: Hong Kong odds are often considered one of the easiest ways to understand odds. Quite simply the odds represent the return on your bet in relation to your stake. Odds of 0.8 mean that you win 0.8 x stake, so a 100 unit bet results in a 180 unit return. Odds of 3.5 mean you win 3.5 x stake, e.g. a bet of 100 units gives a payout of 450 units. (350 winnings + 100 stake).

Indonesian Odds: Indonesian odds are similar to American odds – just divided by 100. So instead of displaying a selection at +150, the odds are displayed as 1.5. A bet of 100 units will win 150 units, or put another way, a bet of 1 unit will win 1.5 units. Likewise a bet at -1.5 means you need to stake 1.5 units to win 1 unit (or 150 units to win 100 units).

Malay Odds: Similar to Hong Kong odds, Malaysian odds are expressed as decimals. The difference is that they can be displayed positively and negatively. Malay odds of 0.5 give you a profit of 0.5 x stake, e.g. 100 units staked = a return of 150 units (winnings + stake). Malay odds of 0 are equivalent to an even money bet.